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Five Reason Why I Will Never Get Married

Five Reason Why I Will Never Get Married

Author:Miss J95


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Fenni angula use to think love is all you need for your marriage to wor that was until her parents got divorced she learned that marriage is not that easy. So she vow to never get married. Elisha's mberi believe that one should always be faithful to their partner no matter what.

I looked at my parents as I sat across them at the breakfast table I was wondering why they were acting as if everything was fine seriously who would believe them with their acting even a toddler could tell. I will find it funny if I was not angry with them their marriage have been broken for five months now and they are still pretending to be in love what they take me for a fool i was really pissed of .

I found out about three months ago that they marriage was not the same that day i came home early to find mom on the phone with my aunt my dad older sister telling her how she can't take it anymore if it wasn't for me she would have divorced dad a month ago i was shocked so I ran out of the house before she noticed i was there i went to the park that is near our house and cry my eyes out I can't believe my parents marriage is broken and they have been pretending all this time am I so naive that i didn't even notice those changes what a fool I have been.

I left the park and return home acting as if i don't know anything and hopping they will tell me about it how wrong was I they kept their act so I decided to bust their bubble . I looked at them and said can't you guys quit acting aren't you tired if you are not I am tired of watching just divorce it is tiring to watch you act it's not even entertaining they both looked at me like I grew another head mom gave me a smile that said what are you talking about.

I looked at them and said I know you are pretending to be in love I found out three months ago so you can quit the act mom sighed and stood up she came to sit next to me honey how did you find out I looked at her is that even important mom how long were you planning to keep this from me ? mom i am not a child anymore I'm already 15 years mom can you stop treating me as if I am baby .

honey we were just worried that this will stress you we know how you always believe that our marriage will last forever we didn't want you disappointed in us .mom i will be more disappointed if you lie to me than when you tell me the truth i will never force you to be together if you don't want.

We are sorry sweetie is just that we didn't want you to think we will not love you after we divorce dad gave a small smile and look away feeling guilty . Dad I know that you will always love me no matter what so you don't have to do this i rather you get divorced while you are still on good terms. after that day my parent divorced dad moved out of the house while I stayed with mom and that is the day i stopped believing that marriage was forever so i decided to never get married.

I thought why get married if you will end up divorcing one day better stay single and depend on my self. Oh! I almost forgot to introduce myself my name is Fenni Angula I am the only child of David Angula and Helen Keller my dad is a lawyer while mom is event manager well mom actually took up a job after divorcing she use to be a house wife I guess she never thought she will get divorced one day but that is a story for another day.

when I was younger i use to love wedding and a lot of my auntie made me their flower girl i use wish that I was already a grown woman so i could also get married just the thought of falling in love and getting married will have me smiling for a month so naive. I never thought that maintain your marriage you have to sacrifice some things and compromise at that age everything seem so simple a child's mind was simple after all. Well as i grew so was my understanding of marriage it turns out marriage is not as simple as I thought there are many side to marriage that i didn't know.

As the year passed so is my dislike for marriage grow i watch as people who use to tell each other i love you fight each other i court were did the love go and why fall in love in the first place ridiculous. I always believed that one should never waste time on things that will not last. If you marry someone you vow to spend all your life with that person divorcing you are breaking you vow.