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Treasure, Throne and Revenge

Treasure, Throne and Revenge

Author:The Star



"The strong he is the powerful." That's the definition of the butcher. Leo Sukma Atmaja, a 25-year-old man who dabbles in the harsh world of the night. He joined the Devil Mereh organization, which made him a big-time Mafia. Being oppressed and looked down upon by society makes Leo a heartless self. ** "Those who are strong are those who have power. Never be weak, because that will make people view you as a loser. Useless scum of society!" Despite being cold-handed, Leo still has a soft side to him. He didn't like seeing a woman being harassed in front of his eyes. Leo took off his black coat, then Leo used it to cover the body of a seductive girl. "Are you all right?" Leo asked. "Yes." The girl couldn't say much. He was grateful that there were still men who would treat him with respect.

"Do not."

"Don't kill me!" said a girl who was frightened under the pressure.

He was cornered on the edge of the bed with a man already pointing a gun in front of his eyes.


The hot lead penetrated straight into the brain of the girl who was only wearing underwear. He collapsed right then and there. Lying in bed covered in blood on his head.

30 minutes before the incident.


The door was smashed very hard. Suddenly the owner of the room gasped.

A man entered rudely without permission. He also pointed the gun towards the front.

In this room, two lovebirds who are intoxicated with romance are having a special relationship.

The arrival of Leo Sukma Atmaja, with a gun in his right hand, scared the occupants of the room.

"Who are you?! How dare you enter someone else's room without permission!"

The man in the room snapped at Leo and cursed at Leo. However, it was only a gibberish for the young man named Leo.


Leo mercilessly shot in the chest of the man in front of him.

Collapsed right then and there, "Aaaaa!" The girl behind him screamed very loudly.

After that Leo pointed his gun at the girl.

"Don't! Don't kill me. I beg you. Don't hurt me."

The girl begged, begging for mercy from a Leo. He took a few steps back until he fell on the bed.

Leo showed his cell phone. Not just anyone wanting to show off a luxury cellphone, but Leo was contacting someone Via Viedeo Call.

Connected already.

"Speak," Leo said.

Under pressure and fear, the girl tried to look at Leo's cell phone screen. Starting to look pictures from there.

"Hello, honey. How are you? Don't you miss me? Why did you leave? Could it be that I can't satisfy you?"

From the Video Call connection, the girl saw the figure of a man who was quite old greeting and asking himself.

"What were you two doing there? I want to know. Tell me. I'm very curious, honey," he said again.

"Please, forgive me. I will not betray you again. I promise to be loyal to master."

"Please don't kill myself," he pleaded. His face was made pitiful and crystal clear tears from his eyes.

Wearing only underwear, the girl looks a mess.

Leo himself was even disgusted to linger looking at the girl, even though she was dressed openly. There was no intention for him to lust after a traitor.

"I didn't hear. Please repeat what you said earlier. I haven't heard of it yet. How about Leo do you think like me?"

Leo was asked, of course he answered in his own way.

"What you said is true. I didn't hear anything from here either."

"Well, it's not. So say it again," said the man happily.

Like laughing at the suffering of others. The man in the Video Call was happy when he saw someone being oppressed. Especially there are those who beg forgiveness from him.

The girl stayed where she was without a sound. Leo and the man were still waiting for the girl's goodwill.

Five minutes with no reply.

"Kill him!" he ordered, then hung up the phone.

The girl's eyes widened dramatically. The word "Kill Him" ??made him uneasy.

Leo tucked his cell phone in his trouser pocket. He raised his gun again, and was about to end it all.

"Do not!"

"Don't kill me!" beg the girl.


Without hesitation Leo shot the girl in the head. Without a scream or anything like that, he fell down covered in blood on his head.

After that, the angel of death who disguised himself as a handsome man, was seen contacting someone again.

"Everything is done boss. He has gone to the afterlife as the boss wants," said Leo giving news.

"Good. Very good. Your work always satisfies me," said someone far away.

"It's my duty to keep the boss happy," Leo replied then.

"Finish it immediately, and erase all traces of it!" the lid.

"Okay boss. My people will finish everything soon," he finished ending the call.

An innocent young girl had to take her life for no reason. He only asked for one more chance to live, but the man sent him to the afterlife instead.

Without any guilt, the man named Leo Sukma Atmaja was seen walking away. He put on his glasses and left the woman's body on the bed just like that.


