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That Badass Girl Reborn!

That Badass Girl Reborn!



Shen Yanxi had once thought that she could fulfill her mother's wishes as long as she tolerate others. But it turned out that others were even more unscrupulous to torture them until their lives were doomed. Now that she was reborn, she was determined to make those bullies pay! With the memory from her previous life, she offered to make a deal with Jin Hao. However, the man was uninterested in her offer but was interested in her body. "Tell me, how much do you want?" "Five hundred thousand. If you give it to me, I'll leave immediately." "The money is yours. But don't ever think about leaving."

In the remote suburbs, there was a faint cry for help from an abandoned factory accompanied by the sound of nails scratching the wooden board. The air was so eerie that it would send chills down one's back in the quiet night.

At this moment, Shen Yanxi was kneeling inside a sealed wooden coffin as her body struggled to support the wooden board on top of her head. Her hands were constantly digging through the tiny cracks between the wooden boards. Even when her fingers were worn to the point where they were dripping with blood, she was still digging with all her might.

"Hurry up, you need to be faster."

She kept murmuring in her heart as she used the the pain to prevent her from fainting.

Because she knew what would happen to her mother once she fell unconscious.

The stuffy space was suffocating, and her nose was filled with the smell of rotten wood as well as the stench of rotting corpses. The darkness seemed to work wonders in breaking her remaining consciousness little by little.

She felt dizzy and was on the verge of collapse. Just as she was about to faint, the wooden coffin opened in an instant and two people grabbed her arm and dragged her out.

A beam of blinding light hit her eyes. She was happy at the thought of having her freedom, but she was disheartened when she saw their familiar faces.

"Heh! As expected of a lowly life. It's been two days, yet you're still alive?"

The person who spoke was none other than her half-sister, Shen Meilin.

She was a beautiful girl with an elegant and pleasant voice. She looked harmless, but only Shan Yanxi knew how vicious she truly was.

"Where's my mom? What did you do to her?"

Her arms were pressed down and she was forced to kneel on the ground. However, her eyes were still full of hatred when she raised her head.

When she received the news that her mother was seriously ill a few days ago, she hurried back from the foreign exhibition only to find that it was just a plot by Shen Xiaolin.

Not only did Shen Meilin steal the results of her design, but she also blamed her for the crime of theft. Shen Meilin even threatened to kill her mother if she didn't admit to her crimes in front of the media.

She could only endure the humiliation and lose her reputation since it was related to her mother's safety. However, she could not save herself.

However, she fell into yet another trap before she could fulfill her promise.

Shen Meilin's eyes were full of disdain as she looked at Shen Yanxi, who was crouching at her feet. Her lips were slightly raised and there was a vicious smile in her eyes.

"You're already half dead, but you still care about that greedy bitch? You're really a b*tch and a good-for-nothing like your mother."

"You're not allowed to slander my mother!" Shen Yanxi shouted angrily.

"If she hadn't been deceived that year, how could a kind woman turn out to be a homewrecker? And how could I have become an illegitimate daughter?"

"The Shen family has gone too far. Not only did they ruin my mother's reputation, but they also forced us into a dead end!"

Her education, honour, and even her husband and everything that she cherished had all been snatched away by Shen Meilin. However, she could only silently accept all of this because her mother felt guilty for everything that had happened.

Although they had already given up everything, her mother's life was still threatened!

Shen Meilin's heart was burning with jealousy when she looked at the breathtakingly beautiful face in front of her. The calm expression that she struggled to maintain gradually became twisted.

"Humph! What do you mean by slander?"

Shen Meilin lifted her foot and stomped heavily on the back of Shen Yanxi's hand in high heels.

Shen Yanxi held her breath as the heart-wrenching pain swept through her whole body in an instant. She was about to resist when she heard Shen Meiling's threatening voice above her head.

"Don't you want to see your mother?"

Shen Yanxi's body shook and she looked like a wounded animal on the brink of death.

Enjoying Shen Yanxi's pained look, Shen Meilin stepped away in satisfaction and slowly wiped away the blood stains on her high heels. There was a trace of cruelty in her beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

"Since you're so obedient to me, I can't go back on my word."

Shen Xixi's eyes flashed when she heard this and she swore to take her mother to a faraway place in her heart.

At this time, Shen Meilin stretched out her index finger and pointed to a place not far away.

Just then, Shen Yanxi realized that it was the wooden coffin that she had been locked up in and she suddenly had a bad feeling.

"Actually, I have already reunited you with your mother a few days ago. What do you think? Are you happy?"

Shen Meilin's smile was vicious and void of any kindness.

Shen Yanxi's eyes widened and she was filled with fear.


She ran madly to the wooden coffin and looked at her mother, who was tightly wrapped in white cloth, and her heart seemed to be torn apart.

Shen Meilin felt extremely pleased when she heard her sister's anguished cry. She then continued to add insult to injury.

"She asked me to let you go, and she promised that she would do anything."

"Well, she jumped off the building in the end. Don't you think that she's stupid?"

"Shen Meilin, I'm going to kill you!"

Shen Yanxi's eyes were furious as she pounced on Shen Meilin. However, a gunshot sounded before she could touch her sister and her broken body crashed to the ground.

She had once thought that she could get the peace that her mother wanted if they tolerated everything. However, it turned out that her sister would become even more vicious as time went on and her life was doomed to end.

At the end of her life, she swore to herself that she would never tolerate anything ever again if she were to be reborn in the next life.

She was going to change her ways compeletely and never give anyone a chance to hurt her!