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Love Can Destroy

Love Can Destroy



General Romance

As Heir to one of the richest families in India, Disha Chatterjee was expected to study hard and follow in her families footsteps and Seattle 's best college Seattle's Heart was the perfect place for her to start. But there was an issue. A tall, fair and gorgeous issue, named Raj. Raj Shergill was arrogant, ruthless and as the leader of H4, feared by everyone. Everyone except Disha, who fell in love with him instantly. Years later, with his first love , Disha, by his side, Raj has become one of the wealthiest men in the world. With life giving Disha everything she could ever wish for, she begins to plane her future until Raj drops a bombshell that will change her life forever...

Disha Chatterjee ......

She is the heir of India's one of the richest families "Chatterjee group of industry" but always wanted to stay as a low profile girl during high school.

Anwesha Saha....

She is one of Disha's best friends from childhood.

Shekhar Shergill....

He is Raj Shergill's Cousin Shekhar Shergill, the COO of the Shergill Industry's and also one of Disha's closest friends.

Anish Samanta..

He is Disha's BFF Anish who was the heir of "Samanta Group" and also a great singer and always an idol for every girl's heart.

Divya Agarwal...

She is Disha's one of a best friends during her high school and a great model.

Sunny Shergill..

He is Raj Shergill's Cousin Sunny Shergill, the Assistant COO of the Shergill Industry's and also one of Disha's closest friends.

Raj Shergill...

He is the hottest and richest man in the world...every girl fell for him...

He is Raj Shergill The CEO of ''Shergill Industry's''. Every employee is afraid of him. Before joining the office he was the master devil in his high school life. Coming back from Seattle to India he became more and more serious about his job as a CEO of this big company.

But we have to find out what happened to him ?? why he changed so much?

Let's read the book to find out the mystery of his life .........

Disha pov.

Oh my god .....!!!! I shifted to Seattle and transferred to my new college with my bestie Anwesa .My BFF Anish read that same college. He is 1 year senior to me.

Anwesa, Anish and I are the best friends since we were in kindergarten school. I missed him for this 1 year.

Oh!!!! I forget to tell you about me .

I am Disha the eldest heir of the "Chatterjee Industry". I have one sister Eesha and one cousin Shan. These two idiots love me the most and I also love them from my heart. My father and My uncle always want me to take over the company after them so they sent me to Newcastle in West America to learn business management. Also, Anish And Anwesha came with me to learn business management. Our family want us to do it .We spent 4 years here without family so we decided to keep a low profile during school and college. We never accepted luxury in our life after coming to Newcastle.

Anish is a great singer till childhood and now he made up space in every girl's for himself. Everyone wanted him as their prince charming . Whole school and college students afraid of him because he was the Devil master in school and also in college . One year ago he shifted to Seattle to study in Seattle's biggest and popular college 'Seattle's heart'. This college had many subjects to choose and here we could choose modelling, singing, designing, dancing and also many things.

Anwesha is my childhood best friend. she always supports me from the very start of my life. She wanted to learn management and I also want to learn to modeling. But those are our second special subject in college because of our family.

After settling all things in our room Anwesha and I went to meet Anish at his apartment. He asked us to join the party for seniors. We agreed but we didn't have three invitation card for this .We had only one card so we sat down and planned how could we enter to college party .

After setting all things we went to our apartment to get ready . I wore a red gown with diamond earrings and a bracelet and I straightened my hair and did real makeup with shadow eyes and pinky lipstick after getting ready I looked at the mirror......" outstanding !!!!!! are looking so beautiful..." Anwesha said.

I looked at her she wore a white dress with two matching earrings and she did real makeup with black shades as eye shadow and half curled her hair .I looked at her she wore a white dress with two matching earrings and she did real makeup with black shades as eye shadow and half curled her hair . "You are looking Gorgeous!!!!" I said to her and at once we started laughing...

"You are looking Gorgeous!!!!" I said to her and at once we started laughing and just then we heard ''open-door.." . Anish was here. He said " come out fast I am waiting....and you are looking good" with a smile on his lips...He was looking so much handsome in this suit .

