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Chasing My Hot Soulmate

Chasing My Hot Soulmate




A luxurious, pretty woman. Named Moriya, met a guy who's really hot. By just staring the whole handsome face and beautiful body of that guy. She already thought that he is her soulmate. Moriya did everything just to get the guy's attention and love. She started chasing him until that guy get drool over her.

"Be prepared tonight, Moriya." Mom stated as she saw me walking out of the house.

"Yes, I will," I replied and wave my hand.

My driver smiled when he saw me walking to the car. He opened the door and greeted me.

"Happy eighteenth birthday Ms. Moriya."

I just nod and let him close the door.

I took a deep breath before I check my phone. There's a lot of messages from my classmates. Saying that they are excited tonight.

Well, because they think that my party is full of abundance in life. For me, my party will be better if there's an alcoholic drink. But those drinks will be in my dreams.

My Mom is the one who planned my eighteenth birthday and I hate it. She didn't ask me about what I want at my party. She didn't ask me if I like to put alcoholic drinks there. I'm already eighteen. I badly want to be drunk and dance in a place where the lights are on and off.

She made my party like I am a seven-year-old girl. Start with pink tables, a lot of sweets, and lastly about my pink glittery gown.

I rolled my eyes and closed my phone without even replying to any messages.

"Ms. Moriya are you okay?" I heard my driver asked.

I look at him and nod.

"Miss, you should be happy today. It's your birthday. Many guests will come."

"Many?" I just know that a few of my classmates, friends and my relatives will come. How could be many?

"Yes, Miss. I just heard that even your mom and dad's business partners and investors will come."

My jaw dropped and rolled my eyes. I am expecting that my visitors will have the same age as me. I didn't expect old guys at my party.

I went out of the car when we arrived at school. I'm trying to convince myself to reply to anyone who will greet me today.

"Moriya, happy birthday!" One of my teachers greeted me. I smiled at her and say thank you in a small voice.

I keep walking on a corridor and just smile at the more people who greeted me. After full plasticity, I walk towards my best friend who's waiting for me in a front of our room.

"Moriya!" She exclaimed.

"Shut up! Charrie." I hissed.

"Oh chill! I'm just gonna greet you a happy birthday."

"Well, thank you," I replied with a tone of sarcasm and pull her arm inside our room.

I told her to sit on our seats.

She laughed and faced me. "What's your problem, Mori?"

I sighed and faced her. "I think my party would not be nice," I whispered.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"My mom set my party like I am a seven-year-old."

"Like there's a clown and colorful balloons?"

"No, not like that."

"What? Like there's a lot of color pink?" She added.

I snapped. "Exactly!"

"All of the staff are pink?"


"Okay, for me that's not a big deal... you're a girl and it's normal. The big deal is if your party won't have a drink. You know the A for the alcohol." She smiled showing her perfect teeth.

"You're right, there's no alcohol."

"Oh my gosh! Is that for real?"

"Yes, and I just received news lately that there's an old guy there."

"Moriya, I think I'm not going to be happy at your party."

I sighed. "Yeah, me too."

"I wished before that your eighteenth birthday will be at the exclusive bar. Just like my birthday last month." She stated. Giving me a wonderful idea to fulfill what I am wanting.

"What if we go to the bar?" I asked.

She looks at me with confused eyes. "Huh? When? Are you gonna escape your party? That's crazy."

"Of course not! I appreciate Mom's hard work for my party. I don't want her to be sad. What I'm trying to say is we can go to the bar after the party."

"Oh, that's great!" She giggled.

We finished our class and went straight to our house.

I'm about to go inside our house when I received a call from my suitor.

"Daile." I started.

"Happy birthday!" He greeted.

I smiled. He's been my friend since I was in senior high school. He's kind and handsome so I let him be my suitor when he confessed his feelings to me.

"Thank you. Are you coming?"

"Yes! I will."

"Okay, since your coming. You should join us tonight."


"At the bar. I will have an after-party. Since my mom didn't put alcoholic drinks there."

I heard him laughed. "Yeah, I'll join with you. I'm won't let you alone, drunk."

"Okay, so you going to be my bodyguard?"

"Your night shining armor maybe?"

That's so cheesy.

"Okay, I'll go to hang out now. See you later." I said and cut the call.

I started to walk inside the house and saw many people doing stuff for my birthday. I smile at them and say thank you in my mind even though they doing my not ideal party.

I opened my room door and found Mom inside. She is holding my pink-glittery gown.

"Moriya, you should rest. The party will start at eight." She reminded me and went out of my room.

I nodded and go inside. I also lock my door to make sure she will never come back again.

I look at my gown. And find it cute, just cute. So I just look cute on it.

"You look pretty, Moriya." Mommy praised me when I went out of my room together with the two maids and one makeup artist who helped me.

"Thanks, Mom."

I smiled at her and walk downstairs when the master of a ceremony called my name. As I walk, I saw my friends, classmates, relatives, and my parent's business partners looking and smiling at me.

Daddy hold my hand and lead me to a gold and shining chair. He greeted me and kissed my cheek.

After some formal and decent and happenings in the party. I decided to talk to Charrie who's busy chatting with my other classmates.

"Charlie I'm just going to change my clothes and after that, then we will go to the bar," I whispered to her ear.

"Okay, by the way, some of our classmates will arrive too."

I nodded and was about to turn around when she holds my arm. "Do you have permission from your parents?" Her question made me froze.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll be the one who's responsible for that. So, go and wear sexy clothes."

I felt relieved and realized that she can make a nice plot for mom and dad just to let me.

"Woah!" Daile exclaimed as he saw me out of the house wearing a fitted backless dress.

"You look so gorgeous, Mori," Charrie added.

I just thanked them and let them drive me to the bar.

"Happy Legality, Moriya!!!" Everyone shouts when we start drinking at the exclusive bar.

"I didn't know that you will have an after-party," Daile said and rested his arm on my back. I didn't mind it and just continue drinking.

"Yeah, this is my real party. This is my Legality party." After that, I take a shot. I want to be drunk tonight. I am of legal age.