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Power Talks: the Sword King

Power Talks: the Sword King


Xian xia

The king of mercenaries, Yang Hua, had accidentally been reborn into a world where martial arts was respected. The mysterious short sword, the memories of his previous life, gave him amazing talent, and started a thrilling and thrilling journey of martial arts...

Feeling a little dizzy, Yang Hua could not help but quicken his pace.

Before that, he didn't believe that he, a first-class special forces soldier and the king of the mercenary world, would have leukemia. What kind of sin was this?

Although his brother had done something that he would not be able to see clearly, he had dealt with all sorts of evil people. Wasn't that just to enforce justice on behalf of heaven? How could he have such an illness?

But he had to believe it.

And when he realized it, it was already in the late stage. There was no hope, which was two months ago.

Yang Hua carefully walked into a cave.

The cave was very deep, with many twists and turns. After walking for a while, they finally reached the bottom of the cave.

This cave was on the back of his and his brothers' secret residence. The terrain was extremely remote. He knew that if his brothers wanted to find him, this place would be a blind spot.

By the time they found this place, he might have been there for a long time...

Yang Hua laughed at himself.

There was infinite attachment in his eyes. He took out a photo from his arms. On it was a photo of Old Ninth when he was admitted to college. It was also the only photo taken by the brother and sister pair.

Looking at the familiar smiling faces in the photos, Yang Hua stretched out his fingers and touched them one by one, with distant eyes.

"My younger brother, my younger sister, from now on, I will not be by your side. You have to live well, live well, live well... Don't worry about me, don't worry about me... I also want to accompany you, grow old together, watch you get married and have children, watch you live a happy life... But... I can't do it..."

Yang Hua looked at them one by one. Finally, his eyes stopped on the girl at the edge. The girl had a slim figure and a beautiful face. She was quiet and gentle. She was a stunning beauty.

Although she was wearing an out-of-fitting military uniform, her beautiful figure was still revealed.

Xia Xiaoyu was the girl's name. She was the only girl among the nine siblings. She was also the apple of the eye of the eight brothers.

"Big brother, when I grow up, I will be your wife." This was what her younger sister said when she was seven years old. Now that she thought about it, the crisp voice seemed to still be lingering in her ears...

"Brother, don't find a girlfriend, okay?" When her younger sister was in high school, she pulled her sleeves and said with a red face, "You are still young..." Her shy look seemed to still be in front of her...

"Brother, I want to be your woman." In a trance, his little sister walked into his room in a snow-white dress... This was the night when his little sister graduated from college, but Yang Hua refused...

"My little sister is like a pure little white flower. I'm already covered in blood. How could I? My little sister is eight years younger than me!"

Thinking about it, Yang Hua smiled gently and scolded in a low voice, "Little girl, what do you know at such a young age?"

It seemed that his little sister, whom he loved so much, was right in front of him.

What a silly little girl...

Yang Hua didn't know why his younger sister liked him. He was his elder brother. Shouldn't he take care of her and take care of her?

As the king of the underground world, Yang Hua lived a dangerous life. His hands were covered with blood and his whole body was full of hostility. After every action, the only way to vent his anger was for women.

What kind of woman had he never slept with?

There were many top-notch people who had played with her. There were also many confidantes, but they had never really fallen in love with each other.

Except for his brothers and sisters, he would never allow himself to fall in love with anyone else.

Love was a very extravagant thing for a dark king like him!

He was used to loneliness and darkness. Perhaps because of the influence of his childhood, his bones were full of blood. After so many years of dark life, his only pursuit was to become stronger!

Only when they were truly strong, could they stand out in the mercenary business and protect their brothers and sisters!

He did it.

But his younger sister seemed to be pretending that those women did not exist. As long as she saw Yang Hua, she would stick to him. As long as one had eyes, they could see that kind of deep attachment.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman who felt that she was very charming. Moreover, Yang Hua seemed to like her very much, and he was different from others. Every time she saw Xia Xiaoyu, she would take over Yang Hua, so she couldn't help but be jealous. One night, she said a few bad words about Xia Xiaoyu and acted like a spoiled child to Yang Hua. However, Yang Hua's face immediately darkened, and with a loud slap, he directly kicked the beautiful woman out of the bedroom!

From then on, this woman disappeared in front of Yang Hua...

Little sister, it's my treasure! Whoever dares to speak ill of her will die!

Every time he saw his little sister, Yang Hua would feel his heart become soft. It seemed that he was suddenly surrounded by dense lily flowers...

That fresh and fresh feeling made Yang Hua very reluctant to part with it.

But Yang Hua knew that this was definitely not love!

He couldn't have any thoughts of being inferior to his little sister! She was his little sister, his sweetheart...

Her vision blurred, and her mind gradually started to feel dizzy. Warm liquid flowed down from her nose and dripped onto the photo.


Yang Hua felt that all his strength was running out little by little.

He struggled to stand up, swayed two times, and then carefully placed the photograph in front of him. Then, he opened the small case he carried with him, inside of it two rusty short swords.

This was brought back when he robbed the treasury of a rich man in M Country last time. The items in the treasury were priceless. Only these two short swords were priceless.

This short sword was definitely not something from modern times. It was only the length of a palm, dull and dull, but without any rust. Yang Hua had once asked experts to see it, and the conclusion was that the material of this short sword was not made on earth at all. It might have been directly made of meteoric iron from outer space.

However, even if it was meteoric iron, it was not worth much. There were a lot of meteoric iron in this world.

Therefore, after putting it in this secret hole, Yang Hua did not move at all. Now he was using it to end his own life.

How could Asura, who shocked the world, die under leukemia?

It was not Yang Hua who was waiting for death on the sickbed!

The moment he knew that he could no longer be treated, he made up his mind.

He was full of pride and iron-boned. He couldn't die in the hands of the disease devil!

But at that time, he was still worried about his brothers and sisters.

Therefore, in the last moments of his life, he was crazily gathering wealth for his brothers!

He was afraid of poverty. Even if he died, he did not want to see his brothers being poor. He was gone, and he was worried that his brothers would not be able to live a stable life!

He would rather let them live an ordinary life!

Now, Yang Hua clearly knew that being alive was happiness!

However, he, Yang Hua, had personally ended his own life when he had just comprehended this principle!

Because now, all of his wishes had been fulfilled.

He had no regrets.

He grabbed a short sword, struggled to get up, and carved a line of words on the stone wall. Only then did he realize that the broken sword was unexpectedly sharp. The stone was like tofu under the sword. He had thought that it would take a lot of effort, but he didn't expect that it would be completed without much effort.

"If you find this place, don't cry! Live well!" Yang Hua finished carving.

Even the last trace of him left in the mortal world was still as domineering as ever!

However, his eyes were full of affection and warmth. His eyes were a little absent-minded. The faces of his seven brothers and one sister flashed in front of him one by one. Yang Hua smiled with satisfaction and whispered, "You have to... forget your brother and live well..."


The short sword, which had long been aimed at his heart, suddenly plunged into his heart!

However, what shocked Yang Hua was that the moment the tip of the sword pierced into his heart, the short sword emitted a dazzling white light!

Like a dazzling bolt of lightning, it suddenly shot up into the sky. The huge stone that was hundreds of meters above the top of the cave was pierced through like the air, emitting a light that was a thousand times brighter than the sun in the air. With a flash, it disappeared into the distant sky!

It was too late for Yang Hua to think about it, so he lost consciousness.