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Infinite Love

Infinite Love



General Romance

Because of a misunderstanding, he is full of hatred towards her and torments her bitterly; while she chooses to submit because of her mother's medical bills, in the meantime, she meets another man who reaches out to her, will this misunderstanding be solved? What will happen next between her and them?

"Aaron, please! You can do anything to me! The baby is innocent, please spare the baby!"

Gina Grace kneeled on the ground, protecting the lower abdomen with her hands. The baby is her whole world, for this little life, she is also willing to do anything, even if she has to sacrifice her own life!

Aaron Pittman smiled wickedly at her, and his delicate amorous eyes were filled with interest and playfulness.

He reached out his hand and gently caressed Gina's bloodless cheek, how beautiful the hand was, the bones were long and slender, the skin was white, and his movements were extremely gentle.

"Innocent? How is that Delilah's child not innocent, did he deserve to die? Gina, you so disgusting!"

Aaron's words made Gina's heart went cold little by little, I had nothing to do with her miscarriage! It was her trick! That child was simply

Gina shouted over and over again in her heart, she said it many times, and every time she said it, Aaron disgusted her even more, because of this matter, Gina did not know how many taunts she had heard.

Don't make him angry again, Gina took a deep breath, ready to say something in, but a slap blocked those unexpressed words in her throat.

Aaron fiercely pulled Gina's long hair, handsome face was with a horrible chill at this time, as if he was a vicious ghost crawling up from hell with vengeance, "Delilah's child is gone, why not let your baby repay the debt. Besides, you don't even deserve to have my baby!"

He said and kicked Gina's lower abdomen ferociously, then left the extremely humble two-room apartment without looking back.

Gina lay huddled up on the cold porcelain tiles with pale face, she could feel something dripping out of her inner thigh, she didn't dare touch it, one hand pressed the lower abdomen, "It's okay, it's going to be okay."

After a while, Gina shuddered and straightened up, taking the phone on the table, "Hello, 911?"

The first thing that came into view was the blurred ceiling, and the ward was a bright, dazzling bright.

Gina blinked her eyes and reached for the lower abdomen, with her heart cooling little by little.

She wanted to cry out, but she could not shed a single tear, why!

The joy she felt when the doctor informed her that she was pregnant was still as vivid as if it was yesterday, and at that time, she even felt like her future was shining! It was all because, at last, in this world, she had a family member who was connected to her by blood.


It's been long time that Gina sat up from the bed with difficulty, her lower body was still faintly painful, no wonder the surrounding was so quiet, it turned out to be a VIP ward.

She picked up her phone, which was on her nightstand, and just watched the city's top news.

The president of Pittman got engaged, Gina dumbly looked at the photo of Aaron in the news? Why was he so strange that she couldn't recognize him?

How gentle he was, it seemed that he can also smile. His smile was so warm and mild, as if a child in the ancient books. And the woman next to him, her face was filled with happiness and shyness.

She could feel the sweetness spilling out of the phone, so, the lovers finally got married?

"Are you jealous?"

Aaron's voice rang out behind him, and Gina's body reflexively moved taut, slowly turning around and raising his head to looked at this nightmarish man.

She was so absorbed in watching the news that she didn't even notice when Aaron entered the ward.

Aaron looked at Gina, to be honest, Gina was very beautiful, she has rosy cheeks, clear, bright eyes and a nice figure. She is much more beautiful than Delilah.

Even the wide hospital gown could not hide her big breasts, Aaron looked greedily, he never hid his praise for Gina's looks and lust for her body. She is really beautiful, but the way she did things really made him sick.

"Dumb?" Aaron raised an eyebrow.

Gina lowered her head, and somehow, Aaron felt so angry, he leaned down, fiercely clamped Gina delicate chin, Gina was looking at Aaron, dumbfounded, when Aaron kissed her fiercely with deep disgust.

Gina tried hard to break free from Aaron's grasp, but failed. She herself had just been induced, and she was so weak. For Aaron, her ridiculous struggle is more like a enjoyment.

Aaron easily embraced Gina, kissing from Gina's lips down to her left shoulder, Aaron bit Gina's left shoulder fiercely until he tasted the blood.

Gina stifled a grunt, her body trembled uncontrollably until Aaron's hand went to undo the buttons on her hospital gown, she was hoarse, saying: ''Aaron, is this the way you love Delilah? have a sex with the woman she hates the most? How ridiculous your love is!"

Aaron stopped unbuttoning and raised his head, looking at Gina with malice, "Do you think, if you say this, I can let you go?"

Aaron directly ripped open the hospital gown and threw it aside, roughly rubbed Gina's puffy breasts twice, and then directly held Gina's hands, pressing Gina onto the hospital bed, pressing his long legs on Gina's body, and then took off Gina's pants.

By the time Gina came back to her senses, she only felt, the iron-like rolling between her buttocks.

"Aaron, I was wrong! Please let me go!" Gina didn't dare to move, she was afraid of this man, she knew that the more she struggled, the rougher she would be treated.

Aaron ignored what Gina said and just entered her body roughly, leaving a Gina's hoarse cry.