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Less Than Evil

Less Than Evil

Author:Siti fatimah wulanda



Life must be smart to lick, someone who is good at looking for faces. He will get a good position, as well as employment from other people. The world of life is only full of wars, those who are the best at removing and wearing topek. They are the ones who will endure to the end. In this world, there is not a single person who is truly good. They just come, then take advantage of each other

The scorching sun and the gusts of wind were so hot, Erwin a police officer was on top of a pretty cliff. The breeze made his short hair sway, his eyes glanced downwards. The beach waves looked like they were angry, he just let out a long breath, then he turned his body. He stretched his arms out to the sides, closing his eyes. Before long he began to drop his body into the water, in the water he held his breath. At this time he had no intention of swimming to the surface, it wasn't long before he heard the sound of this singing whale making his eyes open. He saw that three large whales were approaching him, his body was currently sharpened with pain. He seemed to be in a boxing arena with strength, but unfortunately, several people were holding his hand on purpose. Thus rendering him unable to move, he rebelled but there was no one to help him. His nose was bleeding, his vision was blurry. But he still kept on trying to beat the man he was punching, his hands and feet were now starting to rebel. The whale's voice sounded more and more melodious, at this time Erwin shook his head. He tried to see the man who was punching his fists with him, but soon he saw a light from the surface approaching him. Now that he had changed his mind, he didn't want to die and would swim toward the surface.

“Ahh,” Erwin shouted in surprise.

It turned out that at this time he was dreaming, his head was still very sore from the effects of the drugs he took last night. The ringing of his cell phone sounded very disturbing, making him very annoyed. He tried to get out of bed and get ready to go to work.

“Ahh, this is so annoying. I don't like it," he cursed, looking angry for no apparent reason.

At this time Erwin had just finished taking a shower, and his wet hair was still drying with a towel. He opened the refrigerator door in his house, grabbed a bottle of mineral water, and gulped it all down in one gulp. He also looked the other way, looking for anything to eat. But unfortunately the refrigerator he had only contained drinks, which made him even more annoyed.

“Ah, at this rate I could die easily. Very unprofitable, I housed it in my house and this is what I got. So annoying, looks like I have to listen to the words of the ancients. Sometimes I also have to become a monster to live in peace,” said Erwin still with an emotional expression on his face.

This time Ewin walked back into his room, he was looking for clothes to wear. But again he looked very annoyed, his favorite black coat somehow suddenly disappeared from his closet. Right now he knew, there was only one person he could suspect. With emotion, he immediately grabbed his cell phone, then called someone.

'Hey are you shameless, you hitchhiked at my house and you're just being mean. You finished my meal and now my favorite suit is gone too, tell me where you put it. Don't tell me the suit is with you right now?" Erwin snapped at the man he was currently in contact with.

It didn't take long for a man's voice to reply from inside the phone, the man could only receive a shout from Erwin.

'I'm sorry, I'm currently at my girlfriend's house. I borrow your coat first, there's no way I dress ugly in front of my female friends. Right now he and I are only in the introduction stage, we are friends, don't be stingy like this. I'll borrow your coat first,' said this man who provoked Erwin's emotions even more.

'What's the matter with you, you're on a date with another woman. Then what does that have to do with me, if you don't have nice clothes don't no need Dating. Don't disturb my favorite suit,' snapped Erwin who was getting angrier.

'Hey dude, come on, we're friends. Please help your friend, tonight I will treat you to a drink. I'll hang up first, my woman is coming.' The man said then turned off the phone.

'Hey, I'm not done yet,' Erwin said then a tut.. tut.. tut.. voice which means that the call has ended.

Right now Erwin was getting more and more irritated, he was getting lower by his high emotions. Erwin is the kind of person who gets angry easily, but his anger doesn't last long. He was only angry for a while, after which he would return to being a good man again. At this time Erwin was forced to wear another suit, he was seen looking at his clothes today from a mirror. It didn't look too bad, but it didn't suit her taste in clothes. Erwin is currently still nagging himself, he vents his anger on an innocent table.

“This happened because I was too good with humans, I shouldn't have accepted him to stay at my house. Right now my house looks very messy and almost looks like a broken ship, this makes me breathless. Why can I be friends with a useless person like him, I should never be nice to him. That way he won't be too big-headed, "Erwin cursed still with a very annoying heart.

The moment Erwin started to get out of his apartment, he started walking to the parking lot. At this moment he started to open his car door, but from another direction, he felt like someone was watching him. Immediately he didn't want to get into his car, he closed the car door again and walked towards a CCTV. He looked around for nothing suspicious, but he still felt that he wasn't alone right now. But because he saw a watch that showed that he was almost late, he had to immediately go to his place of work.