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The Billionaire‘s Secret Affair

The Billionaire‘s Secret Affair

Author:Shein Althea



Hot and Gorgeous billionaire Andrius Monterio set his goals in life. Power, money and fame. For him, girls are toys to play with in his bed. To satisfy his needs. But everything's change when his manang-like secretary came in the picture. Her beautiful neck, silky white skin and pointed nose doesn't leave his mind. A bad mouthed woman who seemed to hate his guts. Anya hated Andrius. Andrius lusted Anya. He is f****d up. And he wants to f**k his sexy-tary too.

"Ohh ... Fuck!"

He moved his head sideways. He couldn't just contain the pleasure his woman was giving him. His body even lifted with each stroke she did to his manhood.

The woman was kneeling and giving him a full—blown head job. Its mouth was so hot that it added even more to his craving for it. He grabbed the woman's head and led her in what she was doing.

"Ohh! Faster baby ... Faster!"

The woman looked up and smiled at him. Perhaps she also felt that he was about to cum, so he stood up and took off her clothes from her body one by one. Leaving his manhood huge and erect.

His body was burning with lust and desire. Looking at the woman stripping in front of him fueled his intense urge to claim her. When he could no longer bear it, he himself helped her to remove the remnants of its body. There was a hurry and obviously eager for each other.

They were both naked when they kissed each other hungrily and savagely. Their tongues swords with eagerness. And their hands touched and felt with each other. When he found the woman's breast, he played it. He massaged them and squeezed them. She has a perfectly rounded breast. Almost perfect for his hands. He smirked in between their kisses. He desperately wanted to suck it because it was tempting.

He left the woman's lips. He slid his tongue down to her neck and saw what he was looking for. He kissed her nipple one by one. Sucked it like a baby while massaging it gently.

"Ohh ... ahhh!"

He grinned because he knew the woman was also feeling hot. The woman's sensitive part was their breast. An advantage for him because he was an expert on giving pleasure only by their mounds.

While sucking and licking her breast, his hands were tracing every curve of her body. When she found its femininity, she first massaged it lightly. The woman instantly widened her legs as access to what was about to happen. In a standing position, he entered his finger inside her. His woman was already wet. He moved his finger in and out of her cunt faster and deeper.

"Ohh! Andrius ... ahhh ..!"

He smiled. He knew she would come out soon, that he moved his hands faster inside her.

"Ohhh! I'm cumming!" She did. He even felt her trembling at the same time as the juice flowed from his hand down to his thigh. He took the hand and looked at it. He stared at the woman before licking the juice from his finger in front of her. She bit her lip so hard to what he did while she was staring at him.

"I'm going to fuck you hard, baby." He picked up the woman and then kissed her on the lips. He took her to bed and laid it there. The woman was smiling and very ready for another round of excitement. No one could say no to a man like him. A monster in bed.

Andrius kissed the woman again, tracing her bare skin with his lips. He made sure he left marks on her belly while he parted her leg with his hand. And, without restraint he kissed, licked and sucked her womanhood.

"Ohh! My God!" she said as the pleasure gushed inside her. The woman crimped her toes when she felt another pang of release. Her body was restless and her hands were already tired and shaken. Andrius' expertise weakened all parts of her body in bed.

When she was about to release again, Andrius suddenly stopped thrusting and licking her clitoris. He changed their position, and she was now on top of him. Andrius smirked, seeing his woman flushed and very turned on.

"Ride with me, baby," he whispered.

His woman nodded and gladly obliged. She slowly slid her wet cunt on his huge and erect manhood. She was still moaning as she felt her manhood enter inside her.

They danced in a slow rhythm of lust and desire. Rough and hard. Andrius held her tiny waist and guided her up and down to his manhood while the woman was biting her lower lip. She repeated her fast move to his manhood that seemed to attract his attention. Sex is always been the best.

"Fuck! I'm cumming ..." the woman moaned in pleasure. She lost count on how many times Andrius made her cum. His ability to make a woman happy was shocking, and she was one of them.

Andrius abruptly changed their position while opening a foil of condom. He put it on his thing and he entered inside her, again. Rough and hard. Faster and deeper.

"Fuck! Come with me," he said while thrusting in and out. The woman smiled seductively and curled herself to him. Their every move met. It was as if they were hungry for each other.

Few more thrusts and their body convulsed. Andrius was panting so hard and sweats were all over his face. He pulled out the used condom and threw it in the bin, then he got up.

"Don't you want to cuddle me, Andrius?" the woman said while still lying on the bed.

Andrius took a quick glance to the woman and left her alone in bed. He took his clothes that scattered on the floor that they threw away earlier because of the excitement for each other.

"I don't cuddle, baby. I do fuck!" Andrius said while putting his clothes on.

The woman frowned to Andrius's remarks. She thought that she could have him. She forgot that Andrius was a monster in bed, but hated commitments. What did she expect? They were only FuBu for almost two years. No emotional attachment.

"Thanks for the wonderful time, Carina," Andrius said while walking towards the door.

"It's Carla, asshole!" her response was steady.

"Oh! My bad," Andrius looked at the woman and smirked. He was not interested in his woman's name, actually. For him, they were just toys in his bed. To release his libido.

He exited the condo and walked directly to the elevator. He then went straight to the lobby and distracted walking there.

Who doesn't know him? He was Andrius Monterio— a renowned billionaire at a young age. He was the CEO of the Monterio Chains of Hotels. Handsome, yet dangerous in the business world.

When he got to his car, Andrius took out his phone and called his receptionist. It also rang a few times before answering his call. He frowned at that.

"Is there anyone applying for the job?" he asked on the other line.

He heard a sigh before answering.

"Yes! And please, don't mingle work and pleasure this time. You already have some secretaries," his receptionist said as if scolding him.

He sighed. He was insatiable. Those who became his secretaries were also very fragile and gave up immediately. He fucked them senseless with no strings attached.

"Tsk, Fine!" he agreed before turning off the call.

Looked like he was going to have a hard time ahead.