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The Billionaire‘s Revenge

The Billionaire‘s Revenge




He was the CEO of Sullivan Corporation. He had some one in his mind he always wanted to marry—but no, not for love, but for revenge. He wanted revenge and he chose the daughter of the person to be the one paying for the things happened in the past. She didn’t know what was going when her life suddenly turned upside down. Is there anyway they could LOVE each other?

Unknown POV

The alarm rang.

A new day.

Huh, I have to get up again.

I got up and got ready. Took a bath, brushed my teeth, and did my daily chorus. Made breakfast for dad and brother and then packed my things.

Another college day.

I said my goodbyes to my family and left the house. I am on my way to college by bus.

My life has been really difficult since the day mom left us.

Every day is like a burden.

Even if everything is perfect, dad is not behaving normally.

He is hiding something from me.

And I know that.

But I don't know why he is even hiding anything? I mean even if he has a new girlfriend, it's not like I am gonna scare her away!

I understand it. It's been two years after all, if he wants someone, then it's fine!

But he goes out at night and comes home late in the morning.

But I am not really bothered about it. I just have to complete my studies and then I would become a scientist. That's all I care about. Only one year more. Then I would go somewhere far and live somewhere different.

My brother, Christopher, or Chris, is already a business man for all I care. He is all full—on ready to take over our dad's business and I can choose my path.

That's one of the few good things left in this life.

I reached the college. It is just the same as yesterday, but yeah, it is becoming more and more boring every day.

Even if I was the one who chose to become a scientist, this college is kind of boring and trust me, even the toppers hate this.

Anyways, I walked inside the college and sat on my seat, when the teacher entered the room.

"So, today is a special day!" She exclaimed.

What special day?

Is today Valentine's day?

"Today, the CEO of Sullivan Enterprises is going to pay us a visit!" she announced and the smile was evident on her face.

But why?

This is a science college. Why is he coming here? He should go to business colleges, I guess.

"I want all of you to behave in front of him. Do not create any scene. And specially girls, don't ruin your image" she said with a wink.

Huh, I sure know the girls of this college.

That CEO is gonna suffer coming here.

Just wait and see the way they are going to throw themselves on him.

I waited patiently for the time to flow and for the most anticipated guest to come.

On the exact time that he was expected, the teacher called us in the hall and told us he had arrived. We made our way to the hall and there he stood.

Handsome as hell.

he is just so... oh god. He's a masterpiece.

His perfect face and his beautiful attire.

Perfect billionaire.

I stood there in awe as I waited for him to speak something. He is so beautiful in person. I have always seen him on the TV. But he is different in person.

Everything about him screams perfection.

His aura is kind of dominant.

"Hey, college Tre!" he exclaimed. "you must be wondering why am I here. Actually, I am here to select a student with the most potential and knowledge to work for my company" he said.

Good thing that I am kind of good in studies. Maybe I get selected! If I get it, it would be so good! I would get to work with a billionaire!

"Checking all the files and the records, and keeping in consideration the personal opinions of the teachers, I have selected five students" he said. "Cassie, Erica, Henry, Sam and Kaitlyn"

Wohooooo Kaitlyn is selected!!

And you are right, my name is Kaitlyn.

"I want all of the five students I named, here"

I went there with nervousness plastered on my face. I faked a smile.

He looked at every student. Starting from Cassie, he looked at Erica, Henry, Sam and finally me. I'm not lying, but he looked at me for a longer time and then his face turned into a faint smirk.

"Your full name?" he asked me.

My heart beat raised to the top, and it was complemented by all the people who were staring at us with curious faces.

Why of all people, did he ask that to me?

"I—I am Kaitlyn Adams" I said.

He nodded like he understood something. "I'm so sorry for your mom and if I am not wrong, then your brother is in business?" he asked.

I was shocked.

Why does the CEO of such a big company know my family?

"Y—yes," I said.

"And his name is Christopher Adams," he said. I nodded and replied, "Yes"

He smiled.

"So, now you all are requested to call your families and ask them if they are ready to send you to my office for some tests today, and if they are ready to let you work in my company in case you get selected" he said. We all nodded happily.

Well, actually, they all nodded happily.

Who am I gonna call?

Anyways, I took my phone and called my brother. I can't tell my dad. I don't care about telling him anyways.

"Hey Kate. Is everything ok?" Chris asked as he picked up the call.

"Yeah Chris. I just... I just have to go to Sullivan Enterprises today, bec—"


"Y—yeah actually, the CEO came here himself to select some students for research in his company probably, so I am selected along with four others"


"So, I just wanted to inform you that I am going to his company"

"Is it safe?"

"Yeah it looks like, you know he's a famous businessman" I said.

He has a good knowledge of every businessmen and he sure knows Mr. Sullivan.

"Have you told dad?"

"No. it's your call," I said.

"I am not going to tell him. He is not going to allow you"

"Thank you, Chris"

"I don't do anything for you. You know that, right?" he asked.

"Yeah" I replied.

"Okay bye"

"Hey... please wish me good luck. There's no one to wish me..." I said.

"You know I don't believe in these good lucks and all, so hang up!" he said.

"Okay..." I said and as I was about to cut the call, he spoke.

"Wait!" he said.


"Good luck" I smiled at him.

"Thank you, bye!"


I know my brother. He acts cold with me every day. But the main thing is that he ACTS. I know deep inside, he cares. He is like this. I also show that I don't care about him, but I do too. And I am so happy that I am gonna get a chance to at least show my talent and work at such a big company. It is a dream job. I would be so happy if I get selected. But something is suspicious.

How did he know my brother?

How did he know my mother?

How did he know me?

And most of all, why did he smirk at me?

It's not like he has any intentions, because I am not at all the 'hot girl' types. I am just a simple COOL girl. But still. I felt something terribly different.

He knew me. That's why he asked my full name.

But I have never met him.

And my brother would have told me if there was something.

Anyways, I have to get this.

This can build the future I always wanted.

This is my chance.

And I have to win this.