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Love Like Heaven

Love Like Heaven

Author:Raya raj


General Romance

I'm writing a sequel for From Hell to Heaven. It's called LOVE LIKE HEAVEN! Standalone book Prologue "You're are right Divya. I'm a playboy," Daksh said and stood up in front of me. "Now I will show you what Playboy can do," Daksh said and pulled my waist and grabbed my face with his other hand to move our body closer to him. My breast crushed to his hard chest. I tried to pull my body away from his grip. But he held me strongly against him. I'm afraid because I had never seen him this much angry. " me Dak - he didn't let me to finish my sentence, because he forcefully pressed his hard lips on my lips. He was angry and rough. He is punishing me with his harsh kiss. I tried to push him back, but he stood on his ground. Then, he pushed me back down on the bed, pinning my hands above my head with his one hand and squeezed my breast painfully. I whimper because of his painfully torture. I felt his hand on my back trying to unstrap my bra. Tears flowing under my eyes. I never thought he would misbehave with me. I loved him, but that doesn't mean any woman can allow this forced. I try to push him away, but he didn't budge. So I bit his tongue hard. He immediately loosens his gripped on my wrist. Smack Yes, I slapped him hard across his face. Guilt washed over his face. I know I made a mistake by accusing him. But he doesn't have any rights to touch me or misbehaved with me. "I hate you Jerk" I said venomously. I stood up and ran away covering my mouth and tears flowing under my eyes as I ran far from him. Let's see their journey of how Daksh and Divya fall for each other. They are opposite to each other, but attracted by each other like magnets.

  Daksh POV


  I was sleeping peacefully in my comfy bed, dreaming about sexy girls until it was disturbed by a phone call. It was ringing on its high pitch wanting me to wake up.

  I let it ring, thinking it would stop eventually but again it rang after two minutes. I pulled myself out of the covers and put my phone in my ear, annoyed.

  " Hello..." I said in a sleepy voice.

  "Daksh baby, it's mom. I was wondering what my baby boy has been doing? When are you planning to visit us? We all miss you terribly" mom told sniffing.

  "Mom for god's sake, I'm not baby boy! Stop calling me that" I snapped at her. Mom gasped.

  "Akash! See my baby boy is asking me to not call him baby boy anymore!" I heard mom complaining to dad.

  Oh god! I'm dead!

  "You young man! How dare you to hurt my angel?" Dad asked angrily.

  "Dad, I didn't mean it. Its just that I don't like it when mom calls me baby boy. I'm man dad. Its very embarrassing" I told dad softly.

  "If my angel wants, she can call you with any names. Understood?" Dad asked sternly.

  "Yes dad" I rolled my eyes.

  "Are you ready for the meeting?" Dad asked me.

  "Dad, what meeting are you talking about?" I asked him confusingly.

  "Oh god! Please don't tell me you forgot about it" Dad asked disbelief.

  "About what dad?" I said sleepily, rolling on my bed.

  "Your kidding me? Today is your first day of work in our company as a CEO and you have an important meeting to attend. Remember Mr. Daksh Mehra?"Dad added in sarcasm.

  "Ah! The meeting. ..." I was still half awake. Then it just hit me. Did he say 'the meeting'. I realised what was Dad talking about.

  "F**k! F**k!" I cursed myself.

  "Language my son!" Dad warned me.

  "Sorry Dad. Yes, I remember very well about meeting. I will meet you at office. Bye dad" I ended the call without letting dad lecture me more. I sighed.

  When I completed my master degree, I told My mom and dad that I want to move out of this house as I want some privacy. After lot of fights and arguments, they finally agreed. So I shifted to this house 2 years ago.

  I want to enjoy my life and you know what I mean. But, I can't say this to my dad of course. So I simply told them that I want privacy.

  But last weak dad ordered me to take over his company because I'm matured enough to run. But I want to enjoy my life. But my mom blackmailed me saying that if I don't take over the company, they will get me married some other girl.

  Come on! I'm just 25 years old and who will get married at this age? I do change women like worn out clothes every once in a while but I can't help it. I don't think I will ever a get a girl who will love me and not my wealth.

  I know dad is already at the right age to retire and that's why they have been bugging me to run the family business. I guess it's time to finally take up my responsibility as their son. So I agreed to take over the Company as CEO.

  Okay, now time to go to office. I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

  I did my morning usuals, taking a good shower and brushed my teeth. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I walked out of the bathroom and walked in my closet.

  I wore my black business suit and shoes. I styled my hair and wore my Rolex wrist watch.

  It was already 8 in the morning. I walked out of the room and closed the door behind me.

  I went downstairs. Geetha Aunty was arranging the table for my breakfast. I ate my breakfast.

  Geetha Aunty is my house maid. She takes care of everything in the house.

  After my breakfast, I left the home. I went to BMW and asked my driver to take me to my office. I worked in my laptop,on the way, arranging the points to be discussed in the meeting. I prepared the documents perfectly.

  I reached on time. I took the elevator and reached the conference room. I saw my dad there talking with the other board members. I went to my dad and sat down beside him.

  The meeting began and dad announced me as the new CEO. Everyone clapped and applauded me, giving me a warm welcome.

  I started giving my speech.

  "I would like to introduce myself as the new CEO of ASA FASHIONS. My name is Daksh Mehra. I am thrilled to be here and I'm excited about many of the things. We'll be working on together as a team in the near future. We have seen great success since the beginning and we are hungry to do more. I hope you all will give your full support and hard work. Thank you all and have a great morning!" I said with a small smile and everyone applauded again.

  It's a huge responsibility and work. I know.

  I am The New CEO! Daksh Mehra!

  Dad explained me all the work and the project we are working on. I'm proud to be the CEO of one of the finest managing and efficient company of India. Dad introduced my PA Rahul Shah. He is 25 years old and a well efficient worker. Dad made me sat on the CEO chair. My office, my new life. I started it with a new enthusiasm and smile. I roamed my eyes around my cabin and it's quite big.


  " I hope you will run our business successfully" Dad Said.

  "I will dad" I told him confidently.

  "Well, that's good. You should come and visit your mom sometimes. She worries a lot about you. We are all alone in our house. Your sister is also studying in london. Your mom is truly alone since I also have office works to attend. So at least try to visit her once in a while" dad told disappointingly.

  I felt bad. Guilt started to nag me for leaving my parents all alone.

  "Dad, I'll come after I wrap up all the meetings for today. and I will see you both in evening." He smiled and left the office.

  I started working. After sometime, suddenly someone knocked at the glass door.

  "Come in" I said.

  "Sir, I bought these files for the new model assignment" Rahul told, coming in.

  "Oh ok." I took a look at the modelling girls pictures. All are looking s*xy and f***ing type, but I didn't find them perfect. I want a homely but at the same time, a hot looking girl for my upcoming project fashion clothing photo shoot. So I reject all the girls.

  "Rahul, I'm not satisfied with any of these girls. So reject them all and I want you to find a new fresh modeling girl within tomorrow" I told him sternly and he left my cabin.

  I resumed my work. I attended two meetings and three conferences. I didn't have the time to eat my lunch too. How does dad and grand dad manage all this? I sighed.

  Finally all my work is done for the day. I looked at the watch and it's 6:00 pm already. I am hell tired. It's time to meet my mom.


  How is it?