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The Prince and His Sex Slave

The Prince and His Sex Slave




Nadia's fate was sealed the moment she was born. She was born in the courtesan community, who solely existed to please the king and other royalties in the palace. Her family loved their profession and the riches that they amassed from their kinky exploits. Nadia, however, yearned for a normal life with a simple guy, growing vegetables and cooking gourmet delicacies, being the foodie she was. Ian was the young Prince of a powerful kingdom who was popular for two things: his conquests on the battlefield and those in the bed. He was proud of his ability to turn any woman into a sex addict, that is until he met Nadia.


Is she for real? Did she really say no to me?! I was the hottest guy in the kingdom, rich and powerful. All my life I have only met smitten women who liked to flatter me or beg for more. They meant nothing to me but bodies to conquer and move onto the next.

This woman was born in a pleasure house. What else does she think she existed for? I called her into my room to punish her for disobeying me yesterday. I expected her to have a good reason for refusing my offer.

"Please, sir! I will send my sister to you." Her eyes were brimming with tears like her worst nightmares had come true.

I pinned her to the wall and caged her between my arms, with our bodies separated only by a few inches. She was scared—stiff to move as if it was a sin if her body accidentally grazed against mine. Her reluctance only made my cock grow hard, very hard.

"Look at me!"

She lifted her face with large pleading eyes and quivering lips. Damn! I want to bite those plump lips.

"It will take me only a minute to taint you, Nadia Naadiya, whatever your name is."

Her brows furrowed in apprehension.

"It will be easier if you submit and not act like some 'don't—touch—my—virgin—pussy' saint."

"But why me? You know you can have anyone you want."

I rubbed my nose against her soft cheek.

"Anyone?? Why didn't you show up yesterday? You got no respect for your Prince?"

Tears were streaming down her cheek, and she turned her face away. I lightly kissed the spot below her earlobe, causing her to tremble more.

"Answer me! And stop with these tears. They aren't going to melt me."

"I— I didn't know that you w—would notice." She averted my gaze.

"Well, I did. All those things you are passionate about, you can do them in your free time. I won't stop you. But I need you in my bed."

"What would you lose if you make an exception for once? You got so many options, much better ones."

"You are a courtesan who turned 18. There can be no exceptions."

"I am no good. I got no clue how to please you. And I DON'T WANT to be trained by those skanky women!"

"Are you yelling at me right now, Nadia?" I pulled her close to me and locked her in my embrace. She writhed in my arms, struggling to loosen my grip. She stopped moving and her eyes widened for a second when she felt my hardness press into her.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her down to look at the floor.

"What?" She asked, looking confused. I took her hand into mine and made her feel my erection.

"You turn me on like crazy. I have to have you, and I will have it no other way." I brushed my lips against hers.

"Will you let me go if I suck you?" She asked, looking at me in anticipation.

She was full of surprises. I pushed her onto my bed.

"That's not what I want. I want to eat you, make you moan."


She tried to crawl out of my grip, but I had her pinned to the bed and pressed my body against hers. I slipped my hand into her panties.


It was dripping wet. I wanted to destroy that pussy by pounding it endlessly.

Not today.

I didn't want to rape her. I wanted her to beg me for it.

"Please, let me go." She placed those small palms of her hands against my chest and pushed me hard.

"Sure, after I make you cum."

"I n..." I closed her mouth with my hand before she could protest. Her eyes reflected fear as if I said I was going to kill her.

I kissed her neck while rubbing my thumb on her clit. She whimpered softly. She clawed at the bedsheets, sighing and gasping when I pumped my fingers in her. I grabbed her by her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed and got on my knees. I swirled my tongue around her soaking pussy, sucking and licking her deep while rubbing her clit. A loud moan escaped her and it made my cock throb.

God! If she moans so loud for just this, the roof will come down when I push her against the wall and take her from the back. I trailed my tongue up and kissed her belly button while fingering her pussy. She moaned again, her back arching and glutes raising up in the air.

I went back down to eat her some more. She tugged at my hair and screamed in pleasure. I stopped to torment her. She gave me a shocked look, her eyes begging me to continue.

"Will you come to me when I ask for you?"

She clutched the bedsheets again but didn't respond. I slowly circled those delicious pink lips of her core with my fingers and tugged at her clit with my lips.

"Yes or no??"

"Y—yes, yes! Please don't stop."

"You will take part in group sex?"

"I don't want to!!"

"Say it."

"I want it!"

"What do you want?"

"I want you to eat my pussy and not stop until I cum."

I inserted two fingers inside her and caught her juices with my tongue. She threw her head back, asking me to not stop. Convulsing with moans rupturing out constantly, she wrapped her legs around my shoulders and moved in a quick rhythm against my tongue. She shuddered and let out a loud, satisfied moan before her body relaxed. I cleaned up with my tongue, feeling giddy with excitement.

I moved up and restrained her wrists, not wanting to let her leave.

"Can I go now, please!" She was breathing heavily. Her cheeks were turning deep red when I looked into her eyes.

"Are you blushing?" I bit her cheek hard and then kissed it.

"You may go." I moved away from her. I needed to cool off. "Ask your sister to get here right now," I told her before she walked out of the door.

"And tell her to bring a whip."