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Cinderella's Stepsister

Cinderella's Stepsister

Author:Harley Summer



I am the villain of every story, Guilty until proven innocent, the evil vicious step-sister everyone hates but just what if....... What if you were all wrong? What if I was the victim? What if Cinderella wasn't who she appeared to be? But how would I know? I'm just the evil stepsister after all.

It was a very peaceful night in ruby city as it had always been, Diamond country was one of the most secure countries in the world until the night it all went down. The new five-star hotel in Riverdale went down in flames.

The hotel which had just been commissioned a month ago was the biggest and highest skyscraper in the whole city but unfortunately, an explosion occurred on the middle floor of the hotel. The first half was on fire while the other half was bent sideways.

Because of the festive season, the hotel had been filled up for New Year's eve but little did they know that they wouldn't even live to see the day.

There were several ambulances and firefighters surrounded the building as they did their best to minimize the effect of the fire but all their effort proved abortive. They were only lucky that the atmosphere, was cold and it was snowing.

In the second half of the hotel by the topmost floor was a girl screaming at the top of her lungs, her face was covered in sweat and dust and she has cuts all over her body but she was surprisingly in good shape, even better than those who had already escaped the building when the fire had started.

"Help! Anybody" she whimpered as her hands trembled in fear. She looked frail and weak. Her heart kept drumming against her chest, she shouldn't have come to Ruby city, all she wanted to do was to surprise her Older brother and Father but now not only was she trapped in the rubble, but someone was also dying and it was all her fault.

"Please, Please Help us!" She turned her head to look at the girl lying on the floor next to her, her body was stuck in a pile of iron and concrete, the floor was dyed red with her blood her face was disfigured.

If only the girl had left her in the elevator this wouldn't have happened.

She would have been safe.

She had risked her life to save hers but only got hurt in return.

Jasmine groaned and stood up, she had to get them help!

But how?

Just then she sighted a small golden box on the floor.

It was a phone, she hurriedly picked it up and thankfully the screen wasn't broken and there was no password, as she unlocked the phone a heartwarming picture of a very beautiful girl and a handsome boy filled the screen.

Tears filled her eyes as she glanced at the girl who was now lying in the pool of blood and compared her to the girl on the screen.

In the picture, she was grinning like a kid while the boy kissed her cheek. Her heart broke all over again, she was too kind-hearted.

She didn't even know her, yet she risked her life to save hers. She should have just let her die.

Just then she snapped out of her grief and went to her phone book. She put in a number and called it but it wasn't going through.

"Come on, Please" She cried and tried calling again but the same thing happened again.

After a while, she gave up and went to check on the girl. She took her hand and gasped. Her pulse was getting weak.

She stood up again and walked to the end of the room trying to find a signal and luckily the call went through. "Hello, Wilson speaking what may I do for you?" a cheery voice came through the phone.

"Willy, Help me" She sobbed, her voice broke and she bit her lips hard.

"Jasmine?" The receiver immediately recognised the voice. "Hold on, I'll go give the phone to Haylon now"

Jasmine waited for a while before a Toneless voice echoed in the background.

"Jasmine, did you get a new phone? Why are you calling so late in the night? Is everything okay?" The voice asked, no matter how cold he was on the outside, he always had a soft spot for his younger sister.

"Haylon, H..elp me, I'm at.... Riverdale Hotel a..and I'm Trapped, She's dying Haylon She is.... " Jasmine managed to talk in between her sobs.

"Riverdale Hotel here in Ruby City? What are you doing there?" The Voice thundered but she couldn't reply she just kept on pleading for help. "Just keep the phone on, I'll find you"

The receiver hung up and she walked back to where the girl was and held her hand "Big Bro is coming to save us, please hang on" She relayed, trying to comfort her but just then she felt her hand twitch and her heart gladded at the thought of her still being able to listen to her.

They didn't have to wait for long before help arrived, the men slowly removed the rubble from the other girl's body and her face was disfigured and bloody, they carried her body out and got taken to the hospital in a helicopter.


