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Farming Life With A Stranger

Farming Life With A Stranger



As a new era woman in the 21st century, she said that she didn't like time travel at all. Without him, it was just because the life in ancient times was too bitter. Without a computer, an air conditioner, and a mobile phone, it would be difficult for her to even start a fire and cook. However, she did not expect that the last thing she wanted to do would happen, and that it would allow her to time-travel to the era of the most primitive ancestors, the Desolate Era. When he thought of those primitive people who were so sloppy that they didn't even wear beast clothes, he suddenly had a headache. And what about the grim-faced chief? He actually showed a smile like a spring breeze. F*ck... it's very scary, okay? There was a hint of pride hidden in the eyes of a certain clan leader. "Since you've been exchanged by me, you're mine. Don't try to avoid me for the rest of your life!"

In a daze, Tao Ran felt as if his body had been crushed by a big truck. It was extremely painful. What was worse was that his head was still dizzy, and the words of others were constantly ringing in his ears.

Tao Ran struggled to hold back the discomfort and opened his eyes, but he was stunned by the scene in front of him.

There were only a few scattered pieces of the pitch-black night sky, just under the moonlight. In front of them was a plain, and there were more than ten women by his side. What caused him to feel shocked was the clothes on their bodies. There were actually only a few pieces of animal fur hanging around their bodies, surrounding their important parts.

She had only seen such a primitive appearance on TV, but what was she like now? Why did she suddenly appear here?

Before Tao Ran had time to recall, the pain in her mind came again. She could not think about it. She fell to the ground, covering her head with her hands and groaning in pain.

The strange phenomenon soon attracted the group members' attention.

"Chief, this woman is really unknown. It seems that I don't know if she can survive tonight."

The speaker was a man with a pointed face and triangular eyes. He was the only one in the Li Clan who knew about herbs, so he served as the Li Clan's ritualist and had a very important position in the clan.

The clan leader of the Li Clan was a man who was about thirty years old. Due to the long period of hunting, his muscles were developed, and there were even a few scars on his face, showing his illustrious battle achievements. When he heard the sacrificial words, he glanced at the woman who was hugging her head on the ground in pain.

This woman was picked up by them on the way to the plain. They originally thought that they could take her back to give birth to children for the young people in the clan, but it seemed that this woman could not bear it.

"We just picked up this woman as a sacrifice. When the sun rises and we walk to the location of the transaction on the plains, we'll sell her for salt." The clan leader of the Li Clan opened his mouth and laughed. His sinister smile caused everyone to be stunned. They all lowered their heads and didn't dare to look at him.

"The Patriarch is right." The man named Harry laughed softly. He no longer cared about the fact that he was lying on the ground. Instead, he followed the Patriarch and lay down on the ground to rest.

Now that the fallen leaves had turned yellow, it proved that they were not far from the snowy day. They had to go to the eight sunrise and sunset trading places to exchange salt before the snowy day arrived.

One must know how important salt was in this era. They had mastered some ways to preserve meat, and salt was the prerequisite. So every year when the leaves turned yellow, they would come to the trading place of the plain for exchange of salt. Only if the salt was enough, they would not starve in this snowy day, and they could make it smoothly through this snowy day.

This time, they set off to take away half of the young people in the clan in order to hunt more on the road, so that when they arrived at the trading place, there would be enough food to exchange salt with them. Tao Ran was picked up on the road because women were worth something, and this place was not far from the plain, so the people in the clan agreed to take Tao Ran with them.

In addition to Tao Ran, there were also a few women. Among them, they were the ones who had robbed the women of other tribes, so there were only a dozen of them.

Tao Ran's headache eased a lot after several minutes. At this time, he had lost his strength and was lying on the ground, gasping for breath, constantly digesting the information in his mind.

Did she time-traveled to the Desolate Era?

"Let's go, let's get up..."

Before Tao Ran had time to digest the information in his mind, he was shouted by the police. At the same time, he had a whip on his body, and he quickly opened his eyes in pain.