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The Seventh Throne

The Seventh Throne

Author:Onyeka Rossi Obiechina



After a couple of years of peace, the monsters in the Dorne Mountains suddenly rioted, and King Kevin asked the seven lords who sat on the seven thrones to lead their troops to conquer it. Since Duke Alfred Frandrea had no son and had more ego than he got braveness, he chose Falgar Amtherfai to go to the expedition instead of himself, and in compensation for his sacrifice, he married his second daughter Felicia Frandrea to him. They only met at the wedding ceremony. Felicia couldn't defy the Duke's arrangements. And Falgar didn't look happy on the wedding day either. Three years later, Falgar successfully returned. He was already one of the most powerful knights on the entire continent. The Duke asked Felicia to maintain the marriage relationship with Falgar, both for the sake of the family's reputation and to win people's hearts. Felicia met her husband for the first time in three years and she was flustered...

That morning, very early in the morning, the weather was still bleak, Felicia could barely see anything behind the thick fog which gathered causing moisture to appear on the grass which was on the alley to the church. That morning, Felicia had gone to the church for prayers. This had become a routine for her. Poor Felicia, she, was a married lady, yet, was the same as an unmarried. She had been married for three years but not a day did she enjoy the concession of marriage.

As she strode into the church domain, she acknowledge the bold existence of ornamental trees which embodied the entire surroundings, they gave the church a calming, soothing, and peaceful sensation, the building was massive and long with a triangular shape above the walls, with deep red coloured bricks like the wine of Burgundy, and a bit of grey in the front entrance, on the roof was the long silvery cross which stood tall pointing towards the sky. The tinted crystal glass window was decorated professionally with fashionable paintings of some saints on it, the paintings were not restricted to the windows alone but also to the walls.

That morning, she was lucky to meet the reverend Father Antonio Garcia alone, this was because she had visited the church a little bit too early, she wanted to have a little chat with him before the morning mass commences. The reverend had been her comforter for the past three years of her marriage, her husband had left her for the battle against the monsters, and her father the Duke had restricted her from visiting, and her sister, they never really had the sibling relationship. It was almost like Padre Antonio was the only one who understood her in the entire kingdom. She met him consecrating the altar and alone, just as Felicia liked it, she feel more comfortable gushing her heart into him when it was just the both of them, so, instead of prayers that morning, she complained. She was supposed to have her personal prayers before the morning mass, but instead, she complained about her father and sister to the priest, she even let him know about her greatest fear, which was that Falgar her husband might return from the battle with the monsters and ask for a divorce. Divorce was her greatest fear, she dreaded it even more than death. It was almost as if she never anticipated his return, even though she craved the heroic return of her handsome warrior.

That day, after Felicia came to the church, as usual, she complained to Padre Antonio, and as usual, she prayed that her husband Falgar would soon return home to her and would not choose to divorce her as an option. She stayed back for the morning mass, but she noticed that almost everyone in the church seemed distracted and was staring in her direction, she wondered what it could be, she probed around and realised that it had to do with her, so she turned around after her and saw Falgar Amtherfai, who was standing at the door of the church still in his armour. "That's her husband". So someone in the church muttered, she had not seen Falgar for three years. It was just about a month ago that her father, Duke Alfred Frandrea, summoned her to the library and ordered her to win Falgar's heart and that they must not and never divorce because Princess Adala had proposed marriage to Falgar.

"King Kevin always allowed Adala's behaviour, that is the reason why she had grown thus arrogant and rude." so her father said. Royal Princess Adala was King Kevin's daughter, she was a strong and fearless warrior with powerful magic, and she went with Falgar to slay the Dorne monsters. Adala'a father, King Kevin was the king of the entire seven kingdoms. Adala was a very reserved princess, not many people had the privilege of meeting her, and only a few, not even those on the same battlefield with her could see her. It was merely tales of her that many people got to hear. It was said that she has blond hair and golden eyes and that she was a rare beauty in the world. It was also rumoured that she had proposed marriage to Falgar even though she already knew that he was married to Felicia. The rumour sends a chilling sensation to her. She believed she was no match for Adala's beauty. She also presumed that she could be the kind of girl that Falgar will like to settle for, one beautiful and strong, and one whose fame and travelled across the seven kingdoms.

