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A Deal Named Love

A Deal Named Love



After being betrayed by her boyfriend, Alexia planned to get revenge by marrying her bromeo, but because of a mistake, she married her bromeo's uncle, a billionaire! Daxton. Rumor said that Daxton, was a cold-blooded guy who's not interested in women. Okay, then she must just a fake wife for him, but! He asked her to sleep with him every night! What happened to that rumor!? She definitely would become his toy girl, but all she got was his endless pampering and his tenderness. Maybe he's not that much cold-blooded. She thought. Out of curiosity, she began to get to know him and ended in falling in love with him. She believed that as long as they loved each other, they could turn this wrong marriage into the right one. But! What she didn't know was that his family would stop their love, at any cost...

At Z City.

The roof was about to explode off of this rowdy bar.

Under the stimulation of alcohol and music, men and women freely indulged in endless decadence and revelry.

Alexia Lester by the bar counter was absolutely hammered, but her loud shouting was drowned out by the continuous noise.

"Watch me down this! F*ck childhood sweethearts! F*ck fiancées! B*tches and sc*mbags can all go to hell!" Alexia picked up her glass and downed the entire shot.

Fernando Gilbert, who was next to her, put an arm on her shoulder. "Don't even worry! Alexia, we're married now, I'm your bro and I've got your back from now on, oh, I mean, your HUSBAND has your back from now on! I promise I'll f*ck up that dirty couple for you!"

Alexia burst out laughing, then suddenly began slapping Fernando's face around. "Charles, oh Charles, did you forget how you promised to marry me when I was eight? Did you know that liars' pants will catch on fire?!"

Fernando grabbed Alexia's hand and jerked it. "Are you seeing straight? I'm not your Charles, I'm Fernando! I'm your husband now! We just got our license, have you forgotten already?"

Alexia rubbed her eyes. "Huh? Oh, it's my little Fern."

"You have to stop calling me Fern, call me your hubby, got it? Tomorrow's the day! Tomorrow I'll take you to that filthy couple and slap our marriage license on their faces!"

"Great!" Alexia slammed the table.

Fernando wanted to say something else, but his cellphone began urgently ringing in his pocket, and then he saw the name on the screen: My Big Bad Uncle.

"Wait a minute, I need to take this call." Fernando held his cellphone with a trembling hand, and it took him several pokes at the screen to finally answer the call. "Hello? Uncle? Oh uncle, I've got good news for you, I'm married!"

"Are you drinking, Fernando?" A deep male voice came from the other end of the phone. "I don't have time for your shenanigans right now, did you take my ID? Return it to me right now!"

"What ID?" Fernando replied in a daze.

"How much did you drink?! Where are you?"

"Where am I?" Fernando's mind went blank. The bartender was worried that these two wasted idiots would start causing trouble, so he hurriedly responded for them instead, "Sir, this is the Delirium Bar."

Fernando giggled. "Did you hear that? The Delirium Bar!"

After hanging up the call, Fernando threw his phone onto the counter and continued drinking with Alexia.

Twenty minutes later, several black Rolls-Royce vehicles were parked in front of the entrance of Delirium Bar. The attendants at the entrance hurriedly came over to open the car door, and a tall figure got out of the car.

Daxton Leonard, the current president of the Eastdol Group, and no doubt the future heir of the organization as well. The country was inarguably dominated by the Eastdol Group, and Daxton himself was a regular in every global wealth ranking, and was known as the richest man in the world!

This man was omnipotent in many people's eyes.

The grey trench coat he was wearing accentuated his tall and slender body, and his handsome face was absolutely flawless, causing people to turn their heads and stop in their tracks just to watch him. His bottomless dark eyes bewitched souls, unforgettable even with just one glance.

Daxton's regal presence immediately drew the attention of everyone inside the bar as soon as he entered. All the women could feel their hormones going wild, but his cold and intimidating aura forced them to restrain themselves and keep their distance.

One of the bodyguards was first to discover Fernando by the bar counter. "Master, the young master is over there."

Daxton walked towards the counter and found that Fernando was lying motionless on the table, and saw a girl beside him downing shots with her back to him. He frowned and gave the bodyguard a look.

Two bodyguards immediately went forward to lift Fernando up. Fernando was too plastered to even know what was going on as the bodyguards carried him away.

When Alexia realized that Fernando was missing, she immediately started looking around to find him. When she turned around, she saw Daxton in his trench coat.

Her slightly narrowed eyes instantly widened. What a man!

He had sharp, dashing eyebrows and enchanting eyes that looked like dark and bottomless vortexes that could suck her inside. His facial features were like the magnum opus of a master sculpter, they were flawlessly beautiful.

"Hey! You! Stop right there!" Alexia stumbled down from the bar stool with a wine glass in her hand.

Daxton looked at Alexia, and his indifferent eyes instantly came into focus on the girl who was staggering towards him.

Her face fell into his line of sight.

Something moved beneath his dark eyes.

He stood still as he watched the girl walk towards him.

Alexia suddenly faltered and fell onto his body.

"Wow, Mr. handsome, I grant you the honor to spend a night with me, how about it?" Alexia playfully patted Daxton's face with one hand as she spoke.