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Lost African  Child

Lost African Child

Author:Pinel Motswagole



Entrepreneur in professional,business owner,father,husband, brother,son to the African continent,loved by few and hated by man but still cherish God's greatest gift (life), you may see me struggling but you will never see me quit. As sad and happiness goes I still standing strong until I win, for I believe I am meant for greatness in this lifetime.

  Chapter 1

  Born of a legend

  "Kyle,please tell me you ready for your first day at school?", Shouting politely my mother."I'm

  excited mom,can I take my hat with to school I think I'm nervous "I responded, and that was the

  beginning of my life journey that turn up to be chaotic and amazing at the same time.

  Every youngster have a dream and a goal to be one of the most influential or successful person in

  the world. However for me I had a different point of view, I wanted just to be a Dad. But no one

  will marry me to be a dad. So I've to study,learn and focus until I archive my goal.

  School was always amazing as I was a good listener and always impulsive,most of my teachers

  know that I had a brighter future even though they couldn't understand why would i want to be a

  dad instead of a doctor,teacher,pilot or engineer. But it was my goal not theirs. I had great friends

  from school,and I was one of the best influencers when it comes to friends either in bad ways or

  in good ways.

  Life is ninety nine percent of your reactions and responsibility and one percent what's surrounding you, that is from my personal experience. You can work up happy,angry,moody or as crazy but that is all under your control, and it's your choice to either change it or continue feeling bad or down till you die. One thing I can promise you is that none is coming to save you but you, yourself.

  All opportunities we create ourselves first before opportunities appear to our sites, your energy attracts more of what you thinking. If you think positive, it's simple you attract positivity however if you think negative same applies you attract negativity. The rule in life is to control and monitor your thinking as it may have replications of it either bad or good. I learned life the hard way, and pay attention to my story and you might learn one or two things from it.

  We all have our flaws,opportunities and experience but trust me FAMILY is everything regardless of they are sometimes hard on you or not believe when I tell you that without family we're like an old torn trousers that have no owner to fix it. My childhood experience was one in a million, but I am proud of what I've become. It taught me how to love,how to be humble, how to treat others with dignity and honor and final least but not last how to be strong regardless of current circumstances.