Though Felicia was the second daughter of Duke Alfred Frandrea, who was the current ruler of the Santoria Kingdom. An arrogant power-lover of a Duke, she still saw herself as inferior to many people. She was totally nothing like her father, and neither was she like her older sister, Felicia never enjoyed the royal privileges as her sister did. She can't totally be blamed for all of the low self-esteem, her father contributed immensely to her having little or no confidence in herself. Felicia Frandrea was a 22 years old beautiful lady, but she was a stutter, she had stuttered since she was a child, it was basically because of this that her father Duke Alfred disliked her. "A shame of the family." She was considered, and the duke kept her locked up in the castle and made sure that only a few people saw her. She grew up having low self-esteem due to the narratives that her father had placed about her.

"You are worse than a commoner... Ugly stutter." so her very own sister will tell her when she gets pissed at her.

If Falgar ever suggests it, Felicia must divorce him, she had no option. As a stammer, Felicia was enough of an embarrassment to her family, she do not need to add any other. If the most powerful knight in the seven kingdoms asks for a divorce, then, the people of the Seven Kingdoms would see both her and her family as a joke.

"Listen Feli. Listen to me. You must make Falgar fall in love with you. I don't care how you do it, you dumb stutter, as you already know Adala the princess of the seven kingdoms, the only daughter of his Royal highness Kevin has proposed to your husband, you must make sure he never accepts that. You must make him love you and not ask for a divorce. Listen, I know no sane man can pick you over Princess Adala, but you have to understand that your life depends on this. " So her father said to her. Her father usually called her 'Felicia' or 'Feli' because he wanted his second child to be a boy.

"Imbecile, will you stop that disgusting habit of yours? Is that how you intend to make a man fall in love with you?" He scolded her. Felicia had this little habit of tearing the skin on her lips when she was nervous, for which she was reprimanded many times by her father but she still found it difficult to control.

Felicia didn't actually have many memories of Falgar, they only stayed together for one day--- their wedding day. It was only the next morning after their wedding that Falgar had to go to the war against the Dorne monsters.

Three years ago, the monsters in the Dorne Mountains suddenly rioted and began terrorizing the entire Pandari continent which consisted of seven kingdoms, King Kevin called for an urgent conference and came to the resolution that the seven lords will have to lead their troops to conquer these demons. Duke Alfred Frandrea chose Falgar Amtherfai to go to the expedition instead of himself, and since he had no son, he married his almost worthless second daughter Felicia Frandrea to Falgar.

It wasn't quite a big wedding, not many people were invited. And Falgar who was from a very humble family before attaining his level of achievement didn't see that as much of a deal. But he evidently didn't look happy at wedding ceremony. Felicia had suspected that her father forced him to marry her just as he compelled her to do the same. Though she had always fancied the handsome knight, who didn't fancy him? She had never found herself, not even in her dreams had she seen herself being loved by such a great and handsome knight.

Falgar Amtherfai was 28 years by the time he got back from the war. He used to be from a humble background before he became a knight under Duke Alfred. He was very handsome and masculine, he was the definition of "a lady's man", and he had become very successful and influential all over the seven kingdoms, He even has his own fief which he named 'Todore'. Falgar was very handsome, strong, upright, and always abiding by the virtues of a knight. He treated his subordinates, especially the warriors very strict, and he was always in control, but he finds himself a little overwhelmed around Felicia.

To Felicia the entire wedding ritual was a horror, that very evening, Falgar took her virginity. It hurt and wasn't a good night for Felicia. The trauma remained in her head, she could not forget the hurt, how he forced himself into her, tearing her tissue after tissue. He burst into her without any iota of care, at least, so she thought, that was definitely not how she imagined her first time, yeah, even the imps dream.