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Chasing My Forever

Chasing My Forever



General Romance

"Even if you forget me tomorrow, I'll keep loving you," He said gazing deep into my eyes, his hands clutching mine, he leaning over me "Till the death" he added gently leaving his firm hold from my hands. "Get Lost!" I said, holding back the hurt expressions. I knew he was at fault and he didn't deserve my forgiveness. Falling in love is easy, chasing the person is much easier. But 'preserving love' is very difficult. Daniel Ortega, the owner of the Ortega Empire meets Cathy Palma at his work. When he was sure to fall in love with her, he discovers a dark secret about her. Leading to lose faith in love, he alleges her for something unwanted, making it his biggest mistake ever. It was already too late when he realized that it was his biggest mistake ever.

Cathy’s pov

"What do you think Cathy?" Nico brought my attention back to the boardroom when I was playing a video game on my mobile phone.

Troy had just finished the last slide of his boring presentation, which I was briefed several times earlier, and not only that, but I was well aware of each and every bit of the presentation. So I didn't have to grave my head into it.

"Huh?" I asked instantly, looking up at him.

"We want your comments Cathy," Ruby explained. When I noticed her expressions of disbelief I decided I'd better speak something sensible.

"I-I agree with you Nico" I hesitate, failing all my attempts to sound sensible.

"Alright then, we shall pass this proposal to the OGI group. Ruth, make sure that you fix the meeting with them this Friday. Cathy and I will be leading the team."

"Wh-What?" I jumped in my chair at those unexpectant words of Nico.

"What's the need for being so jumpy? I didn't say anything that you weren't expecting?"

"But Nico, Wh-Why Me?" I stutter nervously, I had never expected this.

It was not that I was naive and didn't have the ability to lead or represent our company. I was completely eligible and experienced but still, I was still naive in my new workplace. I had joined it only a few months back after leaving another one or maybe 'a familiar one'. I hadn't expected someone to give me this opportunity at my new office so early.

"What's wrong, Cathy? You are one of the executive directors of the group. Why are you acting as if you are an inexperienced intern?" he asked, squinting at me.

"It's not like that Nico bu-"

"If she's not ready Nico, I'll be fine joining you," said Lorna, cutting me off. Lorna always envied me, she would never leave a chance to grab any opportunity thrown at me.

"No that's fine Lorna, I can handle it all by myself. Nico trusts me and I don't want to let him down. I'm sorry Nico I was just Ah..."

"No, it's perfectly fine." he smiled " So guys I think that's decided I and Cathy will be flying to the US this Friday. Anything else ?" he said looking around.

When no one in the room said anything, he got up from his chair and asked me to come to his cabin. I nodded him back with a gentle smile.

Nico Ortega was the COO of the group. Technically my boss, but in person, we were best of friends and he was the sweetest person I ever met in this group.

I knocked on the door of his office. "Get in Cath," he said without looking up at me. I stepped inside before I could do anything. " Now stop that 'Oh-so-formal' attitude Cath, please don't ask for a seat" he said.

I chuckled and sat on the chair in front of him, comforting myself. Nico finished his file work and finally looked at me. He asked his secretary to leave and sat by my side.

"Cath, what's wrong? You don't look to be fine " he asked when he saw my face fall.

"It's nothing, I mean I am just nervous Nico" I answer looking away from him.

He placed a warm hand on mine and gently pressed it "Don't worry at all, I know this is the first project for you from this company, but everything's gonna be fine, there's nothing to worry, you've handled a lot many projects previously, not here but you count a lot of experience " he said with a reassuring smile on his face.

"Come on Cath, trust me you'll be fine in the US"

I didn't know if whatever he said was going to be true or not. I was totally under-confident. But I didn't want to disappoint him.

"Cath, come on, cheer up! look at me" he said and I looked in his direction, he flashed a smile on me "Relax Cath! Come on now, smile"

I couldn't deny his plea and smiled slightly. He pulled me into a hug and I wrapped a hand around him. A tap on his door jolted me and I got away beaming a smile at him. "Thank You" I whispered. He flashed a smile in response and I left his cabin.


Nico and I were on his private jet that was going to fly to the US. Earlier that morning he had asked me to fly along with him. Before that day I had traveled many times with him on business trips, at first I used to hesitate a lot. But now, when I know that this man would do anything to persuade me to travel with him, I just don't give him a chance to do it.

The last time when I refused to travel with him, he booked a ticket with the same airline I was traveling with. I really don't want him to repeat it only for me. So it's better to agree to travel along with him.

I don't know how to make him so happy and excited just by traveling with me.

Friday was another flight that we were going to catch together. But this time it was not just as usual. It made me curious about what took them so long to start? Was there any technical issue? I called out to one of the flight attendants to know the situation.

"Why is it taking so long?"

"Ma'am we are going to have Mr. Daniel Ortega along with us today on this flight. We are waiting for him"

Daniel Ortega, CEO of Ortega Group of Industries. Is he really accompanying us? But when did he come to Singapore?

My thoughts were impeded by the footsteps of a person, who just entered the flight. I looked back. Clad in his white linen shirt, displaying a few inches of his virile chest and in black trousers, he stood right in front of the attendant, who took the coat from his hand and beamed gently at him. He looked charming enough to catch anyone's attention.