The door was closed and he handed the rest to the people who were already outside.

"Finish it immediately!" orders and leaves.

"Ready boss," said in unison five men with stout bodies and black shirts.

The five entered together. As ordered. They were assigned to finish what Leo had done.

While the handsome Leo had already left the hotel room and thought everything was in order.

"Those who are strong are those who have power. Never be weak, because that will make people view you as a loser. Useless scum of society!"

Leo Sukma Atmaja, one of the right-hand men of the famous Mafia leader. He became a subordinate of the notorious Red Devils and never indiscriminately kills.

Whoever he is, if he is guilty then he must be punished. Whether he is a man or a woman, if he is a criminal then he deserves to be removed from the face of this earth.

That is the principle of a Leo Sukma Atmaja. Those sinners should vanish from this world, than they should live as losers who are a disgrace to society.

Leo left the Motel City in a luxury vehicle. British car output that there are only five units in the world, and one of them is owned by Leo.

He left with several escort cars in front and behind his car.


At night. Leo, who is still living alone without a companion, tries to find worldly pleasures.

Leo visited one of the nightclubs in the capital city of Jakarta. Leo often goes to the club when he feels bored.

Leo sat at the bar and asked for a glass of his favorite drink, "One drink," he asked the barista there.

The barista knew very well what drinks Leo liked. While waiting for orders Leo looked around.

This club is just getting busier. Many young people visit this club. Leo seemed pleased with the noise here.

The music playing and the boisterous voices of the demonstrators also made Leo happy. He enjoyed the crowd with a cool style.

While still waiting, a girl with revealing clothes came to Leo.

"Hi handsome." The girl teased Leo by touching Leo's cheeks and chest.

"On my own," he added.

Leo seemed silent and did not heed the seduction. He is somewhat indifferent to girls who try to find warmth from him.

"Let's dance. It's no fun just sitting here," he added.

Even though he has been seduced and caressed, Leo is still not the least bit tempted by the seduction.

"No thanks. You can go!" reject it.

The girl was annoyed, "Uhu, arrogant," he grumbled.

He left with a slanted face. Leo who sat down felt normal.

Flirting girls are not his type, even though she has a pretty face even though Leo is still not interested.

He is looking for a woman other than the existing one. It's hard to find a woman who suits him, that's the reason Leo never makes love.

Drinks were ready, "Thank you." Leo took a sip of his drink.

Meanwhile the girl who previously teased Leo is now approaching another man.

However, he did not intend to seduce the man. On the other hand, the half-awake man turned around to hit him.

"You seductive woman. Get out of your way!"

He pushed and sneered at the woman, until the girl fell on the floor and made the crowded atmosphere quiet.

All eyes were on him. The man who pushed and slapped his cheek looked happy.

Ha ha ha ….

He also laughed happily to see the seductive girl fall under his feet.

"You are a seductress. You should serve me. And not reject me like that," he said a little drunk.

Hearing the commotion, Leo immediately took action. He went to the source of the riot.

"What is this?" Leo came and saw a girl being hurt by a boy.

He didn't like seeing a woman being harassed in front of his eyes. Leo took off his black coat, then Leo used the coat to cover the girl's body.

"Are you all right?" Leo asked.

"Yes." The girl couldn't say much. He was grateful that there were still men who would treat him with respect.

"Hey, you master! Why are you helping him? She's just a flirt. Her job is just to serve us, hahaha," he humiliated, and laughed with many people.

Even so, Leo didn't reply at all to the man's expression. He tried to lift the girl and carry her away from the crowd.

"Hey, master!" The man kept calling Leo. He was annoyed at being ignored like this.

"Hey master! Do you want to take him to the room, and spend time alone with him. Hahaha," he added mockingly.

"You're no different from the others. Just tell me if you want to satisfy yourself with him in the room!" he shouted.

The man continued to howl, like a wolf. While Leo closed his ears tightly.

The girl was allowed to sit first. Leo asked the girl to calm herself down first.

"Hey master!" The man called back to Leo.

Of course that pissed Leo off. He made himself the laughing stock of everyone.

Loe clenched his fists. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was red. He had been patient all this time, but if he continued to be silent, then that person would get bigger.

Leo turned around with a look that seemed to challenge the man.

What will Leo do, after his pride is dropped?