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Meet You in The Most Beautiful Years

Meet You in The Most Beautiful Years



Betrayed and abandoned by her husband, Du Ruo had to learn to be stronger and more independent. She did two jobs at the same time to pay for the bills of her sicked brother. In the daytime, she was the best sales in a Pharmacy company. At night, she worked in a bar and was mistaken as a harlot by a mysterious man. She didn't expect that hot man would be Du Anming, her new CEO! He wanted to fire her because he couldn't have a harlot as his employee! At the same time, he was impressed by her beauty and was in desire of her body...

It was known to everyone that Du Ruo was a stunning woman with an insecure and uncontrollable soul.

Such a woman was destined hard to get true love!


Du Ruo opened the door, and the scene in front of her was torrid.

High heels, stockings and tie were scattered all over the floor, like a very fierce battlefield.

Groan came from the bedroom, "Hao, oh... yes..."

Du Ruo couldn't help but raise her eyebrows. She licked her upper lip and said with a bright smile, "Wow, I didn't expect that Jiang Hao would be so amazing on the bed."

Then she put the suitcase at the door, pushed open the unlocked door and walked in...

On the bed, a woman and a man were having sex. Hearing the footsteps, they raised their heads and panicked all of a sudden.

Xu Xiaoya pushed away Jiang Hao and covered herself with the quilt in panic. Jiang Hao rolled down the bed and fell on the floor.

Both of them were still in shock, and their faces were still red.

This was the most dramatic, and exciting scene Du Ruo had ever seen in her 25-year life. 

According to her personality, she would definitely burst out laughing.

Only if she was not Jiang Hao's wife.

Tragic, she was.

Seeing her husband cheating on her with her own eyes, she had to put on a show.

Jiang Hao composed himself and roared at Du Ruo, "Why didn't you knock on the door before coming in?"

Du Ruo was not angry. She walked to the bed calmly and replied in a delicate voice, "Dear, this is my own house. Do I have to knock on the door before I enter my own bedroom?"

"You..." Jiang Hao's face was drained of all colour and animation. He couldn't say anything to defend himself, so he could only shrink his body and climb onto the bed, looking at Du Ruo with anger and hostility.

Du Ruo snorted coldly, opened the drawer, and took out a document.

Seeing her fake smile, Jiang Hao and Xu Xiaoya didn't know what she was going to do. They could only stare at her without saying a word.

Du Ruo suddenly bent down, approached Jiang Hao's face and said with a beautiful smile, "Mr. Jiang, you not only have to flatter her father during the daytime, but also have to please her at night. You're such an ambitious man!"

When Jiang Hao saw Du Ruo broke in, he felt a little guilty. After all, she had caught him in bed.

But at this time, he felt a tightness in the chest as he looked at her sarcastic face.

Du Ruo might be the only woman in the world who could be so calm when she found that her husband had cheated on her. 

Jiang Hao felt uncomfortable in heart. With arrogance and his stupid male chauvinism, he waved his hand to drive Du Ruo out.

"F*ck off..."

"Alright, I just came back to get a document. That's why I'm going to f*ck off right now. You can go on..." Du Ruo walked out with a coquettish smile.

When she reached the door, she suddenly turned around and added teasingly, "Don't even bother to cover her body. It's just B cup. Too tiny that I almost overlooked it! I didn't know your taste changed so fast!"

Xu Xiaoya didn't react for a moment. When she came to sense, she went berserk! 

"Du Ruo, get the hell out of here right now! OUT!"

Jiang Hao grabbed the alarm clock beside him and threw it towards her.

Du Ruo jumped back nimbly and then ran out.

She left in a hurry, and her dismissive laughter could be heard, "Mr. Jiang, enjoy yourself. I'll close the door for you..."

"Get out..."

Jiang Hao smashed another heavy thing at Du Ruo. It hit the door and then fell to the ground.

After the door was slammed shut, the apartment became quiet again.

This was the third time that Du Ruo had seen her husband stay with this woman in this month.

Last time, they were not so bold. They just had a meal together and walked hand in hand.

But this time, she caught them on the bed.

When Du Ruo saw them in the past, she would question Jiang Hao and then cry alone.

However, this time, she only had a dull pain in heart, and she didn't want to cry at all.

Du Ruo and Jiang Hao had married for two years. They once lived a sweet life, but as time went by, their passion faded.

They were no longer deep in love, and they quarreled more and more often.

She once thought that they would divorce.

However, she didn't expect that Jiang Hao would have an affair.

Xu Xiaoya was the daughter of the director of Merchants Group. It was obvious why Jiang Hao climbed onto her bed.

In fact, she could understand. These years, she had been working as a medical saleswoman, and she had seen too many dirty deals.

However, when such a thing really happened to her, it was still difficult to accept.

Love? Marriage? Vows? All sh*tty things!

She didn't want to go back to that house; it disgusted her. When Du Ruo was wandering alone on the street with her suitcase, her best friend Zheng Xiaoran called her.