Five years later

It was another hectic day in Conserve Specialist Hospital, the usual hustle and bustle of the activity happened every day. On the topmost floor was the VIP ward, the environment there was very calm and surreal, Little or no noise was made in this ward.

In-room 246 were three nurses who had just finished cleaning up one of the patients. "Poor thing, it's been approximately five years and two months since she was brought here" One of the Nurses sighed while making her bed.

"I heard, she was a victim of the explosion that happened at Riverdale is that true?" A Student nurse asked staring at the beautiful girl that lay still on the sofa.

"Yes, I've been her nurse for five years now, and I can say she recovered faster than we predicted but it's almost like she doesn't want to wake up and besides none of her family members has come to claim her" An older looking nurse explained as she changed the pillowcase and reduced the lighting in the room.

"Really? But she's so Pretty" The student nurse stared at her dreamily. "Besides who is paying all her bills then?"

"It's said to be a shareholder of the hospital and for your information she had plastic surgery, she's not that pretty" The other nurse scoffed jealously. The older woman couldn't help but chuckle at her jealousy.

"When she was brought here, despite her face being disfigured, she was quite beautiful and it didn't even take too much effort in making her look like this, she's so lucky to be alive more than Seven hundred deaths were recorded and a hundred more were impaired. That accident left a hole in our hearts" The Older nurse spoke sadly.

No one spoke a word after that, they finished cleaning and laid the girl back on the bed before leaving but no one noticed the tear that slid down her beautiful pale face.


Two figures laid on the bed entangled in one another, the room was very warm and clothes were roughly scattered on the floor.

A pair of brown eyes flew open as his head throbbed, he looked beside him and saw his boyfriend sleeping peacefully, his body was filled with bite marks and crescents all over his body.

Haylon grunted and sat up, he had probably gotten drunk the previous night and took it out on Jason. He got off the bed and padded naked to the bathroom and by the time he returned, Jason was no longer in the room and the room had been arranged and also the sheets had been changed.

Haylon lips curved up in a smile and he walked into his closet. There were numerous Tailored suits and designer wristwatches and shoes, he moved to the casual section and decked out a white inner vest, and black pants with a leather and fur bomber jacket to match.

After dressing up, he picked up a pair of gloves and exited the room. The sweet scent of Jason's cooking filled the air as he walked into the kitchen.

A feminine man was standing close to the cooker with an apron tied around his waist, his blonde hair was tousled like spaghetti and his blue eyes stared at the frying pan.

"Morning baby, Wilson is already downstairs, I already packed your breakfast and there's also an extra pack for Wilson. Tell him I said hi" Jason rushed upon noticing Haylon's presence.

"Jason, did I hurt you yesterday night?" Haylon asked, his presence was domineering and Jason sighed. " I actually liked it"

A smile broke out on Haylon's lips and he leaned forward and kissed Jason before carrying the bag. "I'll tell Wilson you said Hi" he grinned and walked out.

As soon as he walked out, he saw a familiar SUV and his face became cold, He walked towards it and the butler hurriedly opened the door.

He stepped into the car and bowed to the Middle-aged man sitting beside him. The Butler even while the butler was standing outside the car, he could still feel the choking aura that emitted from both father and son.

"What about what we both discussed?" The man asked without staring at his son. "I'm working on it father" He gritted his teeth and replied.

Suddenly a burst of light laughter broke out from his lips followed by a smack on Haylon's head. "You, unfilial Son! How are you going to give me a grandson if you keep sleeping around with other men? Hun? Tell me how do you plan on giving birth? Is the baby going to come out through his Anus?" The man kept up hitting his son.

Mr Carter had been so proud of his son for being very intelligent and Hardworking, he would always flaunt his perfect son around but when he discovered that he was gay, he almost lost it and he was always ridiculed by his partners.

Just then his phone rang and almost ignored it but when he was who was calling, he quickly picked it up and held it against his ear. "Yes, what is it?" He asked the caller impatiently but what he heard made his face light up like a Christmas tree. "She's Awake?"