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Reborn: Martial God Shakes the World

Reborn: Martial God Shakes the World


Xuan huan

The Martial God of a generation succeeded in transcending the tribulation, but he was harmed by his martial dao avatar. He was reborn into the body of a youth of the Qin clan who had died in the immortal dao world. After his rebirth, not only did Qin Tian possess the experience of the War God, but he also obtained a perfect martial dao body. He was destined to create great waves in this immortal dao world. Immortal Emperor Defying Chaos wanted to kill me? First, he had to take a punch from me! Immortal Lord of Darkness bestowed me with a death? If you were to take a shot from me, then if you managed to survive, then I would be considered to have lost! If you were to tremble, then anyone who went against the Martial God would ultimately cause your immortal dao to collapse!


A bolt of lightning pierced through the sky.

"I, Qin Tian, am reborn!"

Qin Tian was the first Martial God that had been born in the history of the Black Tortoise Realm!

But it was a pity that the day when Qin Tian became the Martial God was also the time when he died. At the moment when he became the Martial God, he inexplicably chose to self-detonate. This matter had become the biggest mystery in the Xuan Martial World so far. No one knew what had happened that would cause a peerless expert who had just reached the Martial God Realm to self-detonate.

"Haha! Doppelganger, I didn't expect that the person who coveted my divine spark would be you!"

After Qin Tian was reborn, the first wisp of resentment in his heart came from his martial arts avatar.

At that time, only Qin Tian knew that he had successfully advanced to the Martial God Realm after undergoing the War God Tribulation. At that moment, something unexpected had happened. His Martial God avatar, who had always been loyal to him, had long since set up an ambush in the depths of the void. He had taken advantage of Qin Tian's serious injuries to pierce through his head in an attempt to snatch his divine spark!

Qin Tian, who was weak and seriously injured, was unable to resist at all. He could only choose to self-destruct. Before this, Qin Tian had never expected that his avatar would possess self-awareness and break free from his own control.

However, it was a pity that even though Qin Tian had self-destructed, his divine spark had still landed in the hands of his avatar.

"Doganger, so what if you stole my War God spark? If I can acquire the true form of the War God once, I'll be able to accomplish it a second time. Just you wait, I swear I'll tear you into ten thousand pieces and seize back my divine spark!"

Qin Tian roared angrily.

"Oh my god! My body is a perfect body of martial arts!"

After letting out an angry roar, Qin Tian realized that he had been reborn on the body of a youth with the same name.

Moreover, this young man actually possessed the perfect Martial Body that even the Martial God yearned for!

"What? A good-for-nothing?"

A large number of unfamiliar memories poured into Qin Tian's mind. These memories originated from the same youth who had died.

Only when Qin Tian received the memories did he discover that this youth who possessed a perfect martial body was actually a completely useless trash that was viewed by the world as a medicinal jar that had raised one's meridians!

This made Qin Tian feel that this was inconceivable. A perfect body of martial arts was being ridiculed, being called trash? What kind of nonsense was this?!

Qin Tian searched his memory and found the answer.

This world was no longer the Xuan Martial World, but an unknown plane. Cultivators in this world were completely different from those in the Xuan Martial World. Their cultivation methods were called—cultivation.

The dead youth was born with no Elixir Field and could never condense True Qi. This was the root cause of his failure to be a good-for-nothing.

"To think that the perfect body of martial arts would be ruined like this after cultivating your mother's immortal. Since the heavens have combined you and me, then I'll let these stupid things see what is called martial arts and what is power!"

"Just you wait, doppelganger. You'll only be able to comprehend the true essence of darkness when I return to the Martial God Realm and break through the void!"


"Qin Yu'er, if you don't tell me where that medicine jar is hiding, don't blame us for being rude!"

Qin Tian returned to his own residence. He had yet to enter the door when he heard a rough and wild voice roaring angrily.

Qin Yu'er was the younger Qin Tian's younger sister who had died. Ever since their father had disappeared, the two siblings had been dependent on each other. In the vast Qin Clan, their lives were even worse than that of servants.

"Master Qiang, I really don't know where my brother has gone. Boo-hoo."

