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Doing Science With a Space Portal

Doing Science With a Space Portal



【Space + Supplies + Superpowers + Spoiled by the Team + Top Student】 Su Xiao, loaded with hundreds of containers of supplies, finds herself in the 1970s after being slapped by the Zombie King. She becomes an autistic child who was pushed into the river by her elder female cousin. She has a pair of grandparents who dote on her and a pair of parents who are resented by humans and despised by dogs. No worries, though. She can feed them all with her supplies. In her past life, she worked so hard that she lost all her hair. In this life, she has space and supplies, and is determined to become a lazy person, living a worry-free and orderly life. But life is tough and requires money and tickets everywhere. So, she has no choice but to resume her old profession to earn money and tickets, rejecting freeloads.

Chapter 1: End of World Emerges in Space

In the year 3222, tensions between the major powers of Blue Planet continued to escalate. The island nation, which had been lying in wait for a long time, took the opportunity to release the nerve toxin JPN-01 at the major powers.

Once this toxin enters the human body, it has a long incubation period and shows no signs of onset. After it erupts, it can destroy the human nervous system in a short time, causing the infected to experience symptoms like stiff limbs, language confusion, and madness.

By the time the nations of the world were alerted, the virus had already spread extensively, plunging the entire world into chaos.

The population of Hua Nation ranked first in the world, so naturally, it also had the most infections. Thankfully, the people had complete trust in their country and followed the national pandemic prevention guidelines, effectively controlling the spread of the virus.

However, the fact remained that thousands of infected people had already died. Stopping the spread of the virus was of the utmost urgency.

Hua Nation's top scientific teams from the fields of biology, medicine, pharmacology, neurology, and chemistry had all gathered at the national science center located outside the sixth ring of the imperial capital. Their sole focus was to find a cure for the JPN-01 virus.

Among these researchers was a genius named Su Xiao. Highly intelligent since childhood, she had received key training from the state. At just twenty-five years old, she already held doctorates in biology, medicine, and chemistry, and had dozens of successful scientific researches under her belt.

Two years ago, Su Xiao was promoted out of turn to the position of senior researcher. In the science institute, she was one of the very few researchers who had their own private laboratories.

Su Xiao has been living in the confined underground laboratory since the outbreak of the virus, a span of half a year.

She has ceaselessly studied the JPN-01 virus, searching for methods to suppress and decode it.

Especially in the past half month, upon finding a slight breakthrough, she immersed herself in the lab, forsaking her need for sleep and nourishment.

Two hours ago, she finally synthesized a drug that could suppress the virus.

Once it gains approval from the equipment tests, her mission is accomplished.

During the waiting period, Su Xiao, who had been up for several nights in a row, closed her eyes in an attempt to seize every precious moment for rest.

Drip Drip Drip~

Upon the arrival of the three-hour testing period, the computer connected to the testing equipment bleeped out a series of notifications.

The sound woke the sleeping Su Xiao, whose body reactively sprang from the chair.

She opened her eyes only after she had made it in front of the computer, "Did, did it succeed?"

Su Xiao leans into the screen, methodically reading the test results displayed on the screen.

Her blood-red eyes brightened with each line read.

"Hahaha...... Fantastic, I did it……"

The usually silent laboratory is filled with an overwhelming laughter of an exalted Su Xiao.

She, usually an embodiment of tranquility, began to jump around the room, joyous as a child offered candy.

Perhaps it was due to overwork and mood swings, two streams of blood surged uncontrollably from Su Xiao's nostrils without warning.

Completely engrossed in excitement, Su Xiao was oblivious to it.

The blood that spurted from her nose splashed onto her chest, forming patterns that resembled blooming plum blossoms.

Even the jade pendant around her neck did not escape.

Interestingly, the blood droplets on the jade pendant, unimpeded by gravity, began moving across the surface of the pendant.

The moment they converged, the pendant seemed to absorb all of the blood beads, each the size of a small bean.

The originally dull pendant started emitting a faint white light.

Then it began to flicker, the white light growing increasingly bright.

In the end, a dazzling burst of white light enveloped Su Xiao, swallowing her whole.

Feeling dizzy, she instinctively shut her eyes.

The next second, the dizziness subsided. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a vast open space, almost the size of a dozen sports stadiums.

All she could see was the thick fog that was obscuring the boundaries around her, nothing else but emptiness.

Where is this?

Wasn't I in the lab, how did I suddenly end up here?

Am I dreaming or is this some kind of practical joke?

Su Xiao pinched herself hard, not until the pain kicked in did she confirm that she was not dreaming.

She fell into utter panic and started to scream at the top of her lungs, "Is there anybody out there? Let me out, I want out, do you hear me?"

No sooner had she finished speaking, the feeling of dizziness struck her once again. Su Xiao was back in the lab after a blink.

What in the world?

Su Xiao stared at the familiar surrounding, shocked beyond words.

Could this be the so-called space mentioned in novels?

Suddenly, two more nosebleeds streamed down her face before she could figure it out.

Instinctively, she lowered her gaze only to see the jade pendant on her chest.

Her pupils enlarged in surprise.

How has that dingy looking pendant, no different from a common stone, become so stunning?

Crystal clear, silky smooth, not a single flaw could be found.

This is what only the finest white jade would look like.

The pendant has been hanging around her neck since before she entered the orphanage.

If it weren't for the headmaster's advice that it might be connected to her origin, she would have thrown it away long ago.

At this moment, Su Xiao felt incredibly lucky that she hadn't discarded the jade pendant.

She had never expected it to metamorphose into something too precious to be worn.

After the initial shock, Su Xiao recalled reading novels where the protagonists acquired spatial treasures through various types of jewelry with blood offering, dominated by jade as a medium.

Her recent experience seemed to correspond perfectly with those novel descriptions.

Should she try it out?

Su Xiao grabbed the jade pendant with one hand and with the other touched the just-printed test report on the table, saying, "Collect."

As soon as her words fell, the test report vanished.

"Oh my God, after a lifetime of bad luck, has my luck finally turned around?" Su Xiao murmured in disbelief.

Sure enough, upon verifying that she'd gained a space, she was overjoyed beyond measure.

She started to play a game of "collecting items" passionately, completely forgetting about her successful development of the JPN-01 virus inhibitor.

Not until she had emptied her entire lab did she finally rest, and she still yearned for more.

She decided right away to take a break and visit a department store to hoard supplies.

She wasn't sure how long she would be busy with her future work. In order to concentrate better, she intended to stockpile a year's worth of supplies in her newfound space.

The time saved this way could be spent on further research.

"Alright, that's settled. Time to call it a day."

Su Xiao picked up her car keys without a second thought and left the National Science Institute.

Driving her car to the biggest department store in the capital city, she switched to shopping mode.

"Ahh... Help! There's a monster!"

"Oh my God, people are dying! There are so many bodies outside!"

"Help... Run for it…”


Just as Su Xiao was pushing her overloaded shopping cart up from the basement level, she found the department store in utter chaos.

People's faces showed terror as they screamed and scrambled in all directions. The scene was one of uncontrollable panic.

What's going on?

Su Xiao stared at the mess in front of her, completely bewildered.


Her phone, tucked away in her bag, suddenly rang.

Those who would call her were either her colleagues or her boss, she knew without a glance that it must be the Institute of Science on the line.

Work was a top priority for Su Xiao, so she fumbled to answer her phone.

"Hello, what's up...?"

"Professor Su, aren't you at the Scientific Research Institute? I've been looking for you and couldn't find you."