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Crystallis: The Miracle The World Needed

Crystallis: The Miracle The World Needed

Author:Taurus Hawke



"People believe in luck and what they believe is right. But, for me I want to be the Miracle my city and the world needs." -Crystallis If you want to find out how this quote can better motivate you join Crystallis on his life changing journey from being a unwanted nuisance to his astranged father and a gang member to the hero the world needed.

Hey, Yo Crystal!" yelled out a voice. An 18 year old male with brown skin a crystal pendant and an anime pull over hoodie. Dark navy washed blue jeans and a tattoo of a snake wrapped around a black rose. With a scar on his right cheek with a high top box fade looked out the window. "Yeah?" "Come on out the house the boss needs to see you." "I'll be there in a minute.One minute later... "Hop in the back you know I got my shawty with me." "Hey Torian." " 'Sup with you Corri?" "Aye, girl don't be calling my man's by his government name he goes by Crystal out on the streets ya dig?" "I'm sorry." "Lil' Rod it's cool don't sweat it."

Lil' Rod is hispanic short for his age but stocky. He never took disrespect in the streets lightly but he had a big heart and always looked out for his little sister, girlfriend, and his best friend. Corri is smart, down to Earth, funny she's a petite goth french-american girl with long curly blue hair and black knee high boots that matches her shirt and skirt. "So what's the boss want?" Torian asked. "You know I don't ask questions I just do what he says." Lil' Rod replied back. "Yeah you right. But, anyways what's your plans for tonight you two?" "Movie date and dinner and back to my place." Corri answered back. "What about you Crystal?" "Just video games and anime." "No girl in your life hombre?" "No, just haven't been looking for anyone right now." "You need to step out your comfort zone you haven't dated in the past four years since your ex." "Yeah I know but I'm happy right now being single I promise bro." "Ight hombre, if you say. I'm just looking out for you remember we brothers." "For life."Torian and Lil' Rod did their secret handshake.

They drove in silence for the next two hours when they finally reached their gangs base of operations. "Ah, Crystal you've finally arrived wake up." Lil Rod tapped Crystal on the leg causing him to wake up. "Wait in the car babe I'll be back in a bit." Lil' Rod told Corri. "I've got it don't worry." she answered. "Oh so you two finally decided to make it Crystal?" "Yeah Blade. Now let us through." "Nuh-huh, no can do. Besides, me in the boys were talking and think you two aren't fit to be Gasher's advisor and right hand. You both are nothing but two pups who got picked up by the boss that are nothing but bastards and for what?"

"Blade, you have exactly three seconds to step out of my way before I make you find out the hard way why I'm his right hand." Lil' Rod threatened stepping forward. "No, it's fine Rod, don't stoop to their level. If you wish to start a fight we can take this out to Orange River but we all know how it'll turn out in the end. So I suggest you tell your sniper to get his sights off me before I take this Glock 40 between him and his precious sniper scope. We both know what will happen too." Torian chimed in. Blade stood there and shook in fear as the icy words left Torian's lips. Blade gritted his teeth and stepped aside and signals for the sniper to stand down. "At least you know your place." Lil Rod taunted.

"Sorry, We're late Gasher." "You're exactly two minutes and 16.5 seconds late. You know I dislike tardiness." Gasher commented as he finished cleaning his favorite rifle. "We're sorry it won't happen again." "I would hope not." "So what's the plan?" "We're going to raid a stash house from The 56ers." " Which stash house?" "The one on 78th Blvd." "How many men are we going to have? Also how many people are stationed there?." "It's going to be me, you, Lil'Rod, Blade, and fifteen of our best. As for the number Three hundred and sixteen personel." "Are you shitting me right now Gasher! Nineteen of us versus Three hundred and sixteen 56ers!? I mean no disrespect but that is the most dumbest plan I've ever heard of." "Crystal is right, the 56ers most highly secured stash house is the suicide with what little man power you're giving us." "You both may be right, and normally I wouldn't do such a half cocked plan. But, we have something they don't." "Which is what?" asked Lil' Rod. "Bring in the merch."

Gasher beckoned them in. Four gang members came in the room with two giant wooden crates. They took off the lids as they did Torian, and Lil' Rod walked up to them. "What are these strange guns?" "They're unmarked high voltage advanced high powered rifles." "Where did you get these and how?" "Let's just say a little bird dropped them off." Lil' Rod walked up to one of the crates and picked up one of the rifles and checked it out. "Seems legit, alot more heavier than what I'd expect. But, let's see how well it works." Lil' Rod turned to a stack of barrels and fired the rifle. It not only shot a ball of a lightspeed based bullet at a stack of barrels in the corner causing them to light up and got instantly vaporized. "Damn Gasher these babies sure can fire and lethal as hell. Recoil and iron sight needs some work but I'm guessing it's just a prototype." "Yeah it is. But just know the raid goes down tonight be here at 9."

Lil' Rod and Torian left the base and Lil' Rod dropped Torian off at his house. "See you in 5 hours hombre." "See ya." "Hey dad I'm home!" Torian yelled as he entered the house and closed the door behind him. "Dad?" Torian began to look for his dad and went down to his workshop.

He's not in his workshop. Then again if he's not here he might be at the lab. Ugh, whatever I don't need him anyway fucking astranged workaholic.

Torian flopped on his bed and began to listen to music as he started playing Warzone. At Torian dad's lab... "Yuinlom, are you sure it's a good idea to start the White Hole Project?" "Yes, Harry if I can activate this all of Inaric City and the entire world could be better and succeed where many had failed." "But isn't it dangerous especially with this storm and the protesting going on outside?" "No Harry as long as the negative particles within in the White Hole Sphere aren't positively charged by the lightnings positive ions it'll be fine and as long as there's no gas involved we should be fine from any type of dark matter explosion." "I hope it all goes as planned and what about your son? Yuinlom, have you even checked on him?"

Yuinlom turned on his heels and looked at Harry and grabbed him by his throat and picked him up as he his changed and he pinned him to the wall. "That monstrosity is not my son he is a bastard and the reason my wife is dead! I suggest you call him by his name when in my presence or next time I will kill you without hesitation. I am being generous because you're my brother." Yuinlom let go of Harry and walked away as he did Harry tried to catch his breathe and rubbed his throat. Five hours later... "Is Everyone ready?" "Yeah." Torian looked up at the stars as sirens blared and police helicopters roared overhead Lil' Rod patted Torian's shoulder. "Hey Hombre don't be so scared. I've got your back." Torian snapped out of his daze and looked at Lil' Rod. "Huh? Oh yeah, thanks Hector." "Aye hombre you know better than to use my real name. What's buggin' you anyway?" "I've just got this weird feeling tonight's not going to go the way we envision it to."

Thunder began to boom and lightning flashed as it began to rain medium hard. "And this weather just might prove my theory." "Alright, let's go!" "Begin the test." Gasher and the rest of Dragon Five began to storm the 56ers stash house opening fire at all of their oppositions. At the same time the Yuinlom and Harry began to activate the project as they did the protestors began to get out of control and riot police tossed out strange gas and lightning struck the strange gas causing it to ignite. While the White Hole Project whirred an shaked and began to crackle causing it to chain react with the gas exploding city wide sending shockwaves causing a city wide power outage. The shockwave sent dark matter all through out the city causing the fire fight to cease as it did Torian and Lil' Rod quickly burst through Stash House emergency exit and coughed as they passed out. But before he fully lost consciousness Torian heard sirens and saw someone walk up to him.