The mournful sound of crying caused Qin Tian's heart to ache. The current Qin Tian had inherited all the emotions of the dead youth. In his heart, Qin Yu'er was naturally his blood sister.

"Brother Qiang, it seems that this little girl won't tell us. Shall we use some means? Hehe." In the room, a bearded man stared at Qin Yu'er with a wretched look.

"Dong, I understand what you mean. But don't forget that the jar of medicine is the role of raising the meridians for the injured Young Master Qin Feng. My brother and I lost him. I'm afraid that our lives will come to an end." Another thin young man said with a worried face. He didn't have the mood to think about anything else.

Upon hearing these words, Qin Tian's heart was burning with fury.

A year ago, the number one genius of the Qin Family, Qin Feng, was carried back from the Great Void Sect. No one knew if he was dead or alive.

Later, there was news that Qin Feng had offended the son of an elder in the Great Void Sect. He had been severely injured and his meridians had been shattered!

This made the whole Qin family anxious. They didn't hesitate to pay half of their property to find famous doctors to save the most talented person in the history of the Qin family.

In the end, the Qin family received the guidance of an expert. He wrote down the prescription and explained the treatment process.

To save Qin Feng, he had to restore all the meridians in his body.

To change the meridians, he had to find someone who was related to the relatives of blood within three generations. He also needed to be fed with medicine. When the time was ripe, he could transplant the meridians and save Qin Feng.

As an absolute good-for-nothing of the Qin Family, the responsibility of helping Qin Feng transplant the meridians naturally fell on Qin Tian.

Three months later, it would be the day of raising Qin Tian to maturity. At that time, the Qin clan would not hesitate to remove all the meridians in Qin Tian's body and transplant it to genius Qin Feng.

"Brother Qiang, are you stupid? That kid Qin Tian must have escaped. We can't just sit there and wait. We must run away. Therefore, why don't we take some compensation before we run away? Hehe."

The big man named Dongzi swept his eyes over Qin Yu'er unscrupulously.

"What you said makes sense. Instead of waiting for death, you'd better take some compensation and run away!" The skinny young man smiled obscenely. He rubbed his hands and walked step by step to Qin Yu'er, who was leaning against the wall and crying. "Little girl, don't blame us. It's your good-for-nothing brother's fault that he escaped. What's more, you are so beautiful at such a young age. I've been thinking about you for a long time. I dreamed of you in my dreams. Come on, little beauty!"


A huge force smashed the door into pieces.

The two people who were about to pounce on Qin Yu'er suddenly turned their heads. Under the mottled light and shadows, they could only see a tall and thin outline. They could vaguely recognize that it was Qin Tian.

"Good brat, there is a path to heaven, yet you don't take it, yet you still dare come back, haha!" The two immediately became happy.

Qin Yu'er, who was curled up in a corner, burst into tears when she saw Qin Tian's figure. "Brother, why are you still back? Run!"

Hearing this shout, Qin Tian felt a burst of bitterness in his heart.

At this moment, out of nowhere, Qin Yu'er had the courage to pounce on those two and hug their legs.

"Brother, run, I don't want anything, as long as you're alive, sob sob." Qin Yu'er choked with sobs.

I don't want anything, as long as you're alive!

These words deeply hurt Qin Tian. He had owed his sister too much all these years.

"Get lost!" The thin man and the skinny man threw Qin Yu'er away.

"Humph, since you've bumped into us, we can't keep you here. I'll kill you and play with your sister. If we run away again, we'll still be able to live a carefree life. Hahaha."


Qin Tian let out a loud roar. His eyes were burning with fury.

The two of them felt dizzy for a while, and there seemed to be a huge bell roaring in their minds.

"What's going on? How could this kid have such a terrifying aura?"

Fear rose from the bottom of their hearts. This roar was too terrifying.

"If you don't want her to die, don't move!" One of them flashed over and grabbed Qin Yu'er's throat.

"Do you think you can live just like that?" Qin Tian's voice was terrifyingly cold.

"How dare you! What are you doing?"

At this time, one of the Qin family's stewards, Qin Fu, was acting abnormally. He rushed over with a few vigorous steps.

"Supervisor Fu, bad news, Qin Tian is going to escape!" That skinny individual suddenly had an idea and bit back at Qin Tian.