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Author:call me Riko



This is about a boy, he like his best friend. Who knows? Maybe he love him. Yes, him. He's the loser of his own game. He want to express his feelings for him, in this world, "how can I love him freely"

  Yuri is just a teenager, teenager that wants to know what is love.

  "Yuri! Come on, let's play soccer" Banri smiles to Yuri

  "E-eh? But I-i" He is blushing

  Banri looks at him with a confuse look

  "Are you sick? If yes, I can take care of you!" he shout and smile while proudly pointing on himself.

  "I-I'm okay!" Yuri shout then ran away

  "He said he's okay but... He look red as a tomato." Banri said while holding a ball.

  Yuri POV

  Am I okay? Really? My chest, it's pounding very hard. D-don't get the wrong idea! I'm straight as hell!.... But, why am I red tho?

  "You're home?" I look to the one who's talking. It's a girl, a beautiful girl.

  "Who are you? You're a new neighbor?" I asked, she smiled.

  "Yes, Nice to meet you! I want to play with you but... You're always with your friend" she said while looking down.

  "Oh, sorry. It's night already, go home already okay? It's dangerous" I told her while smiling.

  I open our gate, while shouting.

  "Mom? I'm home!" I shout

  No answer..

  I see, she's busy, looks like I'm eating alone.

  By the way, I'm Yuri Ford. I'm 13 years old, I have a friend, Banri.. Everytime I look at him, my heart bounces. Funny.

  Who's that girl? I look in my window, is that her? Dancing in her own room? That's cute. Wait, what?! No, no, stop.

  I'm busy looking at her, I don't know Banri's calling me.

  I'm heading to the door to wait for my mok but I saw my phone ringing, "Banri's calling" I answer it immediately.


  "Ya-hoo Yuri!"

  "You're energetic as always" I smiled

  "Can we talk tomorrow?" His voice, I think it's a serious matter.

  "Sure, why not?"

  "Then, it's settled! See ya'"

  End call.

  ............ Thinking it makes me nervous.

  It's morning already, I take a bath and run to their house.

  Oh? What is this? I flip a sign, "House for sale" wait what?!

  I run to the entrance door but, its close!

  Banri... Where the fuck are you?!

  You told me we'll talk, but...

  I'm down to my knees, I felt my cheeks wet.. Am I crying? God.. Where is Banri? I hear footsteps, is that Banri?! I turn my head, no.. It's not him, it's the girl.

  "Here." she crouch to my level and hand me a handkerchief, her smile, the sun shines with her smile.

  "Thank you" I said, she just smile.

  While sitting at the bench, we're gladly eating ice cream.

  "Bella, Bella Analyst" She said out of the blue

  "Your name?" I asked, of course you dumbass.

  "Of course!" she laughed.

  "Yuri Ford, nice to meet you, Bella" I said and offer my hand, she gladly take it.

  "I'm glad you're happy" A boy looking at them with a smile, his eyes are crying.