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Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?




Ava is sweet adventurous young girl.She straight forward talks her mind out and doesn't like violence.Jake is the exact opposite of her,he is mean,cruel and always gets what he wants.He has a dark secret that no one knows of.What happens when he takes a liking to to find out


"Hey mom" Ava said I'm going to my interview wish me luck "Good luck sweetie I know you'll get this job.

"Bye mom"

Ava left what she didn't know was the interview she was going to was going to change her enter life.

When Ava got there at her interview she met a rude cruel man.He bumped into her but just left without apologizing Ava was mad that this guy had no manners she walking up to him and said

"Watch where u going the least u could've have done was apologize"she said

"No one tells me what to do so move out of my way young lady" he said

Ava was shocked at his way of talking but what shocked her most was that this man was handsome yet rude she felt her heart faster than before she couldn't understand this feeling.

"Arghhh" she hissed.

She moved out of the man's way and went to here interview.

She got inside her interviewer's office and sat down.

"You 3 minutes late miss wilder"

"I'm sorry sir I..I"

He cut her short

"It doesn't matter now I hope you know what you are signing up for Miss wilder"

"Yes sir"

"So as the marriage contract reads you are to act as a dotted wife towards your husband infront of the camera and love him wholeheartedly"Understood ?

"Yes sir but if I may ask? Who is this man m going to marry for a year"

Mr Jake Hunter the famous business man tycoon

She gasps

"Oh...oky sir"

"So you are going to read this contract and sign it then by tomorrow you must come at 3pm sharp to meet the young Master understood"

"Yes Mr smith"

She reads the contract and signs it.When Ava leaves Mr Smith informs young master that she has signed the contract and the young Master smiles.What Ava doesn't is that the same arrogant rude handsome man she met was going to be her pretend husband and that he was smitten by her ever since he saw her CV.When Ava gets home she tells her mothet everything and tells her that now they will have enough money to pay for her sister's cancer treatment.Her mom was sad that her daughter was going to marry a stranger just for her sister but thought to herself and said

"It's all for the best,soon she will divorce him and find true love"

While Ava and her mom and sister were enjoying their dinner,young Master was already preparing for her arrival at his mansion and he hid his secret room.The next day Ava got ready to go to the meeting and bid her mom and sister goodbye.She called a taxi and left.When she got there she was 10 minutes early so she got herself a cappuccino and waited a few minutes later Mr Hunter secretary came up to her and said that Mr Hunter is waiting for you follow me.

Knock knock

"Come in"said Mr Hunter"

When Ava went in she was shocked she saw that her soon to be husband was the rude arrogant handsome man she bumped into yesterday and didn't apologize


When Mr Hunter turned around he saw the most beautiful girl in the world but also saw that she was mad.

"What about me Miss Wilder"?

"You are that rude man who bumped into me and never apologized"She said

He smirked

"Ohh is it,I don't know maybe you mistaken me for someone else"

"No it was yo-""

He cut her short

"Shall we get down to business Miss Wilder or should I say Mrs Hunter"

He teased

She was about to retort back but then remembered as to why she was marrying this man.


"So I hope that you agree with all the terms and conditions of this contract"He said


"Oky good so I want you to move in by next week I might be your husband outside this office and to the world but I'm not your husband or friend inside the house are we clear"

His tone went cold and everyone was quiet you could literally hear the crickets in the daylight.Although Mr Hunter thought that he frightened her,he was taken aback by what she said next.

"Of course dear husband oops I totally forgot we just faking it right and also I don't desire to even be your friend and one more thing husband don't be too egotistic you might grow white hair while you still 30 years old"she said


He was enraged no one has ever taked with that tone to him ever.

"Look Miss W-"

She corrected him and said

"Its Mrs Hunter aren't we married already

And also are we done here I got some packing to do"

The secretary gasped she was shocked at how Ava spoke to her Boss.Jake was perplexed he was speechless all he could say or mutter was...

"Yes we are done"

Ava got up and asked for the address Jake told her that one of his chauffeur would pick her up after that she left without even saying goodbye Jake dismissed Rose his secretary and went on working,he was still trying to process what had just happened and couldn't concentrate on his work that day he left early and went home.

When Ava got home she told her little family everything her little sister was happy that Ava could stand up for herself.Ever since that day Jake and Ava couldn't stop thinking about each other and wondering to themselves

"Why I'm I feeling this way?"


The days went by in a blur and it was already moving day Jake and Ava got married at the court,the witnesses were Ava's mom and Jake's parents.After that they went their separate ways.As it was moving day Ava was emotional she didn't want to leave her sister and mother alone but she knew it was all for the best.When Ava bid emotional goodbyes to her family she cried all the way to the mansion her new home for a year.She wiped her tears and got out of the car and went inside the house was massive but the design was elegant and classy its was magnificent.she was showed to her new room by the servants and was astonished her room was the size of her old kitchen and room combined.She settled in and got ready for dinner when she went down she saw dat she was all alone she sat down and ate a peaceful yet sad dinner all alone when she went to bed she couldn't sleep and so decided to give herself a tour of the house,she saw everything the kitchen,pool,extra bedrooms and Jake's bedroom she wanted to check the room but was scared then decided to check other rooms she saw the light on at the end of the hallway she decided to go take a peek and see what's inside when she got inside it wasn't what she expected she was shocked yet intrigued she wanted to explore more but when she was about to explore she was stopped by HIS voice


He shouted.she was scared she didn't know what to do.

"I...I..was...I just wanted to switch off the light."

She said while stuttering.

"Well I still see it on"

He stepped closer and closer"

While Ava was backing away

"I...I was"

"You should be punished for this you know"

"But...I didn' anything..wrong"

She stuttered.

"Ohh really please read the sign on the door"

When Ava saw this room she didn't bother to read the sign she thought that it was pointless to read it.


He commended

"It says...that KEEP OUT"

"And what did you do?"

"I..I"she said while stuttering

"You what"?Ava

Her name sounded so sweet in his lips and it turned Ava on.But she refused to show but she doesn't know is that Mr Hunter has already taken a liking to Ava and wishes to do alk kinky things to her.

"I didn't read the sign I'm sorry,please don't punish me


Jake muttered to himself

"My god my name on her lips made me just wanna take now and then and punish her so mich that she keeps screaming my name but the it was too early for her"

"I won't but if I find you in this room again I will punish"

She looked up at him and smiled.

"Thank you so much Mr Hunter"

"Call me Jake Ava"He smiled a devilish smile

He knew that Ava will be back here and he was waiting for her...till then..he shall wait.

"Good Night Mr-uhmm sorry Jack"

Jake said the same to her and they both went to sleep in separate rooms of course.At that night Ava dreamt about Jake going down on her and she kept asking for more.She woke up aroused,and sweating she asked herself

"What's happening to me now I'm dreaming about my fake husband,Having S*X with me noooo this can't happen his everything I hate in a men.I'll have to do something to forget him.