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The Ultimate System

The Ultimate System



A god-level lord system, an infinite strategy? A first-rate female celebrity will become a maid, and a white-clad boss will be my butler! In my domain, I am a god!" The noble's amount is equivalent to the common currency in the system. Using the noble's amount, you can buy anything you want."

"Di... a good servant was detected by the lord system in the territory of the host-Xie Fanghua, the president of Kaijiang Group's beautiful execution. Slave star: five-star. A mission is issued, and Xie Fang is accepted as a maid. The deadline is one year. The reward is 2,000 points of noble money. Punishment of failure: the host's gene lock is broken..." An electronic compound voice appeared in the mind of the patrolling security guard in Xinyuan district.

Liu Hai took a look at the beautiful and cold beauty, who was wearing an international brand dress, who brushed past him. He almost stumbled and fell out.

"Strange, strange. It must be because I was on patrol too late last night and didn't sleep well. I even had an illusion and had a daydream all day..." Liu Hai patted his head, trying to sober himself up.

It should be noted that the person who passed by him just now was the president of the five hundred-year-old Kaijiang Group in the whole country. She was a very powerful strong woman. Her subordinates came forward to help her, and she was about millions of yuan in a minute. Moreover, she was young and in her early thirties. However, her skin was as good as that of an 18-year-old girl, and she was beautiful and attractive. Even if such a person was invited to be a security guard in their company, she would feel proud!

As for subduing her as a maid, it was simply a daydream. Even if she gave him a hundred times more courage, she would not dare to do so.

Such a top-notch fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful woman. It was impossible for a security guard in a community with a monthly salary of more than 2,000 yuan to tame her and make her a maid. This was the most extravagant dream. A toad eating swan meat could not be eaten like this...

Liu Hai shook his head helplessly and continued walking forward.

At this time, another peerless beauty in a professional suit came to her and poked her shoulder.

"Beep, beep, beep... The lord's system detected a housekeeper in the territory of the host-the female financial doctor, Liu Zining. A housekeeper star: three stars. The second mission is to make Liu Zining submit within a year and make her a housekeeper in her own territory, with a reward of 1,000 noble points. Punishment of failure: half of the gene chains are broken..." The electronic voice sounded in the bangs's mind.

"Forever... I can't believe it... It's definitely an illusion... This daydreaming is too naive!"

The bangs looked back, and the beautiful figure of the woman gradually disappeared. For a moment, there were millions of mud horses galloping in her heart...

Liu Zining was a well-known female financial doctor in University H. She was young and beautiful, only 27 years old. Her family was very rich, her skin was as smooth as cream, her figure was tall, and her temperament was high and cold. The most important thing was that she was very promising. Numerous Mr. Dong from a large company wanted to invite her to work in his company, but they refused one by one. They were not short of money and were not interested in her. The children of rich families who pursued her could even spare H Province.

Such a beautiful woman with high IQ, high education, and money, even if he asked her to carry shoes for her, she would be willing to give him bangs... Unfortunately, even lifting shoes was an extravagant hope. She lived in the Xinyuan residential quarter, and her bangs, which had been on patrol, could at least meet her three times a day. As a result, she did not even look at him...

Liu Hai could only smile helplessly. As a poor security guard who graduated from junior high school, how could he compare with a white, rich, and beautiful doctor? This was simply the gap between Crow and Phoenix.

The bangs continued to patrol ahead, trying to get rid of these thoughts from his mind.

Just then, a scream came from behind. Liu Hai quickly turned around and saw a tall, handsome young man standing in front of Liu Zining, holding a bunch of blue Enchantresss in his hand.

"Zining, please promise me that you'll be my girlfriend. My love for you is as warm as the sun in the sky."

"Sorry! Mr. Xu, I told you I'm not interested in you. Please don't harass me anymore!" Liu Zining pushed Xu Chao away and said coldly.

"Zining, why... tell me why... my father is the richest man in R City. I can give you a fancy car and a luxurious mansion. Why can't you give me a chance to chase you?" Xu Chao was a little excited.

"Nothing... I just don't think we're suitable for each other," Liu Zining said with a frown.

Xu Chao's face was as thick as a city wall. He said, "We have never tried it. How do you know that we are not suitable for each other?"

Liu Zining did not answer, but she walked past Xu Chao and went straight out of the community gate with disgust on her face.

At this moment, a cold look flashed across Xu Chao's face. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket, turned around, and quickly walked forward, covering Liu Zining's mouth and nose!

"You little b*tch, you're so shameless. I bought a house in this Xinyuan district for you just to get closer to you and pursue you, but you told me that it's not appropriate... When you were in my crotch, I thought you were not suitable." Xu Chao was tall and strong. He covered Liu Zining's mouth and nose with his handkerchief, but she couldn't get rid of him.

"Xu... Xu Chao... let go of me... I... want to call... the police..."

"Call the police? Is it useful? My uncle is the director of Kaijiang District!" Xu Chao said with a ferocious face.

Obviously, the handkerchief in Xu Chao's hand had been sprayed with drugs. Gradually, Liu Zining struggled less and less, and she was about to faint.

Xu Chao removed the handkerchief from Liu Zining's mouth and nose. Holding the unconscious Liu Zining in his arms, he walked towards the house he bought.

"Damn it... I can't hold back my temper anymore. How dare this bird do such a thing when I'm on patrol... F*ck, do you think I'm blind?"

He removed the electric baton hanging from his waist and quickly walked up. He pressed the power switch and hit Xu Chao's back with the baton.

"F*ck you... You still want to seduce a good woman? I'll f*cking f*cking f*ck you!" Xu Chao was thrown to the ground by his bangs. He picked up the baton and pressed it against his belly.

Xu Chao immediately twitched and bent his body into the shape of a shrimp.

Liu Zining immediately sobered up a lot. She quickly pulled him back and said, "Stop using electricity. It'll be bad if someone is killed later!"

Seeing that Xu Chao was about to spit out white foam due to the electricity, his bangs stopped and he said, "Miss Liu, call the police and ask them to take this bird S-like guy away!"

"Hey! The host has got Liu Zining's favorability level of five, and the reward is 20 points!"

"The character's favor point means that it's not bad. It's not bad. You're just an ordinary friend. 20 to 60 points, middle-level good impression point, best friend, best friend. 6 to 80 points, high-level good impression point. If it's a woman, you can push it. If it's men, you can cook chrysanthemums. You can tame them as servants, servants, followers, housekeepers, and farmers. 80 to 80 points, super favorable impression point. This character can sacrifice his life for his host at any time!"