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Villainess Series 1: Bullying the Male lead

Villainess Series 1: Bullying the Male lead




Suxin followed the original plot and played the green-tea villainess role well. But why can't she just die in peace?!"Bai Suxin, why are you so cruel?"

Two years ago, I was your typical 8—5 office worker. But one day, I woke up in an ancient bed wearing an ancient Chinese dress.

For a few months, I felt like I was living in a nightmare. Every night I cried myself to sleep. What happened to me was impossible and ridiculous. I wish it was just one of the prank that my siblings used to set me up.

"My lady, Eunuch Xu came. The princess is inviting you again to the palace."

Jin'er, the loyal maid and friend of this body, presented the letter in front of me. I didn't bother to take it from her. I continued sipping my tea.

I transmigrated into a romance novel called "Emperor and I" that my friend recommended to me. Even though, the plot was nothing special, this novel has million readers and has the highest rating in the web novel app.

After conquering the Chu Empire, the male lead met the female lead and fell inlove at first sight. It was a sadomasochistic love story.

Li Han, the male lead, the fourth prince of the Li Empire pursued the enemy princess, Chu Wanwan, the female lead, the second princess of the Chu Empire. Despite being a prisoner, under the fourth prince's protection, Princess Wanwan lived a comfortable life inside the palace. And this cause a lot of rumor in the entire empire.

Of course, after experiencing heaven and hell together, Princess Wanwan couldn't help but also fall for Prince Li Han. At the end, Li Han became the emperor and Chu Wanwan was crowned as the empress.

And they lived happily ever after. The end.

My mouth twitched at the boring plot.

Jin'er gently combed my long hair, her lips keep moving. This girl talks a lot. Her eyes sparkled, showing her admiration to her master.

"My lady is so beautiful. You look like a fairy in this white dress. I'm sure the princes and the princess will be stunned again at your beauty."

I placed my hand at Jin'er's. As usual, she assisted me inside the carriage.

Two years had passed since I came here, yet I still can't get used to carriages. At first, every time, I traveled, I was overwhelmed with nausea and dizziness. But now, it's not that bad and vomit my large and small intestines out.

Ahg! I will exchanged anything for a car!

The ride to the grand palace took one hour. If I didn't wear make—up, I'm sure my pale face will be visible, and Jin'er will get worried again.

"Lady Bai, you're here!" Li Cha squealed. Princess Li Cha, the seventh princess of the Li Empire excitedly dragged me to the Rose Garden.

The seventh princess of the Li Empire was the pushover best friend of Bai Suxin. She's a cannon fodder and her ending was not that great. In the novel, she was sent to the Du Empire for marriage alliance. And her husband was the ambitious Du prince, Du Kai.

"What are you waiting for? Fetch."

Even from afar, I could hear the laughter of the princes.

"Tenth brother, we're here."

I put my hands on my side, bowed my head and slightly fold my knees to greet the princes respectfully.

"Lady Bai, I told you, we're friends. No need for formality." The crown prince, Li Rui smiled at me. His cheeks tinted, he was blushing again.

"Crown prince brother, stop staring at Lady Bai. Hmp."

"I—I'm not staring."

"You did."

The two continued arguing for few minutes. And in the end, Li Cha won.

"Oh, he's here."

Everyone grinned. The person who had a rattan ball on his hand came near us. Eyes on the ground, with a guarded expression and lean stature, the fifteen years old fourth prince, Li Han respectfully presented the ball to Li Rui.

The male lead has a tragic childhood. Before Li Han became the emperor, he grew up being bullied by his half—siblings and has a nickname of "Dog Prince."

Li Rui smirked, he took the ball then he threw it in the lake. Everyone burst into laughter.

With a hardened expression, Li Han unhesitatingly jumped into the lake to fetch the ball, just like a trained dog.

It's almost winter. So the water must've been so cold.

After few minutes, drenched in cold water, Li Han presented the ball with trembling hands to Li Rui.

Li Rui holding his stomach, was laughing his lungs out. "Good boy." Satisfied, Li Rui invited us to his courtyard to play.

After everyone left, Li Han dropped into his knees. I walked towards him, then stood in front of the shivering male lead.

I transmigrated five years before the plot started. When Li Han was still hiding his true nature and ambition and when he was still being bullied.

This body belongs to Bai Suxin, the green tea villainess, eldest daughter of Left Prime Minister Bai. From childhood, Bai Suxin like the other princes, enjoys bullying Li Han. In the novel, Li Han loathed everyone and Bai Suxin was a special case. He hated her to the bones. And her ending, Li Han personally gave her a poisoned tea.

"Tsk. So pitiful."

Removing the thick white coat on my shoulder, I carelessly dropped it to his shaking shoulder.

Jin'er frowned. "My lad—." I signed her to stop. Jin'er pouted, extremely dissatisfied.

"I told you. I don't need your pity." With gritted teeth, Li Han looked up and his piercing eyes shot like a dagger.