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The CEO and the Idol

The CEO and the Idol




When the brother of the CEO is an Idol and the CEO was busy but told by her father that she should attend her brother's concert at Japan which is she's there. When the concert ended her brother introduced her to his members and they decided to join her going back to Korea since they're going back at the same day and the CEO and the Idol fall in love with each other at first sight

  //Kim Sung Yeon or Jasmine Alexandra Sabrina Kim//

  Age: 20

  Parents: Kim Joong Soo and Samantha Reid Kim

  Sibling: Kim Taehyung

  Cousin: James Reid

  Childhood Friend: Park Jihoon and ???

  Job: CEO

  //Jeon Jungkook//

  Parents: Mr and Mrs Jeon

  Age: 23

  Friends: BTS

  Childhood Friend: ???

  Job: Idol

  //Kim Taehyung//

  Age: 24

  Parents: Kim Joong Soo and Samantha Reid Kim

  Sibling: Kim Sung Yeon

  Cousin: James Reid

  Friends: BTS

  Childhood Friend: Park Jihoon

  Job: Idol

  Sammy Lee

  Age: 5

  Parents: Lee Choi Ho and Clarissa Lee


Calls Sung Yeon mommy

  Clarissa Lee


  Daughter: Sammy Lee

  Job: Sung Yeon's secretary

  Park Jihoon

  Age: 21

  Parents: Mr and Mrs Park

  Facts about Sung Yeon

  *Youngest CEO.

  *Youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Kim.

  *Nice, sweet but strict when it comes to business.

  *Can speak all the languages.

  *IQ level is 201.

  *Started handling her company at the age of 15.

  *Studied at Busan, South Korea.

  *Transferred to My York when she was 10 years old.

  *Knows taekwondo, karate, and martial arts

  *Her hobbies are sleeping, reading books, cooking, baking, drawing, playing with musical instruments, singing, dancing.

  *Treats Sammy as her daughter.

  *Don't like to be given a hug by a stranger.

  *Allergic to peanuts and beef.

  *Do not have any phobias.

  *Hate strangers who stick and being clingy to her and pretends to be her boyfriend.

  *Her first love is her childhood best friend.

  *Half Korean and Half American.

  *Was forced to go to America when she was 10 years old.

  *Came back to Korea when she was 14 years old.

  *She tried to find her Childhood Friend.

  *Handles the number one company in the whole world the JAS company.

  *Handles 2 companies.

  *Idols who partners with her gets more than a billion views in 48 hours and more than 20 million in 24 hours.

  *She dreamt to become a doctor but was forced to become a CEO of JAS company.

  *She hadn't had her first boyfriend yet.

  *She is fluent in all languages.


  This story is just fictional meaning this story doesn't happen in real life it's just my imagination and thoughts. The characters here and their real life role doesn't have any connections here in the story this is all made up