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Author:Valentine Gates



A story of a forbidden land and burnished breed of a rapid wolf clan who where chased out of their motherland. The wolf community lead by their strong leader Damien latter try to seek their way back to their motherland. One of the strongest family have their one and only surviving member Edward who is so determined in knowing where it all begun. Damien who is their leader at this time realises a rare type of interbreed wolf have taken over their motherland hence they go ahead and seek help by summoning their forefathers who in turn gives them a way forward to select a new leader. Damien is filled with anger and in turn switches sides with the allies making a deal with them trading out his tribes secrets. Find out what awaits the moon tribe and what Edward does to save his tribe and the rest in this interesting and mind-blowing book.

Edward struggled his way into the house bleeding from his left leg which was pretty wounded by a guy who he imagine could be of no harm to him. It was around 11 at night and the streets were so quiet and only the moaning of the wolfs could be heard coming from the dark mountains. Edward lived in one of the most quiet and deserted streets and had no problem walking home at that particular time of the night. He reached for his keys in his leather jacket and realized he might have dropped them while leaping awayfl from the fight at the club.

"Damn keys!" He curses while sitting down next to his door  his back towards the the wooden door. All these years he lived knowing that no one was able to face him or wound him for he was the strongest warewolf of his kind. He sat down groaning in pain thinking of how he would break into his own house.

"Told you to be careful out there son" said Acwulf, Edwards closest neighbor who was not yet asleep and sitting on his door smoking a cigarette. Acwulf was one of the oldest men who was believed to be the wisest in the area and was from Edwards origin. He was believed to be one of the strongest warewolf of the times since he bared a lot of knowledge about the origin of different kinds of humans living in the area.

Acwulf rises from his seat and pushes Edwards door in with his left hand holding his cigarette with the right hand. He carries Edward in and drops him carefully on his front seat in the living room as he goes to make him some medicine. Edward lies on the couch helplessly as Acwulf boils some herb in the fireplace. 

"Tell me what really happened son" he asked as he approaches Edward to dress and treat his wound.

Edward starts narrating everything as how it all started when he decided to go to a party that evening. He had entered a club where the party was being held and every had every kind of people drinking and partying. He went and sat at one of the tables and got served with a drink. A young and beautiful woman approached his table. The woman named Bella was gorgeous but looked dangerous at the same time. She looked unpredictable since she looked depressed and afraid of something according to how Edward looked at her. They had a long conversation but something didn't seem okay because the lady was uneasy and did not feel comfortable. Suddenly a guy pulled up at their table and whispered something to her ear and went back.

The woman beacame so uneasy and more restless and decided to stand and leave but before she could leave two othe guys approached and grabbed her by her arms and pulled her to the back of the club. Edward deciding to mind his business goes on drinking but the look from the lady's eyes made him stop and think twice. After about a minute he leaves his table and goes to the back of the club to find out what was going on. He meets two guards who try to stop him and realises from the look of their eyes that they were not humans and they were upto something that wasn't right.

Edward new that there was no chance of him to take down two vampires who looked stronger than him. He turns back and decides to go back to his table but suddenly hears an unusual scream from a female.

Edward decided to go back and confront the guards. He went and faced them with no fear. They suddenly pulled a fight but unfortunately they were too strong for him they left him wounded and entered the backroom Edward tried following them but realised they were abducting the lady for some reasons that were not known to him. one of the men who had approached him earlier came out of the room to deal away with him.

After a series of struggling and fighting Edward is left wounded ask the guys carry away the lady and disappear in the dark Edward struggles his way out of the club and limbs home by himself.

" you're an unusual species but they seem to be more powerful than you" said ACwolf as he clears treating Edwards wound. Replaces everything and this to leave. He lives Edward lying on the coach and hopes that everything will be ok by the time he is back. Acwulf was a shapeshifter and transformed himself into a wolf as he left the house. He usually do this every time you went out at night to  Hunt and came back in the morning.

Edward wakes up in the morning feeling well and the wound has been healed since this was one of the he had. He decides to get something to eat because he felt very hungry. He sat down and could not believe that there was some creature that he was and decided that this was the moment he was to take his belongings and leave the town. Edward had been staying alone for some long time since he was a kid and he believes that his parents were out there and stuck somewhere and had to know the reasons that made them leave him.He decides to pack all his things and his house but before he could leave Acwulf was standing at his door. " son be careful out there you never know what you might run into, in whatever you do, never make any decision out of anger, take this dagger

have it by Your Side  everywhere you go and know that I will always be on the watch". He took out a dagger from his bag and handed it off over to Edward. Edward took it and placed it in a safe place and promised to always never make any wrong decisions for this was the beginning to find his roots and know his purpose in life.