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Beloved Forever

Beloved Forever



Realistic Urban

They were sweet lovers in their college days, but for her own family reasons and in consideration of his future, she chose to give up their love, which left an unaware man with a constant hatred for her. When they meet again, he chooses to torment her, and when the truth comes out, they finally move on to a sweet future.

Once upon a time, Jennifer Louise felt that selling body for money was the most shameful thing.

But now that she was lying under Simon Barry's body, she often thought that money was really a wonderful thing.

"Are you dead?"

A cool voice came from above her head, Simon was displeased with her wandering and holds Jennifer's face with his big hand, forcing her to look straight at him.

With all his strength, the pain caused Jennifer to gasp. And her hand unconsciously climbed Simon's sleeve, eyes swam with tears.

Simon was lost in thought for a moment, and then returned to his usual cool demeanor.

He clenched his teeth, with a complicated mood, thinking how he was pulling emotions again because of her sham face.

He kept imploring himself to remember the woman who had left without a second thought, and with a vengeance, he rushed forward and rammed into Jennifer's body.

The sudden pain stimulated every pore of Jennifer 's body, and her tears fell abruptly.

"It hurts ...... I feel hurt ...... please don't ......" she instinctively prayed, but Simon hooked up the corners of his mouth and sneered. "What, you can't stand it now?

Didn't you come begging me to sleep with you for money? Your prayers are so cheap."

Jennifer understood that he avoid her like the plague, so she could only desperately bite her arm and try not to make a sound.

But Simon was still not satisfied and said without a trace of warmth: "Are you a puppet? Can't you move yourself?"

As he said that, he directly squeezed Jennifer's waist to meet himself back and forth.

At the thought of being ridiculed as a sexual tool, Jennifer had no choice but to accept it.

After the passionate love-making, Simon pulled out and wiped himself as if he was disgusted, while she curled up noisily in the corner of the sofa like a rag doll that had been tossed aside after being played with.

Simon threw the clothes over her bare body and straightened the edges of the suit himself.

Jennifer wiped her face, casually put on her clothes and walked over to pull Simon, who was about to leave, without caring whether she was neat or not.

"Simon, could you put me in a next movie?"

Simon paused, indeed, whatever this woman did, she did it with a purpose. For a moment, his heart was softened and wanted to let her go.

He turned and looked down at the woman before him, one finger picking up her chin and pretending he was taking a closer look.

" You really want to act in a movie?"

" Mm-hmm"

Jennifer couldn't guess what he though and just only replied in a soft voice.

"Then beg me ."

When she thought of what he had just said about her prayers being cheap, Jennifer hesitated and spoke in a dumb voice, "Please."

"How ridiculous you are, Jennifer! Do you really think you are a charmer ?

Please look at yourself in the mirror? You? just an 18th-tier actress, how can you be any better than Diana?

In front of Jennifer, Simon said as he took out his mobile phone and called Diana, telling Diana that she will be the female lead role in the next movie.

"Seriously?" Jennifer couldn't hold back the grievance and stare at him decisively, smashing Simon's heart with every word: "I have never, ever thought that you would dislike me so much."

For three months, the commiseration, humiliation and acquiesce reverberates in her heart.

Whenever Simon wanted, she was always cater to him.

But Simon thought of she was nothing more than a dirty woman who wanted to acquire something now and then.

After all she needed money badly.

Jennifer had a blackout, and the moment she fell to the ground, the past memory was like an old movie, and she saw herself in her seventeen or eighteen, trying to reach for it but missing it.