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Fourteen(14) Days With My Hired Fiancee

Fourteen(14) Days With My Hired Fiancee

Author:Authoress Chinny



Valet Walker was a normal working class lady who didn't have time for relationships or even marriage as she was of the view that men were nothing but bunch of perverts hiding under the disguise of marriage and relationships. Not until she's given a deadline to get a fiancée or she looses all she has ever worked for, to her younger sister who always felt she was better. With the help of her friends, she goes in search of someone who will pretend to be her boyfriend so she could get to sign the documents of the company's ownership but after a fruitless search, she resort's to picking her next door neighbor who looked like Lucifer reincarnated through him cause man, he's super hot. He was the perfect option for her even tho she failed to admit it. Tall, handsome, charming, educated and in need of cash, ready to do anything to get paid even if if it meant acting as her fiancée. It was supposed to be a contract, act like my fiancée for 14 days and after that, you get paid heavily and move on like you never met anyone like me but things get quite steamy, fires get ignited, big secrets are unraveled, several questions are raised, one of them which is, why would he buy her a 24 carat original diamond ring worth millions of dollars for a fake engagement when he claimed to be a normal bachelor with a $500 monthly income? Slowly, in the midst of unraveling secrets, a magical romance story is reborn, one you've never read before!

"No-no mum you can't do this to me" I tried my best not to yell at the not so familiar news. This isn't the first time she is telling me this but why she's insisting now is what I still don't understand. She wants me to get a man.

I paced up and down. She's just not serious.

"Valet, we are not doing anything to you. This is for your own good baby, you are 28 for crying out loud. Yet you don't even have a boyfriend." I rolled my eyes, wishing badly she could see me. Unfortunately she can't, at least not yet.

Why can't she let me be. Is getting married or having a boyfriend by force?

"Am sorry but the Council has made up their mind. If you don't introduce your fiancee to us in two weeks, we'll have no choice than to hand over the company to your younger sister Perry, who is already engaged."

The whole house started revolving immediately.


"But mum, why? I get it, Perry is always the prim and proper one but must you and dad always make that known. Now you want to hand the company that I've worked my whole life for, to Perry who doesn't even know a dime about what running a company is, just because am not settled yet. Why you can't you understand me for once?" I was close to tears.

I furiously raked my hands through my hair, in a bid to stay calm.

"Valet don't make us the bad ones here. You are almost 30 for goodness sake! Don't you think you need to channel those efforts you make towards your work, to building a home. Valet baby I swear I love you same way I love Perry but most times Perry is always reasoning more than you and I want the best for you."

"You have one week to find a fiancee or the company will be handed over to your younger sister. We've made up our minds and the council too,they have the final say remember." She sounded so resolved like she wouldn't do anything to change it, if it were to be her precious daughter.

"Mum I honestly don't like this decision you've all made. You have to do something-" I started to say but the line dropped.


I screamed in frustration.

Mum can't do this to me. Dad why?!!

I sniffed back the tears that threatened to fall off my mascara coated eyes. I had just returned from work and barely made it inside when she called. I instantly knew something was up the moment she called me by my full name.

No, I can't let them get to me this time. Valet you are strong and you'll definitely pull through this mess.

I assured myself as I took a deep breathe then let it out. It was a simple trick that always worked for me.

I need to do something. I really need to. She sounded so resolved.

I need to get a boyfriend but how?

I don't even have a male friend to start with.

I have a limited time but then I need to find one.

Oh gosh! Am so confused right now.

What the hell do I do?

I kept pacing restlessly.

"Yes!!!" I bumped my fist in the air as an idea struck me.

Harriet and Disney, my two best friends will sure know how to put this situation in order.

I immediately hurried upstairs, to my room, to fetch my laptop. It was late for me to arrange a meeting with them. A face time will do right now.

"Valet Kimberly Walker!"

The moment they screamed simultaneously when their faces appeared on my laptop, I knew I was in deep shit.