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Pampered By A Billionaire

Pampered By A Billionaire

Author:Cecilia Kim



Vera is a poor girl who was tricked by bad guys to sell to human traffickers. She successfully escaped and caught Egan being hunted by the enemy. Vera saves Egan's life and is rewarded by him by marrying her. Lani, the step-sister, learned that Vera had a happy life and was jealous, trying to harm Vera to take her position. After so many storms, will Vera be happy with Egan?

In the middle of a quiet night, in a certain corner that exists outside the vast city. Here hardly anyone dares to visit, only rodents like to run around, or evildoers gather. The whole scene, which was originally peaceful, suddenly exuded a comforting sadness for the fate of a person. Blood and tears mixed with pain, mixed together to create a mixture of both salty and bitter flavors. All blatantly gathered.

Pop, pop!...

A series of painful slaps fell on the bruised, purple face of the young girl. The corners of her lips were swollen, and she kept oozing every drop of blood, making everyone look sad. However, now the men are surrounded in the closed room, have not bothered with the so-called conscience, they are just doing their own wretched, cruel nature. They are a bunch of criminals with no conscience, disregarding the law. Living loosely, causing harm to others.

"You bastard. Try running away again." The rough growl of an abuser, constantly tugging at her hair and glaring menacingly: "If you don't calm down, don't blame me. I'll cut your hand off, do you hear me?"

The scream made the body, which was already soft as jelly, startled, scared even more.

The person who was brutally tortured physically and mentally, could only endure it, a helpless expression appeared on his bewildered face. I wanted to say something begging, but unfortunately I couldn't breathe, and had little strength to struggle. Most of all, she realized that no matter what she said, no one would pity her. Since her re-arrest until now, she has been beaten by a few thugs who simply followed their own interests without showing any mercy in their treatment of women. Now the girl is alone, no one cares. Relatives no longer, all have gone. Her current family is just an unkind stepfather who often beats and scolds her. And the evil, cunning step-sister makes fun of her all day. Remembering her family, the girl felt hatred welling up. The person who ruthlessly tricked her into selling her to human traffickers was none other than her stepfather's daughter. It is an unforgivable act. The girl swore that if there was a chance to get out of trouble, she would not give up that cruel sister easily.

But is the idea of ​​revenge strong enough to save the girl's mind and body from the immediate danger? Her strength was weak and her will to fight seemed to have disappeared. Now there is only resignation and tiredness waiting for fate to arrange the final outcome. An outcome can certainly not be very good. If she's lucky, she'll be bought by someone with more common sense than these thugs. Become a servant in a rich family. However, she knew the prospect of being a sex slave was almost too obvious. Because these people specialize in making money from women's bodies. A kind of hateful person, despised more than animals.

"Look at this face, it's pretty. But the body isn't that bad, I bet it's worth it." Another voice spoke up, looking at the girl, who caressed her weak willow body to be trampled, and was angry at her rebellious behavior. "But for now we'll torment her a little."

He turned to talk to the rest of the people in the room.

"That's right, it's not too late to torture her and bring her to the client." Another guy commented: "Look at this plump body, it's delicious. Or let's eat it."

"Impossible." The guy with the biggest position protested: "It's a virgin, selling it will definitely get a high price. There are a lot of big men who are interested in virgin girls. Maybe there is an auction, then you can comfortably put money in your brother's pocket. Don't lose a great bargain because of a minute of lust. After finding a big customer, paying full money, the kids now take the money to earn another better sister, spoiled and have fun. There's no shortage of prostitutes out there."

"You are right. So what do we do now?"

"You have to give it a proper lesson." The big brother said again: "Dare to play with us will only have a bitter end."

<br /><br />

As soon as the words ended, a brutal act was immediately carried out.


Another kick to the stomach sent the woman falling backwards, her head hitting the wall.

In a flash, feeling dizzy, the world spins.

That hurts! The girl groaned incessantly, the girl was brutally abused, trying to endure it but couldn't stop the tears from running out like rain.

"What's the point of crying, you've made us tired all morning looking for you." His voice filled with anger, the man gradually approached her, grabbed her head and pulled her up, the sobbing still didn't stop making the person angry, and hit the girl in the face again. The hiccups stopped and everything fell silent, she passed out.

&quot;Bring water here.&quot; He glanced sideways at the guy next to him, commanding sharply.

"That's enough, let it rest for a bit, then continue later. We need to relax too." Another name intervened.

"That's right, it's too strong. If it dies, it will be a big problem. You will lose a good bargain." Another added persuasion.

"That's right, don't leave any injuries on it, objectively it may die, ask for a low price, until then we have to suffer." The third boy speaks very wisely and rationally.

Hearing what his accomplices said was reasonable, the big brother calmed down and stopped thinking. Forgive her for the time being. If the girl is still stubbornly resisting, it's not too late to handle it later.

One by one, the five delinquents walked out of the cell, the sound of footsteps pounding, the door closing creaking, still did not cause the person lying on the ground to have any reaction. The other body was too worn out, there was no strength left.


