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Love lost in translation

Love lost in translation




When John left his wife of seven years and their daughter for his mistress Lukonde; he set in motion the script that would forever be his son's life. His daughter from his first wife made it her mission to destroy that which her father held dearest to his heart; his son Sean. All Temwani wants is to complete her medical course and save lives. She hadn't counted on meeting Sean, falling in love and being the centre of a revenge plot nor that, he would be the bridge to a past she desperately wanted to forget. Experience sibling rivalry like never before.

  The orient blue BMW e39 M5 drove through the gates of the gated community. George Michael's careless whisper, played on the stereo as the car sped past luxurious villas. The driver, an elderly man in his sixties, donning the black chauffeur uniform, peeked at the rearview mirror and stole a look his young charge in the back of the car.

  Strapped in her seat was five-year-old Michelo Shetty Siamilonga.

  "Are you okay back there little Miss Mitchelo?"

  The girl, engrossed in her book of fairy tales nodded her head. Mitchelo was sweet and kind and always had enough energy for ten little kids. The driver, Mr Daka, drove through the electric gate of the Siamilonga villa. The girl looked out and her face lit up with excitement when she saw her fathers' white Chevrolet packed in front of the house. She jumped out of the car no sooner had Mr Daka parked and ran into the house. She had not seen her father for in months. He was in China for business and he had promised to bring for her a special gift when he returned.

  ''Little Miss Mitchelo, slow down,'' he called out but she was already inside the huge mansion. He chuckled and retrieved her bags from the back.

  She hurried up the stairs and rushed to her parent's room; her ponytail bouncing up and down. She was just about to open the door when her mothers' teary voice carried to her.

  "Why are you doing this to me?" her mother, Monica Shetty asked, her voice hoarse and shaky. The gorgeous Indian beauty's lips trembled as tears flowed down her flawless face from her big red-rimmed eyes.

  She was a simple, kind and loving stay at home housewife, who had sacrificed everything for her family. Her greatest and only ambitions in life was to be a good wife and mother who provided a warm home, her family looked forward to coming to.

  But now.

  "Why are you doing this to me, John? What did I do wrong? Tell me so that I can fix it. I will make it right..."

  Mitchelo slowly opened the door and peeped her head in just as her mother wiped away tears from her face. Her father stood with his back to the door.

  John Siamilonga was a doting husband and father that was why it came as a shock to the little girl when she saw her mother crying and him doing nothing.

  ''It's not you it's me...things just happened, Lukonde and I never...''

  ''No. No don't you dare mention her name to me. Don't you dare, John! If you say her name to me this will become real. I don't want this to be real. If you don't mention her name, it will all be but a bad nightmare.''

  ''Am sorry.''

  Monica laughed through her tears and covered her face.'' Sorry? Sorry? You are breaking my heart and you tell me sorry? Fine. What about our daughter? What about her John? Is she not working out too? What do I say to her?''

  ''We don't have to tell her immediately...,'' John began quietly.

  ''Oh yeah, 'cause it's what's best for you right? You are really a bastard John.''

  ''I'm just thinking of what's best for her.''

  Monica dropped her hands to her sides and stared at him hopelessly. She pulled the sexy blue lacy lingerie closer to her. She wanted to die out of mortification. When he had called her five hours earlier as she dropped off her daughter at the preschool and told her he was coming home, she had gone to work on herself.

  She had first gone to the spa and gotten herself a Brazilian wax. She had been dreamy. It was five months since she had last felt the touch of his hands on her skin or his hot breath in her as he whispered sweet nothings. She wanted to make the most of it. The spa had provided her with the full package, manicure, pedicure, the Brazilian wax and hairdo.

  As she had sat under the hairdryer, she had flipped through the spas lingerie magazine and ended up picking five sexy outfits. The midnight blue she wore as he broke her heart being her favourite.

  'What's best for her,'' she said in an icy voice,'' Is for her family to be whole. When did you intend to tell me?"

  John kept quiet. He stared at the carpeted floor.

  "God damn it, John! At least have the decency, to be honest with me!! When the hell did you intend to tell me?''

  "I was trying to find the appropriate time.''

  'How. Long?'' she hissed each word and walked over to him ever so slowly.

  " She gave birth to our son yesterday.''

  A slap landed on his left cheek.

  Mitchelo gasped at the violent act before her. Tears welled up in the eyes of the little girl.

  ' Am sorry...''

  Monica rushed to him and began to him on the chest as hot tears ran down her face. 'Bastard... you are a bastard John how could you do this to our daughter... how could you exchange us for another family....''She stepped away from him and sat on the edge of the bed hopeless.'' Birth.. she gave birth... How do you expect me to take the news? All those overseas trips, all those long months you were gone....''

  He looked down confirming her worst fears. An anguished sob escaped her mouth.

  She walked over to the chest of drawers and grabbed a chitenge from the top drawer to cover her nakedness. It didn't feel right to be standing clad in an outfit that could pass for her second skin in front of a man who just told her, he didn't love her anymore. ' Was I not ever a good wife to you? Where did I fail you? Why did you have to go be with another woman when you had me?"

  'I am sorry.''

  Monica grabbed the family picture frame off the dressing mirror and hurled it at him.'' I don't want your sorry. I want my husband back!''

  Michelo screamed and ran in. She went over to her sobbing mother and hugged her.'' Please stop fighting.. mommy, daddy please don't fight anymore,'' she begged her little body shaking from her crying. Monica hugged her little girl as she cast her soon to be husband a hateful, fiery look.


  By the time John was dragging his two suitcases down the stair, Monica who sat in the lounge with a box of Kleenex was already on her second bottle of wine. It was ironic. She had earlier brought it out to celebrate his return.

  Now, it was keeping her company as she nursed her broken heart.

  John looked at the empty wine bottle on the floor snd the almost half-full bottle in her hands with worry and guilt. "You are a light drinker, you should take it easy on the wine."

  "What the hell do you care?"


  'I will go ahead,'' he said after a while. ' I will send Daka for the rest of my things. The house, it's yours and Mitchelo. It's in your name. I will keep paying for the bills and upkeep.''

  Monica snorted.'' It's the least you can do. Don't expect me to roll over in gratitude.'' At the tail end, she gulped down a large amount from the bottle.

  ''No, of course not. You are upset now, do you think its right for you to be drinking in your state?"

  "Fuck off John and just go to hell. You lost the right to worry about me the moment you started screwing that bitch. Go live your life with that slut and your bastard son.''


  They both turned at the sound of their daughter's voice. Monica who had earlier put her to bed looked at her in surprise. She stood up to go to her but the girl ran down the stairs, flew past her and threw herself into her father's arms.

  " Daddy, " she sobbed with her arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

  This was the hardest part for him. Even though he was no longer in love with his wife, their daughter was his life. For her, he would travel to the ends of the earth. But now, he was breaking her heart. Her fat crystalline tears were akin to a thousand sharp razors slashing at his heart.

  "Daddy, don't go,'' she begged."Stay with us. I promise I will be good.


  "I will be really good. I promise I won't be any trouble. Don't go stay with us please daddy.''

  ''Princess, this has nothing to do with you. You are a good girl. Someday, when you are all grown up, you will understand. Be strong and look after a mommy for me. Okay?"

  Mitchelo shook her head tears rolling down her face. As Monica scoffed at him. 'No..., no daddy don't go please don't leave us...''

  John pulled her to him and gave her a kiss on the forehead." I am sorry sweetheart, forgive me.''

  Blinking back his tears, he held her tightly. After what seemed like forever, he stood up, got his suitcase and walked away.