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Dont Play With My Love

Dont Play With My Love

Author:Bb aman


General Romance

Helena loves her grandfather who raised her after her parents passed away, she knows she cant never say no to her grandfather dying wish, her life and future is at stake. Can she marry someone she doesnt know let alone love? Little that she knows the person she is about to marry is a young master of The Wright family, he is an arrogant playboy. Will their marriage blossom into fairytale or will it be hell.

  Helena sat on the chair staring towards the window, her long black hair thats almost to her waist is gently tuck behind her ear. She cant help but notice the high end decorations and furniture pieces in this very room she is at. The office is on the 12th floor with an ocean view, it is high enough to see the traffic on the road and rooftoop of some building. Mega Holdings corporations are known to be a successful investment company, the CEO of the company is Mr. Thomas Wright, the 81years old man that sat on the italian leather office chair. Everything from tables to shelves are customade specificaly to Mr. Wright taste.


  "Come in" Mr wright instructed.

  When the door open, a guy walked in wearing a tailored suit, a neat freshly comb hair, and a smile that can melt every women in the country. He sat across of helena who is still staring at the window not paying attention to anything that is going on.

  "Helena! HELENA!!!!" Helena grandfather Mr. Jake Anderson snapped his finger infront of her.

  "Oh papa you scared me!" Helena smile and blushed when she has to be snapped back to the reality. "Helena sweetheart, this is Tyler Mr.Wright grandson that just came back from abroad" Helena smiled and nodded and wave her hand signaling hi to Tyler. Tyler didnt respond and just staring at her. He notice she is wearing a glasses. No make up, and a casual attire, beautiful girl but too outdated for his taste, unlike camille the model he currently seeing, she is a fresh beat! Her dress, make up and hairs are all done to perfection! A perfect trophy girlfriend. Her clothes are designers brand. Helena realized Tyler is staring at her directly so she adjusted her glasses and change her sitting position.

  "Now that both of you are here, i have something to tell both you" Mr. Wright finally speak. "Years ago Jake and i promised ourselves that one day we will become family, we both had a son that eventually became a good friend just like how we are right now" Helena felt uncomfortable about the 'becoming family', she knows well what it means. "However since both of us only had a son, we decided the first grandson and granddaughter will bear the responsibility to make our dreams to become a family" Mr.Wright stop and took a sip of his water.

  "Helena, i am asking your grandfather permission to let you marrying Tyler and continue the legacy of Wright family, there is no other better choices than you that can make it happen". Tyler jumped from his seat and stare at his grandfather with a sharp look, his eyes darken and his expressions is icy, he left the room without a word and slammed the door. Helena cried and ran leaving the room as well. She went to an emergency exit and sat on the staircase crying, she knew she cant never say no to her grandfather, he raises her after her parents passed away from a car accident.

  The emergency door open and it was Tyler, he looked at her " are not my type! I dont object my grandfather decision, if we continue with this marriage, i am allowed to do anything i want with whoever i want. Dont dream on having a happy marriage with me, this is all part of a business" Tyler warned Helena that is wiping her tears, she nodded "i know..i dont object my grandfather too" she wiped her tears and went back to the room with Tyler followed afterwards.

  "Helena, i am sorry my child, i just want the best for you, Wright family is a good noble family, your life will be happy and if im gone one day i can rest in peace knowing you are secured in life" Mr.Anderson explaining it to Helena. She smiled and took Mr. Anderson's hand and hold it. "I know papa".


  It has been 7 months since Helena and Tyler is married, during the time she has only seen Tyler less than 5 times, he didnt lived in the same house with her. She lived in a big villa alone with occasional maid came to clean the house. She is also barely in the house, her life is work and home.

  *RING RING* the home phone rang and it was one of the maid who called from Mr.Wright residents.


