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Unforeseen Marriage

Unforeseen Marriage

Author:Author Feathers


General Romance

Ashley John had just divorced his sixth wife yet he's only thirty-two-years old. He was determined to have Alma Andrew as his next wife. Alma Andrew determined strongly never to marry Ashley John despite the fact that Ashley John was the CEO of the biggest business empire in the country. He was also fearlessly handsome. Alma Andrew did not have a dream of marrying a man that will later divorce her, she knew Ashley John only marries women and dumps them. Two months after Ashley John had made his intentions known to Alma Andrew, she went to the hospital because she wasn't feeling too good, surprisingly to her, the doctor told her she was two months pregnant. While trying to make a meaning of the doctor's word, Ashley John walked in glamorously and said "We can now get married, your pregnancy is mine."

  Alma Andrew's POV:

  I couldn't believe my ears, the doctor had just told me that I'm two months pregnant, how is that possible? I'm still a virgin and haven't had sex with anyone in the past.

  The atmosphere around me became cold and I felt extremely horrible, I should think that the doctor perhaps made a mistake but the symptoms I have been having lately were indeed that of pregnancy.

  The door to the doctor's office opened but I didn't bother to take a look at who was about to enter the office. I was so carried away in my thoughts.

  "Oh! Mr Ashley John! What an honour to meet with you again. I remembered vividly that the last time we met was three years ago." The doctor said with a cheerful smile.

  I suspended my thoughts and wondered if the Ashley John he made mentioned was the same Ashley John that came to request for my hand in marriage two months ago.

  I directed my face towards the man and indeed, he was Ashley John. His face holds a brilliant expression, there was a gentle smile on his lips, his stature was adoring and his handsomeness was remarkable.

  It was the reason why he gets married to women and pays them off to divorce them whenever he's tired of them.

  He brought his gaze on me but I quickly took my face away from his, he couldn't have come here for me. I had made it known to him two months ago when he made his intentions of wanting to marry me known to me that I was not interested in marrying him.

  "Alma." He called my name gently.

  I felt goosebumps all over me after he made mention of my name, I felt like walking out of the ward, I do not want to have anything to do with this man.

  I stood and said to him, "Ashley, Nice to meet you again." I carried my hand bag that I had placed on the doctor's table in readiness to leave.

  "We can now get married, your pregnancy is mine." He said.

  I felt like I had heard the wrong words or he perhaps was speaking to someone else, I gazed around to see if any other female was present in the office but I was the only one present.

  "I believe you are not referring to me?" I asked.

  Instead of replying me, he faced the doctor and said; "Excuse us, doctor."

  "You want me to leave my office? I will be attending to other patients shortly." The doctor disputed.

  "So rude!" Ashley John said and brought out his phone, he took few steps outside and came back a minute later.

  He stood still, sauntering elegantly and starting around the office with his hand in his pocket.

  The cell phone before the doctor rang and he answered; "Oh! I'm so sorry, sir." He quickly rushed out of the office.

  I was stunned, not having a clear understanding of all that was going on.

  "It's a beautiful thing that the doctor left us, I'd instructed the owner of this hospital to get him fired." He smirked and sat on the doctor's desk.

  "What! why did you get him fired? he hasn't done anything wrong." I let out in surprise.

  "Of course he has. He should have left the office when I told him to, theat aside. Alma Andrew, do you need a prove to beleive that the pregnancy in you is for me?" He questioned.

  I could not utter a word for the next two minutes, I was utterly confused.

  "I'd only met you personally once, and on that day, you made your intentions known to me about wanting to marry me, to which I bluntly declined. I can't remember meeting you after that, you must be confused." I said.

  He stood and grinned dryly. He took few steps away from me and went to a calender that was hung on the wall of the office.

  He traced some words on the calender with his fingers and turned back to me, "I always get what I want. I don't care what the person thinks. Once I want it, I get it."

  "I may be pregnant but definitely not for you." I said sternly.

  He put a call across to someone and only said; "Come in."

  I waited patiently for the next occurence that was about to happen, a man walked in and placed a laptop before me. He then walked away.

  I became very disturbed, I had no idea why the laptop was placed before me.

  Ashley John walked towards the laptop. He bent and began to operate it. "Watch keenly."

  I pressed my eye on the laptop and saw a video on the screen, it had not been played, yet.

  "Kindly press the space bar, it's the play button." He stood upright and said.

  "Why? what's in the video? why should I be the one to play it?" I questioned?

  "Alma Andrew, can you press the space bar? it doesn't hurt at all." He said and the smile on his face widened.

  Nothing was funny, yet he keeps smiling. I felt like he was up to something.

  I pressed the space bar on the keyboard and the video began to display, to my greatest terror, it was the video of Ashley John and I having sex.