This time here in the city, at the private house of Mark's family. The father is still outside gambling and drinking, so there is only his daughter at home. The servants have been rested and are not allowed to appear in front of the mistress.

Stay in the luxurious, large bedroom. Lani Mark is gloating carefree after getting rid of Vera, whom Lani detests and detests from her life. Just make a little play and everything is solved. Vera was taken away by traffickers, and Lani pocketed a decent sum of money.

Remembering her perfect plan, Lani laughed happily. Laughter quickly drew the attention of the man who had just entered Lani's room.

"What makes you so happy?" The man walked over and hugged Lani from behind: "Is it a good thing?"

"You're right Ken, I'm very happy today." Lani said with a smirk, "Something disgusting, dirty, useless, obnoxious has been removed from my life. Now the air around me is very fresh.&quot;

"I don't believe there's anything as ugly as you say in this world." The man was a little skeptical. To hear Lani's tone, as if she had a deep grudge against something, without knowing exactly what, what, what, or who? &quot;Am I exaggerating?&quot;

&quot;It really does exist.&quot; Lani raised her voice in affirmation, but then she didn't want her mood to get worse to avoid the topic: "Anyway, don't care about that anymore. I'm very happy today, don't let my mood lose interest."

Lani turned to hug the man, she made a coy gesture that looked very disgusting. Yet a lot of men were mesmerized by her attractive appearance. It must be admitted that Lani has a fiery body, full breasts, smooth white skin, and a lovely face. All these points are easy to attract bees who love the scent and beautiful flowers. They were like moths knowing that it was a trap that the poisonous flower set out to bait them. Lani is beautiful on the outside, but on the inside she is cruel, cunning, and cunning.

"Okay then, I'm happy today, can I spoil you?" The man whispered into Lani's ear, his voice erotic: "I missed you again. I really want you tonight.&quot;

"Dammit, just finished giving this morning, now keep demanding." Lani pouted and scolded love: "You are really greedy."

"Because you're so beautiful, I can't help it." The man entices sweetly: "Come on, good Lani, please treat me. I want anything you'll give me."

"Remember what I promised you!" Lani emphasized the words to remind the other party: "I have to take you shopping tomorrow."

"Of course I love you." The man named Ken without hesitation promised Lani satisfaction.

Lani's lustful smile made the man more uncontrollable. He pounced on Lani's bright red lips and savored it for a lifetime, until he was satisfied.

The couple then embarked on a hot love affair. Neither of them remembered the poor girl named Vera, the victim of a crime committed by Lani. The man who is having an affair with Lani is also an accomplice, although he is not aware of what Lani does to Vera, but Vera's emotional play is also worthy of death.

Ken Henry was manipulated by Lani to the point of hurting a simple, innocent girl like Vare. The couple's plan is to first approach Vera, then Ken pretends to care, giving her something very sacred called love. When Vera fell in love with Ken, he immediately turned his face, causing Vera to be deeply hurt. A bad man who is well-matched for a cruel, evil woman like Lani.

Through the night, I believe that this couple will receive their due punishment.


Back to the dark, cold place, where the freedom of a kind girl is imprisoned but a tragic fate. Vera lost her father when she was seven years old, three years later her mother took another step forward, but the mother's fate was also very bad when she met a second husband who was not good. He had a stepchild, two years younger than Vera. At first, everyone thought that Vera would have a lovely sister to pamper, a family of four harmonious and happy, but unexpectedly, Lani was a selfish child, often jealous and envious of others. Vera. Lani tries everything to get Vera punished by her parents. Vara's mother, for fear of being called a stepmother, was treated unfairly between her biological child and her husband's son many times, turning a blind eye. Even though Vera did nothing wrong, she was always responsible for what Lani did.

Over time, because she was too sad for her pitiful fate, met with a more depressed spirit, Vera's mother also left the world, leaving the sixteen-year-old Vera to live with her abusive, cruel Stepfather. For the past six years, Vera was regularly beaten whenever her stepfather was drunk or was in a bad mood. She was even nearly raped because of his pervert. The property of Vera's family, which would have belonged to Vera, was blatantly appropriated by Lani's father and son. And now, her fate is also coming to an end because of them after six years of enduring all kinds of torture, both mentally and physically.

The body lay on the cold, dusty floor. The rats crawled around in search of food. The girl's breathing became weaker and weaker. The night sky causes the body temperature to drop so suddenly that the cold penetrates the flesh of the skin.

Dreamy eyes see everything as if it were all an illusion. She seems to have accepted to give up, leaving fate to decide for herself. No reason or will exists in her at the moment. She just wants to close her tired eyelids, close her eyes so that everything becomes peaceful and gentle.

Yes. An unjust, pitiable death is coming. The girl herself felt it very clearly.

For the final minutes of her life, she didn't want to have any more thoughts, just let her mind go blank. Everything is left to fate. Eyes closed, everything fell into oblivion. The color of death covered the entire space. The girl took her last breath.