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Author:Alina Vanette


General Romance

When love gets tangled in the quest for power and wealth, What becomes of it? Rosianna,a young girl whose future had been chosen and groom chosen for her by her wealthy parents got tangled in the web of love when she started budding feelings for her prospective groom's older step brother. Marcelo,a rebellious son who would go against his father and the whole world for the girl he loves who's about to be handed to his younger step brother as a wife. What would become of these two as they try fight for their burning desire to be with each other? As they journeyed together through the years in quest to be with each other, Betrayals,lies and deceit were offset with moments of dazzling joy,friendship and above all love, Then life strikes back at them in the most unexpected way and tragedies which engulfed them all. If life,as they say is truly a bed of roses, Can love ever survive the thorns in the roses?

  My name is Rosianna Elle Contreras,

  The only daughter of a Spanish princess Raquela Fernando and a Mexican business tycoon Vicenté Contreras although people who know him call him V.C The Great.

  I was born a princess,

  A princess that was served and given everything she desired.

  Both my parents spoil me with the luxuries of life that my life has no ceiling and I wished it would ever remain so.

  However,things started changing a little bit when I began growing up to my seventh year and the years after that.

  My mother started teaching me to be strong,giving me fighting lessons like those on military drill,

  She made me go through so many trainings telling me it was for my own good.

  I was never permitted to shed tears or complain or throw tantrums like other kids do.

  She told me,

  "A Contreras don't shed tears."

  "A Contreras is a fighter and must be ready to fight."

  "A Contreras is at no ones mercy and a Contreras is always ready for anything."

  Those were her quotes,

  They were my morning and night anthem.

  I was sent to Boot Military Camp instead of Sunshine Kiddies Camp for Summer,

  I spent my early teenage years striking deal and running the Contreras Empire alongside my parents,

  They were proud of me and I hoped to keep it that way.

  I struck my first Ten Million USD deal for my parents when I was eight.

  "It was fate and luck." My dad told me then,

  I was his fate and his good luck.

  My parents sent me to a special private school,

  They called it Special School For Early Learners,

  There I was taught different things,

  I was made to work hard and had less time for frivolities.

  The teachers were extremely careful when it comes to me,

  They know who my parents were and what trouble would be brought to them if any harms comes to me.

  I had my own changing room,

  Had my own resting room and in the cafeteria,

  I'd my own special table and was served special meals,

  Mostly Vegetarian Meals,

  I don't eat what the other student eat and my school clothes had my initials on them unlike the other students,I was treated like a princess I was.

  I was made to study harder and the teacher made sure I'd less break period prior my mother's order,

  Especially math and accounting related subjects.

  I got private extramural lessons everyday after school,

  Where I get to summarized all I've been taught for the day and I'm given a test which its result is sent to my mother even before my driver gets me home.

  I don't ever skip school and if we're to go on any trip during school days,

  I get a teacher or a private tutor to come with me and that way I don't lag behind in school works.

  At home,I've limited screen time,

  I've got two hours of training with my fitness tutor every Tuesdays and Thursdays while Saturdays are for ball parties which my parent and their friends host.

  I only have the three hours from six am to myself cause I go to church with my Nana and two bodyguards sometimes with my parents but mostly without them and I enjoy the latter.

  I'd almost no friends in school cause the other students thinks I’m a snob because I’m being treated specially,

  They avoid me and act like I don’t exist.

  I don’t really care about them,

  I just go about my days in school and just like them,

  I act like they don’t exist too.

  "Roselle!" I hear my father calling me from downstairs,

  We're attending another ball party tonight and like always,

  I am tagging along them.

  "I'm almost done dad." I said back.

  My parents always calls me Roselle,

  Adding my first name to my middle name,

  I always love the sound of that.


  I'd a diamond necklace with the name on it and I never take it off,

  Mom said I should never take it off,

  She said her mother had given it to her immediately they found out she was carrying a baby girl,

  She'd chosen the name ROSIANNA ELLE which she'd abbreviated to ROSELLE.

  They said I'm a destined child and with me the CONTRERAS and the FERNANDOS would be united,

  She said I'll be the one to bind my family together,

  And that was the main reason I was turned to a warrior princess by my mother.

