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Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels

Author:Tems baby


General Romance

Bad boy Nathan finally experience the feeling of love. He didn't think he could fall for someone this way not to even talk of someone way below his standard. He was the typical playboy, who loves materialistic things and misbehaves all the time, he doesn't date girls for a long time and he has never been in a situation where he would fall deeply in love with someone. He returns to Canada to take over his father's buisness. He meets Kimberly on two occasions which wasn't in a very pleasant situation. First was he had accidentally splashed water on her with his car and she had cursed at him and the second was when they were both trapped in an elevator for a while and they were both involved in an argument until Kimberly saved his life, then she found out that he's the CEOs son.

Kimberley got down from the taxi, paid the driver and walked into her house. It has been a very stressful day. Well there was no day she would not return home, stressed out. That's the reward for being a personal assistant to the CEO of the biggest company in New York.

Kimberly Weston, 22 year old, short, and very beautiful

She works for JEROME. A company that produces different products, mainly beauty products. It has so many branches which produces products like skin care products, female wears and so on.

Originally it was less stressful compared to what she had imagined when she wanted to apply for the job. Her boss was a very nice man. He was a 58 year old good looking man. He had a son like people always say, a son who looks like him but she had not seen him before neither has he said anything about it before. She only knew his daughter Daisy Emmet who was not very nice like her mother.

She opened the door to her apartment and got in. Her younger sister was already asleep on the couch. They were orphans so she it was her duty to take care of her sister.

She dropped her bag on the couch, took off her shoes and walked into the kitchen to make something for herself and her sister.

She was almost done when her phone rang. She checked the caller ID and it was her boss.

"Good evening sir" She greeted him. One thing she had learnt from her late parents was to respect one's elders, her father had said it could earn you great favours and it actually worked for her cause that was the reason she was employed as Gabriel Emmet's personal assistant.

"Kim, I would need you to come very early tomorrow, my son is going to return from France tomorrow and I would really like to tell him about the company, but I'd be busy tomorrow so you would have to tell him everything instead" he explained and Kimberly's eyes widened

His son? Finally she was going to meet this son every employee at JEROME has been talking about.

"Alright sir. It's no problem" she smiled

"Oh and I forgot to ask, how is April?" He was asking about her 9 year old sister. He's a very nice man when it comes to little kids. He had met April once when she was permitted to pick her up from school.

"She's doing very well sir"

"Okay make sure you arrive early tomorrow. Goodnight"

He said and cut the call

Kim continued with the meal she was preparing when her phone began to ring again. She sighed and picked the call

"Babe!" She heard the voice she had been longing to hear since morning. That was her boyfriend Melvin

"Melvin! Uh I've missed you" she pouted playfully and he laughed

" I should be the one saying that. And I'm not sure you missed me at all, cause you couldn't even give me a phone call, even if it's just once"

" Babe I'm so sorry, I was so busy today, I didn't even have time to eat lunch.The work was too much today" she said turning the beef in the pan

" Oh really. So how was work?" He was always asking about her work when he knows how stressful it it.

She shook her head

" Stressful as usual"

" I know right. So... Should I come over?"

"It's late already and once I finish preparing what I would eat, I'm going to bed. I need to arrive at my workplace very early tomorrow morning"

" Is there an occasion? Or is something happening?" He asked. She knew he'd be curious but she was there to satisfy his curiosity at least that what a proper girlfriend should do.

"Uhm...our boss's son would be returning from France tomorrow and I would be the one to show him around and also tell him about the company"

He didn't say anything for a while and when Kim was about to ask if he's still on the line, he spoke up

"You'd be the one to show him around and also tell him about the company. Well that could be done by someone else, why should your boss pick you? What if he's a dangerous person. Most billionaire sons are always spoilt and bad and he might even be handsome"

Kimberly laughed as she could sense jealousy

"I can't believe you're jealous right now. You don't expect me to tell my boss I'm not going to do as he had instructed except you want me to loose my job . And melv, not all billionaire sons are bad, and he can't even do anything to me..."

" What if you end up falling for him because he's handsome or rich?" He asked like a little child who's scared of his favourite candy being snatched

"Seriously melv. Stop acting like a child you're the only one for me and I can't fall for anyone else okay...oh you made my beef burn" she laughed

" I love you so much Kim and I wouldn't want anything or anyone to come between us" he said.

" Nothing is ever going to come in between us.i I promise"

She smiled, he was always like that. He loved her so much and she was not ready to take his love for granted.

"I'll... I'll talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight" she said and ended the call

She finished preparing the meal and she woke her sister up. When they were done she carried her sister to her bedroom, took a shower and fell asleep.