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General Romance

odeya never knew she will find love from one of the idols.. she sees herself as a commoner.. she search for the mystery behind her Father's death, alongside with jae mi who seeks for justice for his mother's death.... a novel full of suspense


 By authoress Beulah peculiar

   Odeya's pov

Hey! I'm Odeya, the first and only daughter of My dad is late..

 I'm nineteen years Old.... Beautiful and naturally built...

My dream has always been to be a great chef since my mum couldn't train me in school...

My mum works as a Part-time maid 

 It's been 3 weeks i appllied for a job in one of the best restaurant in South Korean..It's seems I'm always unlucky .....

Just then her phone rang..


Gud day sirrr

 Yeah!! Re u Odeya caseno? 

Emmm... Yes I am....deya replied stuttering...

U have to be in the plaza in the next 45 minutes....

45 minutes????? Deya exclaimed

 U heard me rite...make sure to be there before your time expires...the caller said and ended the call..


 45 minutes!!! Deya repeated confused.

I really need to be fast...she said to herself.. 

She badged to her room, casually dressed And running out from the house...startling her mum..

Deya wait....her mum called out to her..

  45 minutes ma'am!!! She shouted still running.... 40 minutes remaining...see you later mum.... 

Do u think deya will meet up with the time? 


Everywhere was so busy, Odeya was confused... She doesn't even know who to approach and which way to go...

Hey u looking for someone? 

  Actually I'm a job applicant, I was told to to be here in 45 minutes.... Odeya said

Alright, follow me...

 Thanks ma'am......

Come in.... A voice said from inside

 Good day sirr....deya greeted 

Welcome!! Are you Odeya caseno? 

  Yes sir.. 

Well, you are five minutes late, the man said, if you can't keep a simple time, you

 can never be putual to work, I don't think giving you this work is a good idea. The man furthered...

Sir... Sirrrr please actually getting a cab wasn't easy for me and I was also caught in a traffic lot... Odeya explained amidst tears... 

That's the nonsense excuse unserious workers give.... The man said 

   I'm sorry sirrr... I promise it won't happen again...deya pleaded..

there was deep silence,before the man finally spoke up


Let me try and consider you, but failure to be putual and committed to your will be fired!!!!!

Thank you so much sirr..I won't disappoint...

Still at the office

 Thank you so much sirr, I will try my best.. 

Good!! You applied as a chef..

   Yes sirrr 

Actually we cannot take the risk of employing you as a chef and you don't have any experience of it... We don't even want to loose our customers...This is the best hotel owned by a famous person, I don't want to loose my job, so I considered employing you as a cleaner..And your work starts tomorrow..

 Buh sirr...deya was confused, alright sir, thanks for the offer....deya said heartbrokenly, taking her leave..

          ODEYA'S POV 

I got employed....I said

 Awwn... That's a goodnews bestie 

Nina,my Bestfriend said..

But unfortunately as a cleaner...

 Aaah, it's long as you are working there.

Meanwhile, there's an upcoming show coming up there soon...

Nina continued..

A show??? 

Yes, the idols are back from the state, there will be a party night..Nina said 

I don't know why you are always interested with all these arrogant idols....i said disgusted..

U haven't seen them before..bess, they are damn cute, especially Jae-mi, I can't wait to see them .

When you finally meet them I bet you,you will fall inlove... Nina stated clearly 

 Damn !! I hate those bitches,so I don't think I can ever crush any of them, get that into your head lover girl...deya said Leaving Nina alone to avoid arguments...

   The show is really gonna be hot