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Children's Book

When you where born as a one girl, in a group of 3 boys life is not that easy especially when you are the first born in that group.... I'm a girl who was born with 3boys my life haven't been easy not even one day the thought of how on earth was I being born only God, knows the answers of my daily question.

Life is full of surprises, growing up made everybody realize that life is not easy as we thought when we were young..."People changed things change we turn to see world with another eye".

Still can't believe that in three years ago I was 16 and dreaming of my future life how I want to be and have plans on how I will succeed that, but today it looks like I was really dreaming a sweet dream because when I wake up today things aren't the same as I really dreamed of...

You know it more surprising now when I looked back because now I really feel I live where everyone lives 'if you know what I mean_When adults was saying life is not easy back there I just think that they always complaining and not being greatful to what they already have, but today I realized what they were actually meaning when they that... Being a person who looks like arrogant or heartless to other people just because of how life has been to me, 'I think it been treating me so unfair.'

Simple enough to wake up everyday and do nothing as a day goes by till the end of it, that really causes a depression to others while it doesn't makes sense to others...Knowing exactly that you would never be what you always dreamed of to be it seriously running that little faith people have on them selves. Likely for now I look at myself as the lucky one now, You want to know why? 'Smiling' Because I think I have already gotten the chance to express how I feel and how I looked at the world by not talking with anyone but writing as you know that being an Author was my my dream ever since I was young. Expressing my feelings and thoughts by writing it feels better than to tell someone how you feel so writing was always a dream that I had, even though I can do other things or have other things that I like but writing was the best...

'A lonely person like me what else could she do besides reading Novels or Stories the whole day not even a second of that bored her because she is doing what she likes whole hearted.' Being Author is will always be my dream even if it comes to me after 20 years later I will still grab that opportunity to write a book for the whole world, get a chance to express my thoughts to the nation.

What I'm always happy about is that inside me reading and writing will never fade away from me because it my calling or can I say career.