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My Destined Lover, My Only Love

My Destined Lover, My Only Love



Qin Yue: "It is my duty as a good husband only to play rogue only for my wife! Xu An: Who is your wife? I've kissed you, touched you already, got out of my bed, and had my baby. Why didn't I get a proper name for myself? You want me to keep secret? My baby?! Where did you get the baby?!" Xu An was irritable. It wasn't easy to have a baby for her. Qin Yue smiled evilly. "Ah! Qin Yue, I don't love you anymore. My last relationship has destroyed all my beautiful memories of love. Xu An, no matter what kind of love you want, I can give it to you. Come into my arms and I promise you I'll be safe for the rest of my life!"

  "Cut!" Director Liu Xitong shouted impatiently, "Xu An, what's wrong with your neck? Is it a pillow? Or is there steel plate inside? Is it marble? You can't even turn around. Do you know how to act?"

  "I'm sorry, Director Liu." Xu An'an apologized with her head down, "I won't do it next time!"

  "You wish there would be a next time! How many times have you taken a photo of this? Do you still have any professional quality? Did you buy a bachelor's degree from the School of Play?" Director Liu roared.

  The whole crew was so quiet that one could even hear a leaf falling on the ground. Everyone's eyes were fixed on Xu An. Some were mocking her, some were disdainful of her. And some were watching a good show...

  Xu An'an held the hem of her dress tightly. She took a deep breath and apologized again. "I'm sorry."

  "I'll give you one last chance!" Liu Xitong flung the script in his hand aside and said, "If you can't do it again, I'll hand it over to someone else!"

  "Thank you, Director Liu!" Although Xu An'an thanked him sincerely, she felt a deep sense of helplessness in her heart. She really wanted to be replaced, although she liked the role she was in now.

  Fortunately, Liu Xitong did not make any trouble this time and allowed Xu An'an to pass with a sullen face. When finishing work, he even called Xu An'an over to teach her a lesson.

  "Xu An, this acting is just like a person. Don't be too rigid! You can't only act with acting skills, you have to know a lot about it! Look at Zhou Qing from the crew next door. She has just debut for more than a year and has been promoted to be the leading actress of Big Four Huadan. From the beginning of the new play till now, she has been gossiping about Liang Shaoyi every day, and even the marketing fee of the crew has been saved. Look at you again. What have you done after your debut for so many years? What difference has it between you and those who just debuted?"

  Xu Anran's face froze for a moment. Liu Xitong thought that Xu Anran had heard his words. He squinted his eyes and said meaningfully, "Go home and get it! I'll see your performance tomorrow!"

  "Thank you for your advice, Director Liu!" Xu Anran pretended to be obedient, and then forced herself to follow the assistant to remove the makeup.

  Sitting in the dressing room, Xu Anran looked down at the electronic calendar on the wall. It was on the 29th day of July. Her eyes lit up, then she sighed and rubbed her aching temple.

  "Sister Anran, are you tired because of the heavy work pressure recently?" Xiaotao, the assistant who took off her make-up, asked with concern as she saw Xu Anran rubbing her temple constantly.

  "Yeah, I'm a little tired." Xu Anran lowered her voice and said in a slightly husky voice.

  "In my opinion, Director Liu deliberately made things difficult for you. I think it's best for you to shoot the scene today. I don't know why Director Liu has helped Baji again and again!" Xiaotao felt a little indignant for Xu An'an. She pouted and muttered, "I think the leading actress is not as good as you. She was displaced. Director Liu even shouted with a smile. What the hell!"

  "Director Liu has always been strict with his work. It's a good thing that he has high expectations of me." Xu An'an said in a tone that was as heavy as a thousand pounds.

  Although Xu An'an was clear in her mind, she knew what she should say and should not say in this complicated circle. Xiaotao's assistant was not bad-minded, but she was outspoken. She was a chatterbox and had no words, so it was easy for others to get her into the trap. With Xu An'an with her, most of the time, it was quiet and she didn't want to stir up quarrels.

