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Bullying The Emo

Bullying The Emo




Ally is your everyday typical emo but he's bullied, he's alone and he's somewhat broken. He only wants to end his life and he had tried many times but failed. His bully, Levii then began to treat him nice, care for him and protect him. Ally didn't understand why he was doing this, was he playing with ally, was it a bet. Ally is having a difficult time trusting Levi but LeviI won't give up.

  I wince as I press the hot cloth to my neck.I had to get rid of this bruise tonight.My parents are coming home for the first time in three months and I do not want them to see this big purple bruise on my neck.Not that they would even notice.I don't even remember that they have a son some times,all they do is work.I mean they have to work i get that but show me some other parents working and coming home to their once or twice a year and didn't even think of leaving them with a relative.They ask if I wanted a butler or a nanny to stay with me but really?

  My mom is a hotel manager for the biggest hotel in south America and my dad........I don't care what he does but I know we're stinking rich and I hate that.

  I threw the hot water in the sink and set the bowl and cloth down.I walked up the stair to my bathroom,I turned on the hot water and wash myself.Being careful of my back which was shove against a locker and my side where I was kicked.That leads to another story.

  I get bullied at school by this dickhead levii Adrian but everyone calls him by his last name which is Adrian and his two sidekicks Cole and Martin.The son of a bitch broke my leg and middle finger once.Levii would do the talking and then his friends would laugh at what he said which was not ever funny on my side then I would talk back to him which I don't know why I do.I'm afraid of him and then he would become violent and start with the beating.This all started when I came out as gay to the school but no one minded except for them,I have two best friends which are just like me.Emo.They are sher and pro,I gave them their names, their real names are Payton and Aiden but that doesn't really go with the whole emo look.They are never around most of the time when I'm being bullied,sher has only one class with me and pro has four he's very protective of me and treats me like I'm his son which I like since my parents aren't home all.

  I heard my front door open as I slip on my sweat pants and shirt.I then heard a woman's voice which I would say was my mother's, then my name was called.


  Yep,Alex,as they call me........Alexander.My real name and ally,what everyone else calls me.Alexander Ryder, typical nerdy emo that cuts,smoke and skate board......I mean when I'm not being bullied.I skateboard to everywhere I want to go when I want to cool off or be alone. unless its far where I would take my car but I don't like to drive,i smoke away my pain and cuts away my misery. I'm 17 years old with pale skin,red hair,blue eyes,lip piercings.I'm 5'7 and I have this damn German accent thats stuck with me for years since I move here freshman year.Levii alway mock me when I talk.

  I walk down the stairs,brushing my hair to my neck quickly with my hands.I walk in the living room and saw my parents,doing what I would expect them to do mom was on her laptop and dad was on his phone walking from one coach to the other,I sighed and kiss them both on the cheek and went to the kitchen.I took up an apple and a small knife,I started cutting up the Apple which I sat on the marble counter and ate it. I had nothing to do so I thought I would head down to the game room,I walked down the back stairs that leads to the game room and switch on the light. I picked a game and started playing karate. Well as you all can see,apart from my two best friends,my life is a fucking mess.