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Her Sweet Revenge

Her Sweet Revenge




Yzaiah Andrada is the step daughter of Lord Niel which is leader of a mafia gang. Lord Niel is also abusive to her mother which caused a fire to ignite inside the girl's heart Yzaiah was an ambitious woman who wanted to take over their mafia businesses. So she manipulated her step dad with the name Miss A , To lead him to his own death Once Lord Niel was dead , Yzaiah came back to their hide out and successfully became the leader of their group But a part of the group didn't agreeing with this so they formed a hidden alliance which was planning to take out Yzaiah from her throne Dyo was the most trusted person on their group before lord Neil died, he was also he's right hand that's why the alliance wanted him to be their leader but little did they know what Dyo really wanted from Lord Neil before he died What would happen if Dyo and Yzaiah met each other? Would one of them succeed on taking on the throne? Or will it lead them to something more than that?



A girl stood near the ajar door , There she saw how her step father repeatedly punched her mother.

She rushed in front of her mother and caught all the punches and kicks from the old guy

"What the heck, Why is this brat in here!" He shouted, His eyebrows starting to furrow and the wrinkles in his forehead revealed itself

"Don't hurt my mom!" The seven year old kid shouted back as tears started to escape her eyes.

"Get out of my way brat!" His voice made the little one's ears ring "Come on Yza , Listen to your dad" Her mom pleaded , Voice almost isn't audible

"No mom, I will protect you!" The girl was stubborn which made the old man aggravated

He couldn't take any more of this that's why he grabbed the girls collar and lift her unto the air "Neil, Let go of her" Her mother screamed as the little girl squirmed , She almost couldn't breathe

"This is what little brats like you get!" He said as he tightened his gripped. The girl needed to find a way out of this situation that's why she bit his hand which caused him to drop her


"Mom!!" The girl yelled , She broke her arm from the impact of her fall. "HAHAHA Look at you , That is why you should never disobey me!" The old man said , He found amusement in seeing both his wife and step daughter suffer

"You're so evil!" The young girl whispered yet the old man still heard it which caused him to slap her.

The girl became unconscious as her mother crawled towards her, Crying

That was when she asked herself , 'When did I fucked up in life'

She knew well the answer to this , She just doesn't want to admit it. It was when she agreed to be Mrs. Buenavista , The wife of a mafia boss

"Miranda!, Bring that child to her room. I'm not finished with you yet!" He yelled and the woman immediately obeyed for she was so scared at what he could do not just to her , but to her daughter

Yzaiah was covered with bruises and wounds from her abusive father. Miranda laid her child on the bed as she caressed the bruises on her cheek

"I'm so sorry you had to go through all this" She whispered before kissing her forehead before walking off back to where she left her husband

She spent the whole night being abused by Lord Neil. Her whimpers and faint voice were the only noises that filled their room

As Neil leisurely punched, Kicked , and threw things at her causing her to have countless injuries on her body.

Once Yza gained consciousness , She heard her mothers cry but couldn't to anything about it for she already has a broken arm and a lot of bruises all over her body.

She couldn't sleep that night for she was too afraid and at the same time angry

At a very young age , Yza realized that monsters were just humans who's cruel and didn't give a damn about others ,Heartless human beings such as her step father which she despised .

That night was the night Yzaiah Andrada promised herself that Lord Neil Buenavista will die on her own hands and she would take everything away from him, She would make him suffer , She would make him beg for his own death. Yzaiah simply wanted to see him dying while she celebrates

The following days were just the same , Her step dad would hit her mom as well as Yza herself And if she made one simple mistake or disobeyed him, He won't feed them for weeks until they got sick

The girl got used to it but one day , Yza simply couldn't take it anymore and told her mom that they should just leave him already

But Her mom didn't want to , She wanted to stay just to sustain her daughter's needs because she knew she couldn't do that on her own

"Mom please while he's still out , Please listen to me" The girl pleaded as she tried to get her mother to move but her mother just looked at her , the sadness noticable in her eyes. She didn't have any choice but to stay or Lord Neil will hunt them down and kill the both of them

"Yza , Please keep quiet. Lord Neil's the only one who keeps us from dying on the streets" Her mother stated which made her disappointed "Mom , We need to do this to keep ourselves from dying in his hands!" She said but it was too late for them to escape because Lord Neil was already Behind her