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Trillionaire After Divorce

Trillionaire After Divorce


Realistic Urban

Yang Xiong, who was moving bricks at the construction site, became a rich man of 10 billion overnight! Because after his wife, who thought he was poor and divorced, learned the news, she knelt on the ground and asked for a second marriage...

"Temple Master, we've finally found you. Please follow me back to the Warlord Hall to manage the situation!"

"Beauty, you've got the wrong person. I'm not a hall master, I'm just an ordinary person!"

"I didn't mistake you for someone else. You are our Palace Leader. Five years ago, you were ambushed in the deep valley of the northern border. Although you killed those who attacked you, you were also seriously injured and fell into the waterfall of the deep valley. You lost your memory."

Yang Xiong glanced at the beauty beside him.

She was good-looking and had a good figure, but she had some brain problems.

His memory was indeed limited to five years.

But even if he lost his memory, he still thought that he was just an ordinary person. It was impossible for him to be a hall master.

"Beauty, you'd better go. You've disturbed my work."

At this moment, Yang Xiong only wanted to get enough money to sell the house as soon as possible.

In this way, he and his wife Wu Meiyue could have a home that belonged to them in the South Sea.

Seeing that she couldn't convince Yang Xiong, the woman could only helplessly say, "Okay, then I will come to see the Lord of the Hall tomorrow. But Lord of the Hall, don't do such dirty work. Our Warlord Hall has plenty of money. As long as you give an order, tens of billions will be a small problem."

Yang Xiong smiled and felt that there must be something wrong with this pure and beautiful woman's brain.

Even Mr. Lin, the richest man in the South Sea City, took out tens of billions in one day, which was very difficult to achieve.

If he could have tens of billions of yuan at his command, wouldn't he be even more powerful than the richest man?

Seeing that Yang Xiong did not believe her, the woman had no choice but to turn around and leave.

After she left, Yang Xiong was about to continue to work when a sports car worth a million yuan drove in from outside the construction site and finally stopped not far from him.

When the workers in the construction site saw this scene, they were very curious and came out one after another to look at the sports car.

A woman in a red dress and coquettish makeup came out of the sports car.


Yang Xiong recognized that the woman in front of him was his wife, Wu Meiyue.

But Wu Meiyue used to be plain-faced, and her clothes were also plain.

Wu Meiyue in front of him was fashionable and gorgeous, with a smell of money all over her body.

"Dear, why are you here?"

Although Yang Xiong was very confused about why Wu Meiyue's style had changed so much, he was still full of joy that she could come to see him.

Wu Meiyue took out a stack of documents from her bag and threw them to Yang Xiong. She said coldly, "Yang Xiong, this is the divorce agreement. Please sign on it. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other."

Yang Xiong was shocked.

"Dear, are you kidding me? After I get the salary this month, the first payment will be enough. We can settle down in the Ann Family in the South China Sea."

Hearing this, Wu Meiyue laughed out loud, and her voice was full of sarcasm. "Yang Xiong, to tell you the truth, I already have a new lover, and my new lover is the Eldest Young Master of the Zhao Family in South Sea City. He said that as long as I divorce you, he will marry me!"

Yang Xiong frowned slightly.

"Do you see? The red dress I'm wearing is worth more than 30,000 yuan, and the sports car behind me is worth one million yuan. Childe Zhao didn't even blink and gave all these things to me. This kind of extravagant life is what I'm looking forward to, so quickly sign the divorce agreement and don't hinder me from pursuing a beautiful life."

Wu Meiyue showed no mercy, which made Yang Xiong embarrassed in public.

Wu Meiyue turned around and was about to leave, but was stopped by Yang Xiong.

"We're already divorced. There are some things that must be clearly calculated. I've counted to a hundred thousand with my previous salary. Give me back the hundred thousand yuan and we'll be even from now on."

"What do you mean by asking for 100,000 yuan from me? If my grandfather hadn't saved you, you would have died long ago. And I have wasted five years of my youth on you. 100,000 yuan is your compensation for our Wu family."

Wu Meiyue said these words, opened the door, and got into the car. "I forgot to tell you, I just threw your property into the trash can outside the construction site. If you don't look for it quickly, I'm afraid it will be picked up by others. We'd better not see each other in the future!"


Yang Xiong was angry, and Wu Meiyue left.

"F*ck! I've fed dogs for the past five years!"

Yang Xiong was unwilling to give up. Suddenly, he remembered the woman's words and quickly chased after her.

Just as the woman was about to get into a luxury car, Yang Xiong caught up with her and asked in a hurry, "Is what you just said true? Am I really the chief of the Warlord Hall?"

"Of course it's true."

"Well, prove it to me."

"How do you want me to prove it?"

"I need 10 billion now."