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To Turn A Candle Out

To Turn A Candle Out

Author:Indomitable Writer


General Romance

Lynn (insert good last name) has been highschool friends with Ian. They're dating now. Sure, Amelia is jealous, but who cares? And who cares about the murder of Ian,(insert another good last name) Right? Oh yeah, I am a girl if you were wondering.

I tap my foot. My sheet of blonde hair feels itchy against my back. Stupid Ian. He's always late. And always hot. I bite my lip.

"Thought I'd abandon ya?" He asks me. I glance up, startled. His eyes shine a bright shade of brown and I bite my lip again. "Got to stop making a habit of that." He says. His hand reaches out and takes mine. His cool, olive skin makes me smile. Same with his hair. So fluffy, I could die. I think.

We walk into the restaurant, with fancy tables and dinners. My light blue nails tap against the bleach-white tablecloth. I regretted going out with him. "Just a little fun." He had said with a wink. A wink. With that smile, too. He smiles at me and orders from the waiter. A water. For both of us. He nearly never drinks water, and I doubt he could go two days without alcohol. "Any spicy water?" I ask, my fingers twitching. "No, and stop moving."

I sigh. The waters are served and he pulls out his flask. "Spicy juice." He whispers, pulling the glass to his lips. "None for me." I say back, as if it wasn't obvious I couldn't take the stuff he usually drinks. "So, tell me about yourself."

I shrug. "You already know enough stuff 'bout me."

He runs his fingers through his beautiful dark hair. I take a sip of my water. "Like what you see?" He asks with a grin. I do, indeed, but reply with, "Maybe." He nods, "Thought so." I blink and fidget a little. "Gotta stop twitchin' or someone's gon' get mad and yell at ya'' I loved the way he talked. "Some OCD person, maybe."

He smiles and cups my face. I hold completely still, barely breathing. "At 20, we should be at least talkin' 'bout love." My eyes flash from his to his hand. "Since high school, we've felt for each other." I whisper. "Since grade seven, for me." He whispers. I laugh a little. "What's funny?"

"I-In grade seven, you got the teacher drunk." He laughs with me. "In seven, my eyes saw your ass."

I laugh some more. "My ass is off limits. At least for the first few dates."

"I like someone with rules. How 'bout kissing?" His voice lowers, "How many dates does that take?"

I lean forward and push his lips to mine, tasting minty gum and vodka. "One or two." I whisper in reply. He smiles against my lips and I whisper, "But we are in a restaurant."

"Oh, right."

We order food. He tells me I'm beautiful and I just tell him nice formal things. But when we finish, he offers to drive me back to my apartment. I don't know how to accept, so I tap my foot and think about how to say, "I took a taxi and ended up ten minutes early and I need a ride." So instead I stride over to his Honda and hop in. He gets into the driver's seat. "I took a taxi." I stutter.

"It's ok, sometimes I forget you don't have a car." I scowl. "And sometimes I forget I don't have all my dead mommy's money."

"I personally grieve for my dead mommy."

Just then, my phone busses in my small bag. I glance sideways at Ian and carefully unzip it, the shining pink case was just next to the small pile of tampons. I pull out the phone and zip up the small leather bag. "Must suck," says Ian, slowing down ever so slightly to flash a middle finger at some poor old man. "Why'd you do that?" I ask, before he can touch more on the topic of periods. "He didn't go, that idiot. The light was green."

I check the phone.


I sigh and answer Amelia. Or rather, Lia.


Ian smiles and peers over my shoulder. "Mr.Sexy, huh?" I shove him off, "The road. Watch the road."

He smacks the wheel. "'Least you're not talkin' shit about me."

I don't know how to respond to that. "Some girls call me a man whore."

I didn't know how to respond to that, either. He pulls into the driveway of my apartment and leaps out of the door, quickly coming to my side and helping me out with a kiss of my hand. I lean down and give him a kiss on the fluff. He returns with another kiss, this time more passionate. My arms go to his neck, and he sucks at my lips. I pull back, with a grin. "You regret that rule 'bout your ass?" He asks. So tempting, but I couldn't just hook up with him. "Nope." I say. He smiles and walks me in. I enter with a slight frown. "Nah, it's ok, you should see my pad." I got it, because he was going to discuss periods but I pulled him out of the topic. Hah, funny.

"Alright, so…" I drum on my thigh. "This is it. Date is….. over….." He smiles and cups my face one more time, planting a kiss on my cheek.