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Revenge To Love

Revenge To Love



General Romance

Luna Marshal is the wife of the most successful billionaire in the country, Jason Blackson. One day Saddie Lowes, Jason’s mistress, humiliated Luna in front of the worlds most elite members of society. While fleeing the scene Luna gets injured and loses everything in the night. She disappears from the world. What happens when she returns to the spotlight after six years out of it?

  “ Luna move your ass,” my ‘husband’ shouted at me from downstairs.

  “ I’m already here,” I replied from the second step that I’ve been sitting on for an hour waiting for him. To tell the truth I don’t want to go to this party. It’s at her house.

  “ Well then let’s go,” he walked out the front door not waiting for me to stand. Can you guys feel the love between. Two years of marriage and this is how I’m treated. But it only recently started to be this way in the last nine months. He is started to change after the time Saddie Lowes moved in down the street. Apparently tonight is her birthday and she is throwing a party.

  I walked out the house and stepped into the Black Audi. At least he was kind enough to open the door. I stared out the window as he drove to her house. I didn’t want to go but I’m the daughter of the world eat most successful fashion designer and the wife of the richest man in the country. So to say I don’t have a choice is an understatement.

  I really wish sometimes that I knew why Jason was indifferent lately. I sighed lowly as I mentally prepared myself for this party. I looked out the window again and rolled my eyes.

  Saddie’s house came into view and I internally cursed. I wanted to leave and not even speak to a single soul. Jason parked the car and then looked over at me. “Behave,” was his only words to me as he climbed out the car.

  We entered Saddie’s party and immediately I was greeted with the pleasant smiles of the other elites wives. We all often get together for lunch or to go shopping. I looked around and as if on cue Saddie showed up in front of us.

  “Oh I’m so glad you guys are here now I can reveal my surprise,” Saddie said happily and grabbed Jason’s arm and moved toward the stage set up in her living room.

  “Okay everyone. As you all know tonight we are celebrating my birthday but that’s not the only thing we’re celebrating,” Saddie said into the microphone causing the room to become puzzled as to what the surprise was and why my husband was beside her. “ Jason and I are getting married and I’m pregnant.”

  “What,” I asked in a whisper as o stared at the stage in utter shock. Why God?