  "Hi Ms Andersen, its carla Mr. Wright personal maid, please inform young master Tyler that his grandfather has been rushed to the hospital"

  Helena quickly called mega holdings corporations asking the secretary to connect her with Tyler. As soon as Tyler heard the news he hang up and the driver is waiting to take him to the hospital!.

  Helena arrived first and followed by few other family members, they are all looking at Helena with a side eye knowing she is the bride that was picked for Tyler.

  From far a lady with a beautiful figure and a long brown hair arrived with a middle aged women wearing perfectly tailored classic Z suit. On her right hand she is carrying the limited editions from classic Z brand. Not long Helena saw Tyler arrived and she waves her hand to him signaling him to come sit next to her, Tyler ignore Helena's request and greets the beautiful lady and the middle aged woman. Helena face is hot from being embarrassed, she looked at her surrounding realizing lots of eyes are looking at her and Tyler. Doctors finaly came out from the ward and asking for closest relatives to take turn visiting Mr.Wright

  "Mr.Wright would like to meet Helena first" the doctor spoke as everyone was shocked of why Mr.Wright would like to see someone that is just relative by marriage and not his own grandson, Tyler looked at helena with sharp look.

  "Come in child" Mr.Wright weakly trying to sit down as soon as he saw Helena enter the private ward.

  "Hi grandpa thomas" helena sat next to him.

  "I know you and Tyler doesnt live in the same house since you have been married" helena eyes are widened hearing him. She smiled and continue explaining to him "Tyler is a busy man grandpa, he works so hard that i dont want to disturb him" Thomas knew what that the decision for them to be married is selfish, but it must be done. This is to fulfill their dying wish. After visiting, Helena stepped outside and sat on the chair at the VIP lounging area, the whole level of this hospital is closed off for Mr.Wright. she knows if anything happen to him, she wont have a place in this family, her grandfather passed away 30days after her marriage. She grieves alone without anyone and now she is about to lose another person that cared about her.


  Helena looked on her right and saw it is the beautiful lady with Tyler.

  "Hi" Helena reply.

  "May i sit?" The lady asked and sit right away without permission.

  Helena nodded. Camille stares at Helena and her heart is not settled, Tyler swears that Helena is ugly with old fashion clothing and thick glassess, she is wearing glasses but it wasnt thick as what Tyler described to her, helena's hair is shiny thick black hair, even with her putting it up, camille know the hair is gorgeous if let down, and Helena skin is flawless, her face is perfectly simmetrical!!! Camille felt her heart burning however she hides it by starting a small conversation with Helena. "Im camille. Tyler' girlfriend" 'okaaaay soooo thats camille'......helena whispered to herself.

  "Sooo i am soo sooory Helena, i shouldnt introduce myself as Tyler's girlfriend when you are his legal wife" Camille fishing for answers.

  "Its okay ms camille, i am only wife by papers. What CEO Wright do and his private life has nothing to do with me" helena smiled assuring Camille the status of their "marriage"....Camille gave a satisfied smile to Helena and relief. "Ms Camille. If there is nothing, i am leaving now, till we meet again" Helena left the hospital and direct home.


  "Have you talk to Helena???" Suzanne looked at her brother who is going through a project development proposal in his office.

  "Suzanne, you need to mind your own bussiness, Helena is married and there is notning between us." Zachary got up from his chair and stares at window while his hands are in his pocket. He remember during college year, how Helena and him spent too much together. He worked hard to open his own company from scratch with so many bussiness ideas and analyst for marketing from Helena.

  The news of Helena marrying onto the Wright family broke him for awhile. He has been long crushing on Helena.

  He returned to his desk and dialled Helena's number, his hand signaling Suzanne to get lf ouf his office.

  "Hello, hi helena...." Zachary said nervously.

  "Hi Zach!! Oh my god how have you been?" Helena is overjoy when she heard a familiar voice!

  " Helena, i was wondering if you would like to come and work for me? I could use a well skilled mind around here." Zachary knows what he is doing now is unethical especially when Helena is married, but the hearts want what it wants.