Let’s Read The Word

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Author:Z Cr4vinz



"I found you. I gave you time. Now there's no letting go" he growls and I found myself confused but intrigued. "Why do you speak in such riddles. Mr. Night" I mock and his hands tighten around my waist. "Well. If you want it in simpler terms. You. are. Mine" My name is Blue. My life was pretty normal. No parents, some guardians, a job at their restaurant. You know. Everyday stuff. Little did I realize that one man would come in the form of a king. A dangerous king, to take me away to his kingdom. That's when I observed, that I was Loved By The Mafia King.

Blue's POV

Wiping tables and serving customers displayed perfectly how I spent my Saturday And Sundays.

The Yummy's was probably the oldest diner in the small town. The couple who owned it were the kindest I've ever met, offering me a place to stay after my parents died.

Blue Solovan, my name. Long black hair. Pale brown eyes. Slim figure.


No normal eighteen years old should go through what I went through but it is what it is.


Ten more minutes and I'm gone.


Turning my head towards the door I raise an eyebrow towards a very handsome man who enters.

This diner was popular. Sure. But not to his type of people. Expensive suit, pitch—black hair, shiny shoes, costly Cologne that I could smell from a mile away. He was well built and his height was quite inhumane. He had a cold look on his face with a scar that ran from his eye to his nose. Everything about him screamed dangerous...demanding even and it sent shivers down my spine.

Looking around, his eyes landed on me and I felt myself wanting to cower away. When his eyes met mine, a small gasp left my mouth. Everyone knew who he was. Theodore Night.

The most dangerous man in Alfador City.

T H E O 'S P O V

It was finally time. Time to get what was mine.

I have to admit that I was probably being selfish. Dragging my innocent little kitten into this world of mine, but ever since my eyes landed in her, mmm, I couldn't get my mind off of her. Hence the reason why she will be mine.

Alfador City isn't my home, I claim to be on business trips all the time when really, I just come to see my kitten. So now, entering the diner she worked at, I intended to get my kitten and leave.

The warm atmosphere hits me and my eyes search for her. When it finds her she's already staring at me. Her black hair was pulled into a tight ponytail and her dress was just a little too short. Men in the diner weren't blind, they could surely see what I see. I scowled slightly and meet her eyes. Her mouth drops open and a look of fear crosses her eyes. I frown at this and walk to the table near the back.

She finishes with the other couples smiling kindly, at some points even letting out a small laugh. She begins walking towards me, obviously nervous. She pulls out her notepad and avoids eye contact.

"W—welcome, what would you l—like?" My frown turns deeper as she stammers and she stands there looking everywhere but at me.

"Look at me," I demanded. She seems alarmed at this but looks at me anyway.

She's even more beautiful up close. Green eyes and a completely flawless face. She was quite slim, but that certainly didn't affect her waist.

"Yes?" She snapped, most likely realizing I was checking her out.

I smirked and asked her to repeat the question.

"I asked, what would you like?" She repeats.