  Liu Xi was a well-known old pervert in the entertainment circle, nicknamed West Poison. He liked to play with the hidden rules. It was said that the taste was very heavy and men and women were not afraid of each other. Since she took the photo of Night Yet-ending, she had been targeted by this old goat. Every now and then, the old goat would take work as an excuse to harass her and hinted to her that he would either ask her to put on a play, or say that he would introduce a new play to her publicly or secretly.

  Having been in the entertainment circle for almost six years, how could Xu Anran not understand that there was only one purpose behind all these so-called benefits, which was to seduce her and have sex with her!

  Every time, Xu Anran would play the fool. Liu Xitong probably lost his patience and failed to lure her into submission. So he chose the bone in his egg to put pressure on her when they were filming. He wanted to force her to submit to his will.

  Xu An'an's head hurt even more when she recalled how she had to spend a long period of time watching Liu Xitong's expression when she was playing the third female consort, Li Biyao, who was currently performing in the "Bloom Night", when she had just finished half of the filming.

  Although Xiaotao kept nagging, her hands were flexible and soon freed Xu Anran's hair from the bindings of the hairpins. She looked at Xu Anran in the mirror and could not help sighing with emotion, "Anran, you said that you are so beautiful with big breasts and a slim waist, good personality, and good acting. Why haven't you become popular yet? You are so ridiculous!"

  Xu Anran had heard this kind of words many times in Xiaotao's mouth, so she was completely immune to it.

  She looked at herself in the mirror. "Is she beautiful?"

  She had thin eyebrows and curved eyes, a delicate nose, white teeth, a small cherry mouth and an oval face, which was quite suitable for her current aesthetic standards. Even if she had never been taken care of on purpose, her skin looked much smaller than her actual age at 25 years old. It had to be said that her physical condition was unique. When she was in school, the teacher would often praise her, saying that she was the one who ate this bowl of rice. But why did she only see the haggardness in her heart on this face?

  Although she was only 25 years old, why did she feel that her heart was already 52 years old?

  This day had been tormented a lot. After removing her makeup and changing her clothes, Xu Anran intended to go back to her small nest to take a bath and have a good rest. She had a 60-square-meter small apartment in the trade city. She had made money to buy it these years. She usually lived there.

  At the red light, a text message came in from Xu An'an's cellphone.

  "I'll be waiting for you at home."

  These short words made Xu An'an's heart skip a beat. She fixed her eyes on the message-poster Liang Yixun for a long time. It was not until the driver behind kept urging her to go that Xu An'an put down her mobile phone and drove to the boutique street of the Royal Tower to choose the gift.

  Today was her first anniversary with Liang Yixun. Others only knew that Liang Yixun, the young master of Tianyi, was young, gentle, and romantic. Countless women tried to climb up to his bed and coveted the position of Young Madam of Tianyi. However, they didn't know that Liang Yixun had already been married. Xu Anran and Liang Yixun's names were on the same household register. They had been married for three years.

  Xu Anran picked a blue-pink tie. Seeing that the price was more than 30,000, she made up her mind and swiped her card. This tie was very suitable for Liang Yixun's taste. However, as the young master of the Yi family, Liang Yixun naturally could not wear cheap clothes.

  Xu Anran and Liang Yixun's "home" was in a villa in Splendid Villa. They moved in after getting married.

  However, that place was a home. It was really hard to say. Liang Yixun usually did not go back for a few months. During the three years of marriage, he had gone there more than ten times and never stayed overnight. So in that villa, Xu Anran and the servant, Aunt Liu, lived there. Later, Xu An'an bought a small house for the International Trade Center. When she felt tired or was in a bad mood, she would go to the small villa to live. That big villa was too empty.

  After parking the car in the garage, Xu Anran took a look at the Rolls Royce next to her, took a deep breath and got off with the gift.

  Aunt Liu came up and called her young lady. Xu An'an nodded and entered the house. Because she had something on her mind, Xu An'an did not notice the strange expression on Aunt Liu's face, which was about to speak but stopped on a second thought.

  "Surprise!" A long-lost female voice suddenly jumped into his ears.

  Xu Anran stared blankly at the woman who suddenly appeared in front of her, and her mind was in a whirl.

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