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Begging For More

Begging For More




A reporter interviewed Jeremy Grover, the world's richest billionaire, "Mr. Grover, what does your wife mean to you?" Jeremy answered, "The apple of my eye." Hungry for more, the reporter asked again, "Could you be more specific?" Jeremy replied, "She's my daring. My sweetheart. My precious. My little pumpkin. And My baby girl." Was that specific enough already? Choked with the sudden PDA, the reporter was temporarily at a loss for words. He then turned to interview the young lady, "Mrs. Grover, what does your husband mean to you?" Yvonne pondered for a while before saying, "My… My ATM?" The ATM in question was unhappy. As a result, on a perfectly dark, windy night, he did the nasty so the lady had to beg for mercy from her husband...

The Impending Marriage Decided When They Were Kids

In City G, Country N, people in a meeting room of the Grover Group were going through a hardship.

The dark blue conference room was filled with upper managers of the company.

The man in his late twenties was sitting in the front. The dark black suit he was wearing was casually unbuttoned. He leaned himself against a chair, his long arms stretching out, one hand resting on the table and knocking it rhythmically.

Cold and handsome, he fixed his deep gaze at somewhere in the conference room as if waiting for something. There wasn't any warmth in his eyes. His icy gaze was freezing.

All the upper managers present lowered their heads, not daring to make any noise. Everyone knew that tomorrow would be their boss's wedding day.

It all happened so abruptly. They were brought to the meeting room by the president's secretaries right after they got informed. They had been sitting here for four hours and didn't even have the gut to go to the bathroom.

"Tomorrow, I don't want to see any of you. You understand?" The man's sexy thin lips finally parted after four hours' waiting.

This was not a question. It was a command!

The nearest manager tried his best to stabilize his voice, but there was still a quiver in his tone when he replied, "Yes, president. My wife will have a baby tomorrow."

After he said so, the stifling air in the meeting room eased a little. The others were all sophisticates and understood in no time what he meant. They all echoed that they would be occupied with their own businesses tomorrow.

Jeremy Grover turned his devilish eyes at the upper managers of the company, an unreadable smile tugging at his lips. "Very good."

With that, he got up and left.

The moment he left, the managers in the conference room heaved long sighs of relief. The torture of four hours was finally over.

Every meeting with the young president was a torment to them. They were always more nervous with Jeremy than with the chairman.

Jeremy gave out such a powerful vibe that they just wanted to make themselves smaller in front of him.

Jeremy entered his office. The assistant behind him knocked on the door and said, "Sir, the plane is about to take off."

Jeremy removed his coat and left it on the leather sofa. He looked up at his assistant. His tone didn't reveal whether he was happy or angry, "When did I ask you to book a ticket for me?"

The assistant was caught off guard by the question, "The chairman booked it for you."

Jeremy waved his hand and dismissed his assistant. He locked the office door with a remote control and stood in front of the French window. He put his hands in his pockets and looked at the bustling streets beneath, lost in his thought.

Not long after, he drove away from the company.

Meanwhile, at the Cloud Villa in City A, Country B, Yvonne Huntley woke up, stretched herself, and rolled on the bed with her body wrapped in the blanket. She yelled, "Mom, what time is it?"

Downstairs, Beverly Tennyson frowned in confusion when hearing her daughter. She shook her head in resignation, took the fruit platter from the servant, and placed it on the coffee table in the living room. Then she sat next to Darren Huntley, who was reading a newspaper.

Beverly couldn't help but ask, "Look at her. Are you sure it's a good idea for Yvonne to marry into their family? Marriage is huge for her life. She's just running wild like a kid. Are we going to follow her decision?"

Darren couldn't focus on the newspaper. He took a few looks at it. As expected, the report was just about the future of the Huntley Group.

Darren Huntley with the Huntley Group had escaped from the country with his family!

The financial crisis of the Huntley Group. And Comments from Professor Lynch, an economist... Wait, the reports were filled with negative news about his company. But as the chairman of the board of directors, Darren was in no mood to deal with the PR crisis. Instead, what he was worried about was the impending marriage of his 20—year—old daughter.

Mica couldn't help but suggest again, her tone full of anxiety, "If that's not an option, how about we file for bankruptcy? We can't gamble on Yvonne's happiness for the rest of her life."