"stop staring at me and come out", he said with a smile. I slapped his shoulder and said "I am not staring at you are looking like a ..." .... "okay come out and stop fighting", Anwesha said laughing and cutting my words... I came out with Anwesha and Anish and then we drove to our destination party.

" Wow..... unbelievable" these two words slipped from my mouth when I looked at the college decoration. Anish managed the security guard and we slipped from the gate to the party hall... In the middle of the way "you are looking handsome," I muttered it in Anish's ear ....he smiled at me and I passed him ...the hall was filled with many girls and boys.."Anish you are looking fabulous...."every girl started yelling when he entered hall ..he acted like he didn't care and he looked at me and I saw he was going towards a boy who was looking like a prince charming in a black suit .

he acted like he didn't care and he looked at me and I saw he was going towards a boy who was looking like a prince charming in a black suit and just then a girl stumbled on me and the wine glass fell to the ground from my hand..." sorry, I am sorry.. please forgive me.." the girl said. She was wearing a black dress and she was looking good in it

"it's okay.. please be careful next time," I said to her with a smile." I am Divya and I think you are new here if you want any help please inform me," she said . "Yeah I will.. and please call me Disha," I said in reply. "Ok" after saying She left the place and now I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Disha" ..oh my god !! Anish was standing with handsome prince charming in front of me. "hello" I said. "Shekhar, she is my best friend Disha," Anish said to him and "Disha, he is one of my best friend Shekhar and also the most popular boy in college," Anish said now I could understand why everyone watching us . Anish started laughing seeing my expression..." shut up" I muttered feeling ashamed and I left the place walking towards the wine table...

"what you did, do you know how much it cost, bitch, my shoe get dirty for you," I hear the voice and noticed that a girl slapped Divya and said this to her ..."get lost " Disha said after reaching for Divya ."do you know who am I?? you little bitch .... don't interfere other's matter" that girl said and all of a sudden she threw her wine towards me. For my good luck only some wine fell at my dress and then a teardrop started to fall to my check silently without telling myself. At the same moment I felt a soft blazer on my shoulder ." how dare you to touch my friend, "Shekhar said suddenly covering my dress with his blazer. "if you dare again to do it again or bully her again or her friends then I can inform it that you will go against 'H 4' and you know what's the result will be" Anish yelled at her. "From now she is one of us " Shekhar said and indicated Anish to let me out of here. I don't know what's going on...what is 'H4'?????????why everyone afraid of them????

But now I am shocked. "Are you okay?" "don't afraid of anyone" " 'H4' are with you and your friends, don't worry," Shekhar and Anish said .....I only nodded my head. "Thank you Disha today all things happened only for me please forgive me.." Divya said and cried. "oi, it's Ok...okay need for sorry and after all we are friends" I hugged her and then I saw a real smile on her face ." you didn't know how happy I was ... I knew one day we would become best friends..." I smiled and watched her and hugged her also she was so afraid of those things I know . "ok let's gone go to a restaurant here .Today I want to give you all a treat because today I get a beautiful friend like her " Shekhar told indicating me . Everyone laughed and we left the college.

"Anish I am going with Disha to the dress shop . You three went ahead to 'opera'

Restaurant name

... "we would catch up with you as soon as possible" Shekhar said indicating me to get in the car and watched three of them get in Anish 's car and drove away. "let's go, "I told Shekhar. He started the car and we drove to the nearest dress shop.

After half an hour,

"Disha, try this one" Shekhar said indicating towards a white dress... For the first time, he talked after coming to the shop.....I didn't find any dress I felt bored and sat down and he went to find something for me ...after hearing his voice I replied "okay wait I am going to change " I went changing room and change in it ..."wow" I muttered unconsciously after seeing me at the mirror. The dress fit me and I was looking good in it... I came out" Shekhar, how am I looking like?", I asked him...

I came out" Shekhar, how am I looking like?", I asked him

"awesome...just like you", he said with a smile. "come on, we have to go they are waiting for us", I told ..."yea come" ...

"Toast to our new friendships"....."ha-ha," I said and laugh...."Disha don't drink more.. you are enough drunk" Anish and Anwesa said ..."no, I am not drunk.. please don't disturb me "

"Disha, please listen to me don't................." Shekhar said and I stopped him with my finger in his lip "shhhhh!!!! "... And I blacked out.....