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Beta Alpha‘s mate-sizanokuhl

Beta Alpha‘s mate-sizanokuhl




Do you ever feel like you are not good enough for someone? Well that’s the kind of life I’m living right now. Zabrina Hastings is a lonely human girl,well that’s what everyone thought, believed that the moon goddess made a mistake creating her. Meet ken He despises humans. But how will he react when the moongoddess pairs him up with a human? Join zabrina and ken as they discover their fate..

Zabrina's pov

Today we are having are grand welcoming party for the alpha's son Xavier and his Beta Ken . Everyone one is preparing themselves, especially those slutty girls with the fake boobs and skimpy tight dresses that dont even reach their thighs. Heavy make up that makes them look like clowns.

My name is Zabrina Hastings. I'm 5'2 with long black hair and crystal ble eyes. I have a cuvy body and a slim waist. Big ass but not that big. I have two siblings. Zoe, my elder sister and Alex my younger brother. My family never showed any affection towards me. When Zoe was born they were happy but disappointed because they wanted a boy but they still loved her. But when i was born they were really sad and disappointed, they wanted a boy because if i was a boy they would have gotten the Delta title. So they hated me and mistreated me. When Alex was born he was treated like a king. My parents were very happy,which also made me happy. I love my parents very much no matter what they do they will always be my parents.

As i was saying the alpha's son is coming today and there's going to be a big party. I really want to go to the party but i don't know if my parents would allow me to go. *sighs*

*knock on the door*

I rushed to the door. "Yes mom, do you need anything?"I said."What can i possibly need from a lousy person like you?"she scoffs. I stood still. "The Alpha has announced that he wants all the teenagers to go to the party tonight, including you, now wear something nice and dont embrass the family" she said then left.

What? Did my mom just tell me that i'm allowed to go to the party? I made a happy dance like a five year old who just got a new doll. What am i gonna wear? I decided on a black jean, white top and my black and white superstar. I let my long white hair loose.

I exited my room and went down stairs. My house is a two story house with six bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room. I didn't see anyone so i guess everyone already left. I made my way to the pack. Oh! I forgot! I'm a werewolf, and yes they do exist. We live in packs in the forests away from the human world. An alpha is the leader of a pack, a Beta is the second in command and a Delta or Gamma is the third in command. My family is the delta family. On your 16th birthday you are expected to shift. Shifting is when you connect with your wolf and you become one. I'm 17 and i haven't shifted yet, which is also the reason i am a disgrace to my family and the whole pack. Nobody ever pays attention to me, which is why i have no friends, i'm just a lone wolf.

I made my way to the pack house and it was nicely decorated. It looked like a teenage party, the soon to be alpha is eighteen so i understand. Everybody was having fun,the music was blasting loud. I searched for my family. But i couldnt find them. So i decided to sit on the bench under a tree. I sat quietly and watched everyone having fun, that was until my peace was disturbed...


Zabrina's pov

I sat queitly and watched everyone have fun, until i was disturbed..

"I, Alpha Blade Moon, Alpha of the Blood Moon pack is very happy today, first my son Xavier and his future Beta Ken came back to the pack today after two years of Alpha training in the south. Second, today i am stepping down as Alpha of the Blood Moon pack and handing over the power and title to none other than my son Xavier Moon." There were gasps and whistles. Then people bowed down in respect of the new alpha, beta and of course my brother the delta. I was happy for them and my brother of course.

Xavier's pov

I am very happy to be back home with my family and being alpha of course. Finally those hard alpha trainings, sweats and tears finally paid off. After my father declared me as alpha, I had to address my people as their new alpha. "Hi, as all of you know me as Xavier, today I stand before all of you as Alpha Xavier Moon of the Blood Moon pack, i'm still the same Xavier all of you know and love. I promise to be a good alpha, brother and father to all of you. I'll try my best to handle and guide and protect the pack just like my father, Alpha Blade did. I ask all of you to help me, guide me in order for our pack to be the strongest and successful. Thank you everyone and let's enjoy the party."

Today is the start of a new era of my life. I'm an alpha now and I must start stepping up and lead my people. I'm on my way to my beta Ken, he's my best friend, he's been there with me through thick and thin. He's seen me cry, he's seen me laugh.

I got off the stage and strode towards my beta. As I passed by, my pack members all bowed and greeted me. Ken and I talked and drank for a while. Werewolves don't get drunk very easily, so I was not drunk. I noticed a young girl, I think she's at the age of eighteen. She was sitting alone far away from the crowd. I was about to go and talk to her when a scent of vanilla and chocolate hit me. My wolf, was acting weird today. Anyways I followed the scent until I reached a beautiful girl with curves all in the right places. She had long beautiful legs. Her brown hair covered her face. She wore a yellow beach dress with white flats. She looked so beautiful, i've never seen a woman as beautiful as her all my life. Our eyes locked "MATE" my wolf said. "Hi" I said, "my name is Xavier". She giggled and her laughter was music in my ears. I felt like I was in heaven. "I know, my name is Zoe Hastings, first child of the delta family" she said. Her angelic voice sent shivers down my spine. Finally i''ve found my soulmate, my heart beat. "Mate,mate go to mate, mark mate"my annoying wolf said. "I"m not annoying you stupid fool,look you embarassing me infront of mate" I rolled my eyes at my wolf. Zoe and I talked and I learned that she has two siblings and her brother is my gamma. I announced her to the pack as their Luna and my pack members welcomed her.