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What can I do about you?

What can I do about you?




Anna- 17 years,cute,shy,only child of her parents Dan- 18 years,handsome,tall, a guy all girls crave for. Anna transfered from an all girls school to Magis high school due to some reasons, where she met Dan who all girls all have theirs eyes on who she doesn't trip for a bit.

Anna's POV~

Oh my God!!! Am late for school. It's 7:30am and I haven't had my bath not breakfast,how come I slept so much. Seems I need to get an alarm.I must be so exhausted from yesterday's lessons... I got up from bed,said my morning prayers.... ran to the bathroom....brushed my teeth....had my bath....Jeez, my uniform isn't ironed, seems I got to wear them like that.I mopped my body dry.....put on my school uniform.... brushed my hair and dabbed some makeups on. Immediately I packed my books into my school bag then I ran downstairs with full speed... "Anna" called out mum. "Won't you have your breakfast before leaving for school". No, late. I ll make sure I eat at school during lunch. Bye mum... See you later!!

Girls high school is an all girls school as the name implies. Brenda was my best friend and the only friend I had. I really had a good life at Girls High school. No boys,no disturbance - disturbance which I've never even experienced. I don't even know a thing about how boys behave.Just imagine a school without boys in it. Sometimes, I think mum just decided to bring me here because of what happened between her and my dad. Since then she never trusted any man. She believed men were all the same- cheats,liars. My mum has alway acted as a mother as well as a father,I believe she doesn't want me to have anything to do with boys for now. All I should face for now was to excel in my academics. So..... Girls High School is the best for me!!

There's this guy living close to my house, Micheal. He looked so nice and everything, each time,I catch him taking glances at me. I knew he wanted to make friends but I didn't give him a chance. I really don't want any guy in my life irrespective of who he is or what kind of relationship he wants with me. His mum is actually close to my mum though. Anytime am back from school, shes always at my house or vice versa- my mum at her house. They are just so close. One day, Mrs Jeremiah, Micheal's mum warned my mum about me going to an all girls school. She said it won't have a good benefit on me. My mum actually found this right. Because she also knows the bad effect of it. Then, she said I was going to transfer to a mixed school, which happened to be Micheal's school. I felt all heartbroken because all my life has been in Girls High school. I kept thinking how would I start all over again, making new friends, new classmates and on top all the so called disturbances. She said I wouldn't feel like a stranger there since Micheal was there. "The Micheal I don't even get along with, I said". She said we would surely get along. I was going to transfer by weekend...OMG... That's so early. Hmm I was really transferring to a mixed school. Heard from Brenda the school is full of cute boys...Duhh.. who cares actually..."Don't have time for shits", I said.

My mum and I decided to check out the school the next day. "Mum, I didn't even ask for the name of the school... What is it?". Anna, my mum called. The name of the school is "Magis High school". "Hmm,sounds cool", I said. We got to the school at the wrong time... Eww... By their break time. All eyes were on me. I heard different murmurings......"She's a transfer student". "Oh my goodness, shes gorgeous". "Her breast is not big enough".. how can a guy be so rude and disgusting.... Even heard one of the most annoying from a guy-"Not my type at all".He was tall, handsome, seemed bossy. Who even wants to be his type. I hissed. This school is just filled with nuisances. I just have to cope with all this. Then I saw Micheal, he caught me looking bad at the guy. He greeted me for the first time in my life and in his life. "Hi,cutie" then I turned to look and replied "Hi" that's all. He said,"How do you find my school". I said, the school looks nice though,but someone just annoyed me. "Oh, that guy right" he said. He's name is Dan. Every girl wants him in this school, but still never have seen his type... But don't worry you have me, I can be your friend... "Hm that will be nice", I said.

My mum and I got to the admin office. I was given a list of science books to get at the bookshop.Oh before I forget, I'm a science student, the ones people believed to have the biggest brains... Also we purchased the school uniform-short black skirt and a blue shirt compared to my former school which was a dress,school customized stockings- long and black with also a school shoe - black also. The school rules and regulations were handed over to me, I read it through. I was shown my locker and given a key. I was asked to resume the next Monday. "What a dope school", I said in my mind. Think I would love this!!!