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Blood Moon Pack

Blood Moon Pack

Author:Whisper 5531



I'm the Alpha of the strongest pack in the world. I have looked for my mate for 5 years. I have given up. But if I find her. I will never let her go. This is a new story. I hope that you will like it. I am the Alpha, I am a beast. Most people run from me. I am a black wolf with green eyes. I am not a virgin but my mate should be. I will not let her go when I find her. I don't care if she is a she-wolf or human. She will be my mate and she will never leave me. I take what I want. I am a beast. I am hated by most people. Get in my way, hurt my pack, hurt my family. I will find you. And you will suffer. Don't mess with me. I don't like people I am called the most hated Alpha alive.

My name is Alpha Troy of the Blood Moon Pack. I am the most feared Alpha in the world. I hate people, I will hunt you down and kill you if you mess with me. I am strict, I have become hateful towards others as the years go by and I don't find my mate.

I have looked everywhere for her. She is either dead or she is a human. My Beta is Steve and my third in command is Mark.

I am 18 years old and I attend school at Meadow dale High School. There are some humans who attend but mostly wolfs go there. I heard a pounding on my bedroom door. What the hell do you want I yelled? Steve said Alpha Troy you need to get up we are going to be late for school.

I'll be down in five minutes I said jumping into the shower and then getting dressed. As I walked out of my room I saw one of the pack sluts walking towards me. I growled at her telling her to walk away. As I walked down the stairs my Beta and second in command were standing at the door. Let's go I said.

We got into my Charger and headed for school. Steve said. Did you hear about the new students that are starting school today, Alpha Troy? No what did you hear?

Well, the old house at the edge of the woods was bought and apparently, there are about 12 kids living there with their mother and stepfather. Two of the kids are in high school. A girl and a boy. Maybe she will be your mate Troy, my Beta said. Maybe but I doubt it.

As we pulled in and parked we saw two motorcycles pull up. We watched as they turned off the bikes and take off their helmets. One was a girl with hair that fell out of her helmet and to her knees.

Dam she was built with a nice body. Then she turned her head and looked at me. I was leaning against my car with my arms crossed. I could not stop looking in her eyes. She had beautiful blue eyes.

And then she smiled. Shit, I said. Mate. Why didn't I smell her? Then we all sniffed. She is human. I watched as she turned and said something to the boy next to her and they walked into the school.

The Luna is beautiful Troy, Steve and Mark said. And that smile. We walked into the school and noticed they were in the office. As they walked out they started looking for their lockers.

I noticed that they stood in front of two lockers from ours. I watched as my Beta's sister Terry walked up to them, I heard her ask if they were Peggy and Ryan. Yes, that's us. Good, I missed you at the office. I was asked to show you around.

great, we all have the same homeroom and most classes together. For the classes we don't have I will introduce you to someone who can show you where to go. So follow me Terry said.

We watched as they walked with Terry down the hallway. I noticed we had the same homeroom together. As we walked into the room I saw our teacher talking to the both of them. I walked to the back of the room and sat down next to the window.

We have two new students in the class. Ryan and Peggy, they are brother and sister. Tell us something about yourself? Peggy you can start my brother said.

I am 17 years old, I ride motorcycles, horses, and I am a stunt rider. I hate most people. If you don't fuck with me, I won't fuck with you. If you disrespect me, I will fuck you up.

Ryan started laughing and said. She is not lying. My name is Ryan I am 17 years old yes before you ask we are twins. I too ride motorcycles, and I am an underground boxer. And by the way, so is she. That's it. Oh, I'm single and looking. Shut the fuck up Ryan, Peggy told him.

The teacher said. Peggy, you may sit in the back next to Troy. Ryan, you can sit next to Mark. I watched as my mate walked over and sat next to me. She didn't say anything.

Hello, I said looking at her. Hi, I said then looked towards the front. Steve mine linked me and said. You just met your match Alpha Troy grinning. Shut up I said.

My mate smelled so good and my wolf is telling me we need to mark her. I pushed him to the back of my mind. I found out we were in the same classes as was her brother.

Mark was talking to Ryan and I mine linked him to ask about his Luna. Tell me about your sister Mark said. Ryan grinned and said. Peggy, she hates people. She really hates guys who think they are gods gift to woman and have girls hanging on them.