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Rebirth Miss Evil

Rebirth Miss Evil




  In her previous life, she had been gentle and virtuous, a concubine who was pregnant, but was killed by her husband and her little sister, the concubine. Once she died in vain and returned to her unmarried life, she had a chance to reverse everything. In this life, she wants to protect her family, not just our kind. Did Little Sister Shu covet her Golden Age Marriage Contract? Fine, let's go. Isn't he just a scum? We gave him away for free. Her personal maid had ulterior motives? Fine, I'll beat you up. Even if you don't beat me to death, it's still a lenient punishment. Father gave birth to a concubine. Fine, I will kill you so that you will feel what it feels like to watch your most beloved die. He was the only one who would say to her after she had killed to the point where her eyes were bloodshot, "Is killing enough?" If you don't have enough words, I will accompany you in continuing to kill. In this world, as long as you don't like it, you can do whatever you want. Everyone said that she was arrogant and ruthless, but only she knew that she had been spoiled by him. He was willing to pamper her, and she was willing to let him pamper her.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a light pink cinnabar curtain, and inside the house was his most beloved incense.

However, Yun Liu Ya's heart was beating erratically, the fear of death and the hatred of being framed and betrayed grabbing onto her throat like an invisible hand.

If not for the bone—deep pain, she would have thought she had just experienced a terrifying nightmare.

She stretched out her hand thoughtfully, until she saw her own young and dainty hands. It was as if her heart was struck by raging waves, and even her shoulders couldn't help but tremble.

She, was actually reborn! She had returned to when she was fourteen!

How could she be grateful to the heavens for letting her have such an opportunity?!

Suddenly, the voices of two maids whispering outside the door sounded out. One of them was someone she would probably never forget for the rest of her life! Just an hour ago, she had already experienced an enormous change in her life, and this change was indeed related to her — her personal servant, Lan Xiu.

Lan Xiu was the one who rescued her from the abyss of poverty and brought her into her own home.

Although she was not extremely good to Lan Xiu, she at least respected him a lot. When she had just come in, Yun Liu Ya had never even let her do menial chores.

Yun Liu Ya rolled over and immediately sat up and walked towards the door. However, every step she took was extremely light and steady, allowing herself to relive that bone—piercing hatred once again. The roiling waves of memories swept over as Yun Liu Ya seemed to once again recall the dream she had just had.

On that day, the weather was a little too good.

The weather in the Imperial City had always been strange, especially during the rainy days of March and April. Yun Liu Ya stayed in her room as usual. Ever since she married into the Mansion, she often sat alone in her courtyard.

Actually, she did not need to live such a life, it was just that, since her little sister, Yun Fei Yu, had also married into the Mansion and become a side wangfei, it was natural for her to endure for a while.

In terms of status, she was the legal wife, in terms of kinship, and in addition to that, she was the legitimate older sister. In that case, as the older sister, she should give her younger sister a bit more.

She had always thought that it was just that Yun Fei Yu wasn't sensible and had been spoiled by her father since she was young. Thus, when she faced Yun Fei Yu, she always took a step back.

As for Wing Wang, he was her husband, so it was only natural that she had to help him. If he couldn't help him, then she would just have to fulfill his responsibilities as a wangfei.

Yun Liu Ya had always been such an open—minded person. Even if it was the Wing Wang's secret plan to forge weapons and force her into a palace, she had only done her best to present a few blueprints for her husband.

Yun Liu Ya had the nagging feeling that this kind of life had exhausted most of her life. However, she didn't care in the slightest. She had always thought that his husband, Wing Wang, would miss her. Even though he was currently residing in Yun Fei Yu's courtyard, he would always come to her place to scurry favor.

Yun Liu Ya could not help but touch her lower abdomen, and stood up from the chair.

According to the doctor, if you are pregnant, it would be better if you could go for a walk and not stay in the house often. Then, even if it was for the sake of her own child, she should still take a walk in this perfect weather.

was still a little unfamiliar with the Mansion. After walking into the flower garden, she quickly lost her way and rested by the fake mountain.

Yun Liu Ya definitely did not hear wrongly. It was her husband and her little sister Shu, but what she did not understand was, Yun Fei Yu was after all a side wangfei, if they had something on their minds, why did they purposely avoid the crowd and chat here?

"This King feels... I'm afraid it should be brought forward. " Wing Wang's voice was incredibly deep and his brows were locked deeply from start to finish. The fake mountain blocked all the light behind him, and he was directly facing the Yun Fei Yu in front of him.

"Why would Prince make such a decision? Didn't we agree to stay put for the time being and act accordingly? Prince, what we have to do is a big matter, we can't be so hasty and reckless. " Yun Fei Yu's voice was as charming as ever. Only, at such a time, it had been slightly restrained, but it was still just a little.

Wing Wang took a deep breath, and his tone sounded somewhat agitated. "You think this king doesn't want to? However, today, this duke has discovered that the Emperor is somewhat wary of this duke. Previously, he sent someone to investigate and found out that the Phoenix King already has evidence of this duke secretly buying weapons from him. The reason why they haven't acted yet is probably because the evidence isn't enough.

Wing Wang had always been impatient. With things having gotten to this point, he felt that he no longer had any way out. If not, he would force his way through the palace, or sit in his own Mansion and wait for death. If they found any witnesses, he would bring his own Mansion and be buried with them!

"So there was actually such a thing." Yun Fei Yu frowned, then suddenly burst out laughing, "Prince, we can find a scapegoat to take the blame."

"Where can I find a scapegoat?" Wing Wang interrupted him somewhat impatiently, "Who is willing to stand up and do something like this!"

"Aiyah, Prince, think about it, since they want to find a witness, then who would be the best witness for this matter? "We can do it first, when the time comes …"

Yun Fei Yu suddenly stopped here and her eyes were filled with light. She believed that since her words had reached such a stage, if Wing Wang still didn't understand, she could just wait for death to come.

Fortunately, Wing Wang immediately reacted.

However, how could Yun Liu Ya, who had already heard all of this, not understand what they were saying!

The Yun Family was a huge family that forged weapons in the first place. Wasn't the perfect witness, that Yun Fei Yu mentioned, referring to Yun Liu Ya in secret?

Buying weapons without permission was no small matter! If Yun Liu Ya had not married into the Wing Wang, how could the Yun Family sell his weapons to him so easily?

But, since she had already married into the Wing Wang, how could she possibly reveal the matter of him forging weapons and supporting the Wing Wang? All that they had said was just to find someone to take the blame...


Yun Liu Ya unknowingly stood up, "Prince …."

Her voice was as indifferent as ever, but there was a tinge of sadness in her eyes.

"Ya Er, why are you here? "You're not in a good condition, you should stay in the house as much as possible. If you come out with wind, you'll easily get chills."

Wing Wang's expression tensed up slightly. He looked a little nervous, as he had never said this much to Yun Liu Ya before.

Yun Liu Ya looked at Wing Wang, in front of him was her husband of five years. Since she had married into Mansion, she should continue to believe in him, as always.

Everything she had heard before, was Yun Fei Yu's idea, Wing Wang had never agreed to it. Then, as long as she said that she was pregnant, her husband would not be so heartless!

"Darling …" I came here because I had something I wanted to say to my husband. "