  "Nana bring my shoes and help me with my zipper." I told my nanny,

  The woman rushed to me with the shoe box and took out the glittering stiletto out,

  "Keep it down and help me with the zipper." I said to her,she kept the shoes carefully on the floor while I slipped my legs in it and she helped me with my zipper.

  After a few touches by my stylist,

  I was all ready to go,

  Nana pinned the white rose corsage to the front of my gown and she rushed to pack the other part of my overflowing gown that was sweeping the floor as I headed for the door.

  "Mi cara,

  You look stunning my princess." My father commented as I walked down the red carpet spread from the top of our marble stair with gold railings to the floor of the living room.

  I smiled at his comment,

  I know I'm beautiful,

  The most beautiful creature ever made and that is why I need to be strong and always protected.

  "Thanks dad." I said to him,

  My dad looks handsome too,

  He was wearing a tuxedo,

  A black one with a white rose corsage too on his breast pocket,

  His hair were neatly trimmed and so where his beards,

  On his left fingers were several rings and on his right was my name tattooed to it and other rings too.

  It was evident my parents loves me so much cause both had my name tattooed on their right finger and with the way I was treated,

  Nana said I was very lucky to have such committed parents who loves me so much,

  Most times I don't feel like it's true but Nana always assures me they love me and are watching out for me.

  "Where's mom?" I asked my dad,

  He gave me a curt smile

  "A princess.."

  "Should always be waited for." I completed in a small laughter,

  My dad joined me too.

  This was the line we made up for my mom cause of her time taking makeup procedures and dressing up,

  Mom like being waited for,

  She said it made her feel like the princess she's,

  I don't argue that,

  The feeling is always good.

  "I heard you guys." Her voice came from upstairs,

  Dad and I chuckled as we looked up to see her descending the stairs with her two personal stylists packing her overflowing gown.

  Mom looks like a queen,

  She was wearing a Givenchy gown,

  It was one of it's kind and was designed specially for her.

  My dad went to the bottom of the stair and stood there,

  Like a gentleman waiting for his prestigious Lady to come down and take her hand so they can waltz together,

  My parents are one drama couple.,

  My perfect OTP.

  "You looks wonderful,elegant and stunning,

  Bet those men would have a heart attack seeing you tonight." He said to her,

  Taking out his hands,waiting for her to place hers on his,

  I stood by and watched them,

  I couldn't help but smile.

  My mom placed her delicate long fingers and dad's palms and he held her till she was in the bottom of the stair,

  He took her hands into his and placed a soft kiss on the back of her palms,

  "Let's ride the night in my carriage and I'll take you to the moon with it." He said poetically,

  Mother flushed,


  Oh Vince,I'll.

  Take me to the moon and let's spend the rest of this charming night there,

  Let's fill the evening with our love and let the moon be our guide." She said along smiling.

  I just stood back and smiled,

  "Oh Raquela,

  The beautiful goddess from the moon

  Come to me,

  Come to Vince your lover...."

  "You would do well as a poet." I heard myself saying,

  Both mom and dad looked at me for interrupting their poetic love scene and burst into laughter.

  "Yeah, I do well at all things." Dad complimented himself,

  Mom nodded,

  "You're the best." She said to him,

  Dad placed a kiss on her forehead,

  Small enough not to ruin her perfectly laid makeup,

  "Let's go now before we'll be later than we all ready are." Mom said after she pecked dad back on his lips.

  "Roselle," She called me,

  I turned,

  "You look stunning too." She said and blew me a kiss which I caught immediately and placed it on my chest,

  Mom smiled and slipped her hands into my small delicate hands and we went outside.

  Most times being the only child is good though,

  I get enough attention from both my parents and don't have to share it.

  I go with them everywhere,

  From award winning parties to family functions to friend's wedding.

  I'm always with them and get to be pampered by others cause no one wants to wrong the little princess of the Contreras,

  The flawless princess of the Contreras.

  My parents and I were led into the Black Limousine by the guards and they took the other two cars,

  One ahead of us and one behind us.

  Dad said this is for protection,

  He said we're so famous and have many enemies,

  Mom concurred and told me that those bad people outside want to hurt us and when I grow,

  It's my duty to protect the family and it's ever growing Empire.

  I nodded,

  I'll protect my family at all cost.

  I promised myself,

  Little did I know what was yet to unfold for me as I grew.